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Shadow and Bone: Anger, Sadness and Joy

What this book made me think, made me feel, and most importantly is it a good read?

With three books in this series, each one rich with its content this trilogy is perfect to read. You get to travel through many journies with each character and experience a range of different emotions. If you like love, action, adventure, battles and so much more get yourself a copy of the Shadow and Bone series, you will love it!

When I first read this book, I was engrossed, to say the least. I am the sort of person that loves reading but will find it hard to start but when I sat down with this book, I could not get my head out of the pages. From the very beginning, it captured my attention pulling my eager mind into this fantasy world.

This book includes multiple romances, intriguing and bloody battle scenes, the supernatural, and everything that a reader could want from a book. Every night I would be eager for the time to come where I could sit down with this book and just read. I would get stuck in for hours reading chapters at a time. Each and every book brings with it a new adventure for the reader to go with and it keeps your emotions at a high.

Although I did not agree with the ending due to my personal opinion it is still a great book and I honestly believe that you should give this a read. Get yourself a copy of this book and discover your opinions on it. If you like to write down your thoughts in the margin this is a great book to do so, particularly if you have never read it before.

© 2021 Bethany Standeven

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