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Conquering the Strings

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On the tip of String.

Always tripping when I walk on the downside of the road,

A complete hot messed smoke thriving to pursue my nose to collect them,

Different paths, however I can't escape the mercurial undecided feet,

Complaining to be upset, elbows were swollen,

Time to time I nearly felt afraid,

Walking with a full of strangeness, stranger,


My tingling skin felt a line, around the ankles,

Luckily I wore nothing,

Eyes dropped,

And saw a numerous string tied in the foot of--I don't know!

Knees felt ambivalent,

Scissors where nothing to be found,

Fingers were rushing towards to the red thread,

Grabbing and pulling it, planning to destroy it,

Harsh palm covered just four strings,

However, a weakened energy can't fulfil a satisfying desire,

until at last I escaped the great trajectory,

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Lying on it--the red string,

feeling the smooth and thin in a collide assumptions,


Something caught my feet,

It's like a whip,

Arresting my feet,

The thing climbs up and not surprise its life still exist,

And I felt my back scratching the floor,

The red string cover my eyes,

I can't sew it back,

A misunderstanding for me,

A String that I'd mistaken for,

The truth is, the direction didn't draw near in me,

I want to take something over something I didn't know even the meaning,

This is my labyrinth.

© 2020 Juls Ang

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