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Self Sustainability- An Eco-Friendly Approach in Having Pets

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Writing is my way of expressing thoughts positively. And through this platform, I am able to share with you my simple creation.

Self Sustainability | An Eco-Friendly Approach in Having Pets

Self Sustainability | An Eco-Friendly Approach in Having Pets

An Introduction to Self Sustainability

Sustainability has different fancy meanings. But for me, it’s a way of life when our actions will not destroy the environment. Thus, for self-sustainability, our personal actions will not destroy the environment. Climate change is having a big impact on our planet. And self sustainability initiatives can help promote love for nature.

Now, this brings to the topic of this article about self- sustainability, an eco-friendly approach in having pets. I used pet’s as a focus topic, because most of us are attached to animals. Thus, there’s a need for us to adjust our behavior and consider our pets when we talk about self-sustainability.

The Environmental Problem We are Facing

In my personal opinion, a lot of us are not doing sustainable actions having pets.

The most favorite pet of them all are dogs. And it’s my own personal view that if the majority of us will have dogs, or the demand for dogs as pets will grow, it will be detrimental to the environment.

Apologies, If I’ve triggered you. And I hope you’ll proceed in reading the article so I can explain further, and how I will relate my opinion to self sustainability.

Most pet owners now are treating dogs like humans. Gone are the days when we feed dogs left-overs from the kitchen. Dogs themselves have separate meals prepared for them.

So what does this mean?

This means that dogs now contribute to the increased consumption of meat and poultry. This increased consumption will create a bigger demand for livestock. This increase of demand will convert productive farmland to facilities to breed more pigs and chicken. And these animals that are bred for consumption will also need to gobble tons of food so they can be harvested at a much shorter time.

The feeding process will also convert other farmland as a facility to generate feeds for animals.

The process of increasing the supply to meet the demands will destroy the ecosystem. It will create an imbalance that may cause extinction to other animals.

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Breeding more dogs as pets is not self sustaining. because in the background, having dogs as pets is bad for the environment. Not to mention the fossil fuel consumed in processing processed foods for pets.

The Self Sustainability Solution

But, there is a solution to this impending crisis. I’ve seen this problem, and I have an idea that helps us redirect our actions to self-sustainability. But this life changing behavior will not be easy. It needs a 180 degrees mind shift on how we see animals as pets.

And based on my personal observations, instead of having dogs as pets, we should start taking care of goats. And before you might say I’m joking, please hear me out, and read the following sentences about self-sustainability. I live in the Province, and I’ve seen the eco-friendly benefits of goats. One very good sustainable example is goats can trim your lawn. Goats eat grass. With goats you can end your consumption of gasoline for your lawn mower. Aside from cutting down fuel consumption, you’d also be eliminating your contribution to noise pollution in the neighborhood. Second to that is they are a good source of fertilizer. When you dried out goat droppings, they can be used as fertilizers for your home grown plants and vegetables. Third, goats can produce meat and milk.

Dogs are not capable of achieving the three examples here.

It's easier for us to achieve a sustainable lifestyle with goats, than with dogs.

I know that some of you will argue that dogs are better companions. Dogs can understand the feelings of humans, and they can communicate with us. This is because most of us have not tried having goats as pets. Goats can equal the comfort a dog can give. It’s just that having goats as pets is not mainstream. It is seen as weird, and the judgement of others further deter us from having them as pets.

Outro | Self Sustainability | An Eco-Friendly Approach in Having Pets

So, if we want to have a greener future and live a life of self sustainability, we should start looking at goats as a pet. It provides good emotional comfort, and goats are good for the environment.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article about self sustainability. And hopefully also, you were reading between the lines and more open minded in grasping on what is the full purpose of the article. Thank you, and may we all have a sustainable world, and please don’t forget to share this blog post to your friends.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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