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Writing Is Thinking to Write Well Is to Think Clearly That's Why It's So Hard

Self-Reflection on Your Writing

In this self-reflection on my writing, I feel they are most descriptive of myself and my writing abilities. They give the best description as to who I am and what I want to accomplish. You will see where I was and where I am now with my writing skills. I have learned to perfect my research skills; I have gained a better understanding of the writing process. I have also learned to take transfer the ideas I have and put them into a thinking process, which then allows me to put them on paper. All these skills were once some of the challenges I faced when it came to writing.

When I came into class barely knew how to write as a matter of fact I hated it with a passion, writing for me has always been a struggle for. I was never able to put my thoughts to paper and when I did it never looked right to me so always erased and started over. This class was able to help me learn to take my ideas to put them into a concept map to build my essay. From the concept map, I was taught to put it into an outline format which really started to form my essay. At that point, I was able to finish writing my essays by just adding the sentences I needed to complete my paragraphs. But even though I was able to form an essay I still need to understand the basic writing process.

Once I got a better understanding of how to put my ideas on paper the writing process came a little easier. I now understood that once I had my ideas on paper the only thing I had to do was to learn the order in which my essay needs to be set up. I learned the meaning of an introduction, to emphasize my thesis and describe the topics that will be discussed in the body paragraphs. I learned that the conclusion paragraph is a rephrasing in the intro to support your thesis and reinsuring your main topic points. After I had all that down I had learned the research skills to back up my points and how to properly cite them but really that wasn’t a problem for me.

Knowing what and know now and having developed these writing skills I believe that in the future writing I will come easier and more natural for me. After being in this class I can see that writing skills have drastically improved, and I want you to look at the essay I have included here and see that from this class my confidence as a student, writer, and person has improved just by being able to write better. I never liked writing, like I said I hated but with the knowledge I have now I know I can do it and I may even come to enjoy it, later on. My goal here is to hopefully help someone in my position and help them understand that I was once where they are and I was able to overcome it.

  • Assume responsibility
  • be informed
  • Know where you're going
  • Make your own decisions
  • Need for each individual to follow his or her own instincts and ideas
  • people make their own decisions, or should they seek guidance from experts and authorities about life's important matters

Writing is used daily in my personal life and it ranges in difficulty. For example, when texting my friends and family, it doesn’t require complicated structured sentences it usually simple, abbreviated, and extremely short. Yet we can’t exclude it since it’s the main form of informal communication. A more difficult style of writing I engage in would be MLA and APA here at school. Having the ability to create coherent thoughts in every sentence can be difficult but very necessary for our projects and paper. It also helps when communicating with professors via email and with classmates on group projects. Being able to write even our own notes during lectures written.

Writing is definitely not my strongest subject. I have a hard time putting my ideas on paper but it’s nothing too serious. I just need help from a tutor or friend to help me revise my work and help me organize. I currently speak how I write which makes it a bit difficult for others to understand. I plan to grab a thesaurus to make sure I change simple words for something more college level and revise as much as possible. Writing isn't my forte but I do stay positive and think that with help and determination I can improve my writing skills.

Writing in the future can help me prepare for applications, cover letters, and resumes for new jobs. It can also aid in applying for grants and maybe even more schooling in the future to come. The chance to sell yourself and abilities through articulate and persuasive writing for employers often assess response to application questions and communication skills.

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