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*Self Medicate*


Upside Down And Inside Out
I Just Want To Scream And Shout
And Beg The World To Make Some Sense
A Big Fuckin Joke At My Expense
Or So It Seems More Often Than Not
Maybe I Should Smoke Some Pot
To Calm The Fuck Down
And Try To Relax
Instead Of Stressing Out Over
Distressing Facts
I Dont Smoke Pot So That Plans Out
Anyway I Highly Doubt
It Would Help In The Way I Need
Its Been Years Since I Could Handle Weed
Too Many Issues It Conflicts With
Tho The Gateway Drug Shit Is Just A Myth
Some People Really Just Cant Smoke
Get Too Fucked Up Off Of Just One Toke
Getting Anxious And Paranoid
And Evil And Mean
Getting Weird, Super High And Causing A Scene
Mental Health Is No Joke
Certain Drugs Are Bound To Smother And
Will Only Choke
All Sense And Sanity
Balance And Reason
Water Tides And The Moon
Certain Times And Each Season
All Play A Factor
Self Medicate Up With Care
Trial And Error
But Let The Buyer Beware

© 2020 Mike