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Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance (LN)


Only a pure maiden can have the privilege to contract with a spirit. At Areishia Spirit Academy, trained maidens of noble families are gathered and given an elite's education to become elementalists. The protagonist, Kamito, accidentally peeped on a bathing girl, Claire, and ended up making a contract with the spirit she wanted. Indeed, as a male elementalist, Kamito is an irregularity whose existence was before thought impossible. His past and destiny will be revealed, and who knows, the hidden relationship between past, present, and future, or even the relationship between him and his old contracted spirit he is searching for?

Introduction of the Novel

Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance (精霊使いの剣舞 / Bladedance of Elementaler) is a japanese novel series written by Shimizu Yuu and illustrated by Sakura Henppen up to book 13 due to illness. the illustrator of "Leviathan of the covenant take over after the 14th book as the new illustrator.

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  • Seireitsukai no Blade Dance - Masterani
    Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance takes place at a very prestigious school for holy shrine princesses called Areishia Spirit Academy. At this school, the girls train to be elementalists and try to form slave contracts with spirits so that they can compete

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Major Characters

Below is a list of main characters.

Kazehaya Kamito

The winner of the "blade dance" three years prior to the series while cross-dressing as a girl going by the name of Ren Ashbell. He is the sole inheritor of the "Absolute Blade Arts" created and taught to him by the "Dusk Witch", who is a war hero also known for being the "strongest elementalist" in the entire continent. He was raised in the "instructional school", an organization specializing in creating top class assassins capable of using special 3 dimensional maneuvers, and is ranked number one among the "ranked ones", in the organization in under the age of 12. He is also the reincarnation of the "darkness elemental lord", Ren Ashdoll, who has reincarnated to the only other male elementalist before Kamito, the demon king Solomon who contracted with 72 spirits.

Kamito in Claires room.

Kamito in Claires room.

Restia Ashdoll

She is Kazehaya Kamito's contracted spirit, She is a high level darkness elemental spirit in the form of a young girl, the strongest darkness elemntal spirit. She is later revealed to be the incarnation of the 'will' of the Darkness Elemental Lord, Ren Ashdoll. In elemental waffe form, she transforms into a jet-black demon sword known as «Vorpal Sword» - the sword that pierces truth. She is capable of transforming herself to sword form on her own and being wielded by others without the need to form a contract. She died to let Kamito survive and erased his memory of her after his second victory at the “blade dance”. She is capable of annihilating bands of mid to low tier spirits all by her self. She first met Kamito as training partner, or so she claims (Kamito noted this as a one sided lightning blasting.), and gave Kamito his human heart back, resulting in her being resealed. She is usually shown as a young girl with jet-black hair donning night black one-piece cloths with frills and possessing a jet black wing. Her cloths are purple in the anime series.



Terminus Est

Est, in her human form, is a beautiful young girl with flowing silver hair, milky white skin and an expressionless face with violet eyes. In her elemental waffe form, she is portrayed as a dazzling and massive sword shining with silver white lights. In the anime, her elemental waffe form is depicted as a straight sword with a a silvery blade that has turquoise and gold trimmings along with a golden hilt and cross guard. The hilt has a turquoise gem. Her eyes are blue with a tint of green. Est rarely showed any emotions. While it was confirmed that she was completely emotionless when she met her first master, Areishia Idriss, she became more emotionally attached to her over time. She showed her true and pure emotions when Areishia Idriss was at her death bed. Learning of the truth behind her wielders' strength, she hardened herself up and sealed herself away. At the start of the contract, she did not show any emotions. At certain times, she acted innocent and fragile, while other times she is strong and serious. But she always does them with an expressionless face. Therefore, she has always caused misunderstandings between Kamito and the other girls. As the light novel progresses, she starts expressing various emotions to Kamito as the story progresses. Aside from her master, Est is not really interested in interacting with anyone else. She is also over-protective of her master, likes to be patted on the head and whines upon him on occasions. The only thing she's shy about is showing her bare legs, especially her feet. Thus she combats by always wearing knee-high socks. After obtaining the powers of Restia she became the «Demon King Sword», «Terminus Est Zwei». Her spot light is definitely the parts where she sleeps next to Kamito naked except socks with costumes on certain occasions, and makes the readers heart beat in anticipation of what is going to happen.

Est (left) and Restia (right).

Est (left) and Restia (right).

Ellis Fahrengart

She is the captain of the Sylphid Knights and a member of «Team Scarlet». She is the elementalist contracted to the demon wind spirit, «Simorgh». Ellis has stunning blue hair tied up in a ponytail that reaches to her waist. Her eyes are auburn, and she has a rather large bust. She is a serious and brave girl with a strong sense of justice. She has a straightforward personality which is also applied to her swordsmanship being rigid. Over the course of the story she develops feelings for Kamito and eventually falls in love with him such as easily blushing when she thinks about him. She can be easily influenced at times. Many times, she was told to dress up in shameful attires believing that it would please Kamito. She is a daughter of the Fahrengart Duke Family, a top military family. Her talent as an elementalist was revealed since childhood and she was an elite candidate as a promising Empire Spirit Knight. She was determined to be a splendid knight just like her admired step-sister Velsaria Eva Fahrengart. At the Blade Dance 3 years ago, there was a girl participant the same age as Ellis, overwhelmingly defeat her sister. Full of admiration, she wanted to become like her. She wanted to become like the Strongest Blade Dancer, Ren Ashbell, elegant and strong. Cooking is one of her specialties, although her top specialty is thrusting a spear. According to Kamito, she is able to make normal things normally delicious. Scarlet dislikes her. She has a weakness for cute animals, such as Scarlet and Fenrir. Her Grandfather, duke Fahrengart is trying to get a marriage contract between Her and Kamito. She sometimes threatens that she'll make Kamito into various foods. She is the second girl after Claire that kisses Kamito on the lips.


Fianna Ray Ordesia

She is a member of «Team Scarlet» and the second princess of the Ordesia royal family. She is also called the «Lost Queen». She has a contract with the light spirit, «Georgios». She is an expert in «Ritual Kagura», which have many uses such as combat support, resealing, driving spirits mad, etc. Fianna has a neat and tidy appearance. Her pupils are clear black, and she has long black hair that is both impressive and beautiful. Her skin is a clear white that is comparable to virgin snow. Her bust size is average for her age, but she used pads in an attempt to ensnare Kamito. She has a teasing and playful nature. As the one who knows Kamito's secret from the start, she uses that to tease him a lot, however, she's very susceptible when she's the one being teased. She is also more naive than she appears. She is also deeply in love with Kamito since they were 13 as Kamito saved her from a monster in the woods near the Blade Dance.

Fianna, meeting Kamito for the first time.

Fianna, meeting Kamito for the first time.

Rinslet Laurenfrost

She is the eldest daughter of Margrave Gryus Laurenfrost. She is Claire's childhood friend and her self-proclaimed rival. She is a Member of «Team Scarlet» and the elementalist using the ice wolf spirit, «Fenrir». Rinslet is beautiful young woman with snow white skin and emerald green eyes. She has extravagant long platinum blonde hair. When compared to Claire, her bust size is much greater. However, it slightly lacks when comparing to her maid. Rinslet has a very proud attitude, trying to maintain her status as a rich girl and pass off her kindness as minor things that any rich person can accomplish. She also cares deeply for her friends, especially Claire, since they knew each other since childhood, and even after Claire lost her status she still tried her best to help Claire in a couple of ways. Rinslet is driven by her love towards her family, with her reason to participate in the Blade Dance being able to free her sister from the Water Elemental Lord's curse of ice on her. As she heard that a man got to the academy and then hearing that that man was Claire´s slave she wanted to make that man,Kamito her servant in order to make Claire angry. But after seeing his personality and kindness she falls in love with Kamito and tries to make him hers. She is the first girl to confess to Kamito. Rinslet not only has a Contract with Fenrir, but she also has a Pseudo Contract with Iseria Seaward. She saved Kamito´s life through a kiss on the lips in Volume 13.

Colour introduction from the first book of the series.

Colour introduction from the first book of the series.

Claire Rouge

A distinct feature of Claire is her blazing-like crimson hair, the symbol of the fallen noble family of Eilsteins, which is usually done up in a pair of twin pigtails. She has imposing ruby eyes and lips that are the colour of cherry blossoms in early blooming. Her bust size is on the small side, but according to Kamito, her proportions are well balanced. Claire, as a typical ojou-sama, is a boxed-in princess who is unaccustomed to men. She also has a weakness to getting teased, even though she likes to show off herself to others. She has a habit of lashing at Kamito with her whip. She gets upset easily, usually from provocation about her sister or Kamito's actions and interactions with other girls because she developed feelings for him. She is quick to jump to conclusions based on the situation in front of her. She is mysteriously sharp from time to time, and is well versed in tactics of combat and formations. Her family fell when her elder sister commited treason against the fire elemental lord, Volcanicus. Later on, it is revealed that her sister did that because of the pain she received from the blind gratitude and that Volcanicus desired Claire as a sacrifice, for he wanted her flames. The flame volcanicus desired is called “End of Vermillion”, a flame that burns even other Flames. She was forcefully made into the darkness queen by her sister.

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Claire, tricked by Rinslet

Claire, tricked by Rinslet

Character introductory from the novel.

Character introductory from the novel.

Rubia Eilstein

She was appointed the position of Flame Queen and started serving Fire Elemental Lord when she was fifteen. One day, without any warning, a rain of fire fell from the sky. It was a punishment from «Volcanicus», the Fire Elemental Lord, because it wasn't possible for the townsfolk to harvest the crops for offerings because of a rare drought. Despite the dance performances of beautiful princess maidens together with the total offering of all stored grain originally meant for winter consumption, they could not satisfy the Elemental Lord. Rubia had been offering prayers at the sanctuary's Great Shrine with neither rest nor sleep for three days straight to appease the Elemental Lord's anger. At the same time, the imagery of the people devoured by the crimson flames was branded deeply in her red eyes. The destruction finally stopped on the morning of the fourth day. Streets had been turned into a wasteland of scorched earth. Houses were all incinerated, leaving nothing behind but ashen gray despair. She thought to herself that she wasn't able to do anything and failed to protect them. But no one had a single complaint among the people of the destroyed town. Having had all their possessions taken away by a tyrannical and unreasonable disaster, the townsfolk felt nothing but sincere gratitude towards the Queen who had placated the Elemental Lord's wrath. Such gratitude stabbed into girl's heart and soul, more painfully than any vicious curse. After that incident, Rubia snatched the strongest flame spirit, «Laevateinn» from the shrine and disappeared. After learning of the Queen's treachery, the outraged Flame Elemental Lord burned everything related to Elstein duke's territory, including the Ordesia Empire's land. The empire took enormous damage. And that did not put the Elemental Lord's anger to peace, about a year after that, no matter what method was used, not a single fire could be lit within the Ordesia Empire. She posses in her blood, the other-worldly flames that freezes even other flames, “Absolute Zero”.


Greyworth Ciel Mais

She is known as the «Dusk Witch». She is the current director of Areishia Spirit Academy and a former member of the «Numbers». She was the one who taught Kamito the "Absolute Blade Arts".She has the appearance of a bewitching, carnivorous, beautiful woman. She possesses ash-blonde hair and gray eyes and wears a monocle on her left eye.Kamito comments that Greyworth is the kind of person who will never tell a lie, but she will also never tell the entire truth either. This makes her a tricky person to read.Like Restia, she is somewhat of a tease towards Kamito, however, unlike Restia, who does it because of genuine feelings and a longing towards him, Greyworth simply loves to see his reaction. She took this so far as to make a half joking proposition to him after losing her powers, noting she no longer needed to keep her "purity".She appears to care quite a bit for others, such as when she defended Claire and when she took Kamito in (note that this is after Kamito tried to kill her).Her training methods are noted to be extremely harsh, and Kamito, who already had some dislike of her in the first place, recalls them as being the main reason he does not like her company very much now. On that note she appears to have something of a soft spot for Kamito, and knows much of the circumstances which plagued his early life better than most.Superbly confident, she's been rendered utterly silent only once when Kamito, in a state of amnesia, noted how he couldn't believe someone would insult someone as beautiful as she is when she told him he would always call her a witch or a hag before.She takes her duties reasonably enough as director, and will act to deal with problems which are occurring in her academy, however she has only acted directly once, and that was when one of her own former students was giving out illegal cursed powers to the schools students.



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Book 1 cover with Claire

Book 1 cover with Claire

Book 10 cover with Restia (right) and Est (left)

Book 10 cover with Restia (right) and Est (left)

Claire and Kamito, 1st encounter

Kamito teasing Claire

Saving Oppai Maid

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4 hit cake combo

Maid Ellis

Ellis feeding Kamito

Est protecting Kamito from Fenrir


For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Who is the "strongest blade dancer"?
    • Kazehaya Kamito
    • Ren Ashbell
    • Ren Ashdoll
    • Greyworth Ciel Mais
  2. Who is the first to kiss kamito?
    • Claire Rogue
    • Terminus Est
    • Restia Ashdoll
    • Rinslet Laurenfrost
  3. What did the chocolate message say? (video)
    • Eat me up!
    • Eat me whole!
    • It will melt if you don't hurry!
    • Yes sir!
  4. What is Claires' family name?
    • Rogue
    • Laurenfrost
    • Ordesia
    • Eilstein
  5. When did Kamito lose Restia?
    • After his victory in "blade dance" three years prior to the series.
    • Before his victory in "blade dance" three years prior to the series.
    • During his victory in "blade dance" three years prior to the series.
    • During the "blade dance" in the seires.
  6. How did Kamito dress during the "blade dance" three years prior to the series?
    • As a girl.
    • As a guy.
    • Millitary suit.
    • In a kimono.

Answer Key

  1. Kazehaya Kamito
  2. Restia Ashdoll
  3. Eat me up!
  4. Eilstein
  5. After his victory in "blade dance" three years prior to the series.
  6. As a girl.

Interpreting Your Score

If you got between 0 and 1 correct answer: Read and try again!

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