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Section 2 of "the All Internal Civil War"


Section 2

The All Internal Civil War

All of the sudden, a horn went off and I jumped. My sister was trying to pull into the driveway, and I had it blocked off. In that split second everything seemed normal again. No cats, no glowing eyes, and I'm sure I looked like a dumbass.
We pulled up to the house and I jumped out of the car. I made my way to the front porch and started looking for evidence, anything to prove there had been 100 cats in our yard. “Bri, what are you doing?”,my sister said as she walked up next to me, about to unlock the door. “You could have unlocked the door since you’re staring at it, are you drunk?”

“No Miri, I’m losing my mind. I stopped in the driveway because a black cat jumped up on my hood as I while pulling in. I didn't wanna hit it, I don’t know where it came from, ain’t trying to deal with that. It scared the shit outta me, then you honked and scared the shit outta me.” I laughed. She half-laughed back, “I hear you on that.”

Miri walked in and stopped dead in her tracks…I ran into her back, definitely wasn't expecting more nonsense. Immediately I could see why she stopped, the house was trashed. Our bird cage was open and our bird was gone, obviously. “You got your phone?” she asked. “Yea, it's already dialing.” I called 911, and told the dispatch that our house had been broken into. As I walked around, checking to see if anything else was gone, I noticed a picture was missing. I told the lady what was gone, a bird and a picture, and I got this feeling like she thought I was joking. She offered to stay on the line until the officers arrived, but I declined and continued looking around.

Miri called her boyfriend and was talking to him, he was already on the way over. He was worried and wanted to check the backyard and shed. I never even got that far into my thought process, so I will say it's a good thing nobody was still in the house. Man that would have been the cherry on top. I guess I wasn’t worried about a person because I knew a normal person didn’t do it. I knew the cats and the old lady weren't a coincidence, I pissed her off and now I’m cursed or something.

I decided to refrain from letting my sister know about the lady up the drive. She would freak, she knows how weird shit follows me, and yet she tries to ignore it. I cannot scare her like that. I wondered why the bird wasn’t in the house though, because the doors were locked and every window, in tact. I could only hope she would not start asking things out loud nonchalantly, talking, and answering herself into a freak out.

So the old lady is responsible but I can’t prove it, and that means I'm not gonna say anything at all about it. That also means I overreacted about where it all came from, maybe I’m good. Well, being cursed isn’t good, but the ‘thing’ I saw as a child still scares me more than my neighbor.

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Everybody pulled up at once, so we ended up in the front yard for a few minutes. I was letting one of the policemen hear about our missing items, and the other off went with Matt and Miri around the back of the house. Matt pulled up and literally jumped out of his truck as he placed it in park. Is it possible to run yourself over? Even better he had a damn shotgun with him, like a damn hillbilly. Not even gonna lie, it was funny as hell. (Even kind of sweet, kinda makes me want a crazy lovefool of my own.)

They walked back around the front after a few minutes, Matt no longer holding the gun. I knew that shit was gonna happen, but the other officer had it in his hand. The way he was running for Miri, I’m actually shocked they didn’t shoot him. I shouldn't say things like that, but it’s 2021, and to overlook how untrained and trigger happy the majority of officers are, not pointing that out would be dishonest on my end. It's really the first thought I had when he jumped out…”if he doesn't run himself over, he's about to get shot. Lawd.”. The other officer heard me and laughed. He then told me,

“I’m going to file this report and then you can come up there and get copies, ummm….say about 24 hours at least. Then they will be ready, or should be. Maybe just call first to be sure.”

I thanked him and thanked the other officer, who was getting into the other car. They started off, back up the gravel driveway to the main road. Another car was coming down the other side of the driveway, and passed the two police cars. Miri and Matt stood there with me, watching. The car pulled into our driveway and I could see Gloria in the driver's seat.

“Are y'all okay?...I saw the cops and I wanted to check. You had only been gone a few minutes, and I didn’t know what I needed to do about the cats…so I came.”
Miri looked crazy now, “Bri, you went up there? You promised me you’d try to get on with this shit! No boards, no ghosts stories or orbs of light…what the f***!”
Here we go.

I ignored Miri for a second and looked at Gloria. “I thought you sent the cats to scare me?, and our house is trashed, bird gone, our picture's missing. I mean, nothing of value is MIA. Looks like some spell bullshit to me.” She looked offended by my accusation. “No honey, I came to help you get rid of them. He was in your house, got in without opening a door. Got out the same, taking your stuff with him.”

I thought Miri was about to faint. Matt took her inside, told her he wasn't leaving, and then fixed her a frozen margarita. Sounded good in my opinion, but I couldn’t get buzzed and go to sleep. I only fixed one margarita, and offered one to Gloria. To my surprise again, she accepted. We sat on my back deck, enjoying our drinks. Trying to be cordial, I apologized for assuming and asked her to tell me about herself.

I figured it would explain why she had some tie to me, or if she did. I wanted to know how she knew about the cats. All of it. I guess I need to whip up another bender of margaritas, it may get interesting.

© 2021 Bri Smith

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