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Secret Goodness

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Mr. Hashmi was the owner of a pharmaceutical company. He had called for contractors through a newspaper advertisement to lease the company's canteen and was now interviewing them. Said: "What name have you told?"
The middle-aged man said softly: "Aflah Siddiqui!"
Hashmi sahib picked up the black glasses lying on the table and put them on and looked at Aflah Siddiqui with thoughtful eyes.
Then he asked: "Sadiqi sir! You have only five years of experience in running a canteen. What was your occupation before that?"
"Sir! I was a teacher. I have raised children all my life and now my elder son and I run the canteen together.
Actually, my son does everything, I only look after the administrative and financial matters.

Mr. Hashmi thought for a few moments, then said: "You have read all the conditions well, do you have any objections?"
"No sir! All terms are reasonable and acceptable.

It will be a great blessing that you trust us. Aflah Siddiqui said humbly.
Mr. Hashmi shook his head thoughtfully and said: "I am changing one condition. The company will pay the salary of the two shifts you will keep to assist in the canteen, but you will take special care of the quality."
There should be no complaints from the workers.
This contract is yours and yes, the amount you will deposit in advance, I am paying it in installments for your convenience, so that you don't have to pay a big lump sum.
Aflah Siddiqui wanted to say something, but the words got stuck in his throat.
Words like thank you, kindness and blessing seemed very small and meaningless to them. Fate would bless them with complete kindness, they did not even think and the further concessions and privileges that Hashmi Sahib had given them, made them feel heavy. It was expected to get money and now the way for his daughter to become a doctor was paved.

He was overwhelmed with gratitude and wanted to reach home soon and share this good news with his family.
On the other hand, Hashmi Sahib also had great news for his only son Ali.
Both father and son were sitting face to face at evening tea.
Hashmi suddenly asked: "Ali! You remember that incident at the farmhouse, which changed your life."
Ali smiled and said: "Papa! How can I forget that day? When my friends and teachers were celebrating a school picnic in the farmhouse.
All my friends were having fun sliding down the slide and falling into the water, making noise and I was looking at them with regretful eyes because I was afraid. My respected teacher felt this fear. He said that Nothing happens.
If there was any truth or damage to the fear, why would so many children slip down the slide and fall into the airplane and nothing happens to them? Their words gave me the courage and I climbed the slide with courage and closed my eyes and slipped. Agar in the water and my fear was over.
I climbed the slide many times and fell into the water again and again and thus my fear was gone, but fear was gone from my life in every matter. With the courage that I got that day, I had every fear in the life to come. And today, when I am living a contented life, it is because of that incident.
Mr. Hashmi smiled and said: "But son! You could do no service to your teacher, even though you should have done a lot for him.
"Yes, dad! Ali said dejectedly: "At first I didn't realize how big it was."
When I realized, the respected teacher had gone. Then he did not find me. He had made me an expert in swimming. Once I accidentally fell into the canal, but I knew how to swim, so my life was saved. That too. I consider them their favor.
"Now listen to some good news." Hashmi Sahib smiled and said: "They came to our company and I did what I could for them, but I did not tell them the reason so that their self-respect would be respected." And don't hurt your self-esteem.
Then Hashmi Sahib narrated all the details to Ali, tears came to his eyes due to extreme emotion and he kissed his father's hands.
On the other hand, there was a celebration at Aflah Siddiqui's house.
There was joy on both sides, an anonymous act of kindness had brought joy and hope to the faces of all.

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