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My Review: Scanguard Series by Tina Folsom

Scanguards Series

Since as far back as I can remember, reading has always been a passion of mine. I love the way books smell and I love getting lost in a fictional world, although I also read a lot of non-fiction publications as well.

After reading Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress Series I decided to find similar novels of paranormal romance, and after a diligent search on Amazon's Kindle store I found an author named Tina Folsom who had written a series called The Scanguards Series.

The plot lines of the novels in the Scanguards series were very riveting, I couldn't close the books and my emotions had gotten so attached to the characters in the series that I couldn't wait for the next installments in the series. Tina Folsom is such an excellent writer, I highly recommend the Scanguards series and other works by Tina Folsom.

I've decided to write a review on the Scanguards series, I am always for sharing a good literature find, and Tina Folsom didn't disappoint. With tons of romance, action, plot line twists and well fleshed out characters, Tina Folsom's Scanguards series should be at the top of any paranormal romance reader's list.

This is going to be my review/synopsis for Tina Folsom's Scanguards books.

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About the Author: Tina Folsom

German native indie author Tina Folsom has definitely made an enterprise for herself. She is a New York Times best selling indie author. In almost 4 years, Tina Folsom has sold more than 2 million copies of her 50 title - which are also translated in French, German, Spanish and English. Tina translates all of her novels into German - her native language - on her own. Her titles are available in paperback, ebooks and audio books.

The German born author has been living in English speaking countries for over 25 years, where she is married to an American. After moving to New York to study drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. In 2008 she wrote her first romance. She has several ongoing series entitled: the Scanguards series, Out of Olympus series, Eternal Bachelor's Club series, Stealth Guardians series and the Venice Vampyr series. Tina Folsom is steadily on the rise with more titles on the horizon.

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Scanguards: Book 1

Samson's Lovely Mortal

Samson's Lovely Mortal

Scanguards #1

Samson's Lovely Mortal

The very first Scanguards installment is called, Samson's Lovely Mortal. It follows an auditor named Delilah and the founder of Scanguards - a bodyguard company - named Samson. Samson is a vampire with a problem.

Although he has a nice home in the San Francisco area and owns nice cars and he is also a very lucrative entrepreneur, he is having erectile dysfunction problems. Who ever heard of a vampire with an erectile dysfunction problem?

Samson meets Delilah after she encounters a near death experience. When Samson meets Delilah, he is no longer erectile impaired. After talking to his shrink, who advises Samson that the only way to cure his erectile dysfunction is to sleep with Delilah, Samson realizes that he doesn't want to just use Delilah as an object to get over his little problem.

Samson falls in love with Delilah, but trying to keep a secret only blows up in your face. What's done in the dark must come to light, right? And with Delilah trying to hide from whoever's trying to kill her and Samson's secret vampiric life, things come to a head when Samson and Delilah's feelings become more than platonic.

Samson's Lovely Mortal Excerpt

“You are more beautiful than any woman I’ve ever met. And if there weren’t so many people here, I’d show you just how desirable I think you are.”

— Tina Folsom, Samson's Lovely Mortal

Scanguards: Book 2

Aumaury's Hellion is the second installment in the Scanguards series by Tina Folsom.

Aumaury's Hellion is the second installment in the Scanguards series by Tina Folsom.

Scanguards #2

Amaury's Hellion

In the second installment of the Scanguards series we follow Samson's right hand man and vice president, Amaury LeSang. Aumaury is cursed to feel everyone's emotions like a migraine. His only relief comes from being intimate with someone, until he meets a human woman named Nina.

In a turn of events, Nina suspects Amaury of killing her brother, so she's out for revenge. The more and more time Amaury and Nina spends around each other, the more they deny the connection between them. As attraction in a most passionate way develops between Amaury and Nina, and the ribbon unravels on their life's story.

Can Amaury convince Nina, who he's sure is his life mate, to be his, or will Nina drive a stake right through Amaury's heart? Read this exciting paranormal romance to find out!

Amaury's Hellion Excerpt

"It's kind of hard to be mad at the man who just saved your life without any regard for his own. And it's even harder to stay pissed off with you, knowing the kind of power you gave me over you."

— Tina Folsom, Amaury's Hellion

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Scanguards: Book 3

Gabriel's Mate is the third installment to Tina Folsom's Scanguards series.

Gabriel's Mate is the third installment to Tina Folsom's Scanguards series.

Scanguards #3

Gabriel's Mate

After involuntarily being turned into a vampire, Maya is in utter disbelief. She can't be a member of the undead community, she has a life to go back to. Gabriel, a Scanguard bodyguard, is tasked with protecting Maya and to find her attacker. Unfortunately, Maya's very alluring, and Gabriel can't seem to separate work and pleasure.

Gabriel is hiding a secret that he fears would scare Maya off for good, but can she accept him - all of him - for who (or what) he is? Gabriel and Maya's attraction is unspoken at first, and Gabriel's secret could just scare Maya off for good. Isn't it bad enough that he has feelings for a newborn vampire who is trying to accept her fate?

This installment had me captivated from the very beginning. The characters are lovable, the story line is refreshing and Tina Folsom made her story come alive. I greatly recommend this story to anyone who loves to read - especially if you love reading romance or paranormal romance, its a page-turner.

Scanguards: Book 4

Yvette's Haven

Yvette's Haven

Scanguards #4

Yvette's Haven

Yvette is the only female bodyguard of Scanguards. As the only female bodyguard, she's had to overcome the stereotype that a woman can't do a man's job. Circumstances has left her seemingly cold and harsh, but the haunting story behind her brash demeanor is very saddening.

Haven is a vampire hunter who is in search of his little brother that went missing. Haven follows his brother's trail and finds a very powerful witch who has kidnapped Haven's brother. He has to bring the witch an actress who is being guarded by the one thing he hates the most in this world - a vampire.

While on active bodyguard duty - guarding an actress/pop star, Yvette gets vampire-napped by Haven. Instead of killing the heel, Yvette decides to help him find his brother and help him escape the witch's clutches after Haven was double-crossed by the witch. Can Haven get over his prejudice for vampires long enough to see what a great woman Yvette is, or will his mind cloud his judgement?

Scanguards: Book 5

Zane's Redemption

Zane's Redemption

Scanguards #5

Zane's Redemption

Zane has to guard a vampire-human hybrid named Portia, who's father wants to keep her a virgin. Zane's lack of compassion and very violent temper is offsetting even to his friends, let alone a seemingly spoiled hybrid brat who he just met. Portia doesn't want to be guarded, she's a hybrid for crying out loud, what does she need protection from?

As a young vampire-human, Portia has a very big problem: in a few weeks, her body will be frozen in it's final vampire form, but she's still a virgin. Portia refuses to live the rest of her immortal life as a virgin. The only problem is that her father hired the best bodyguard company in the San Francisco area - Scanguards - to prevent his daughter from finding a lover before her time is up.

Can Portia look past Zane's callus demeanor and see the tormented soul underneath that brought Zane many decades of anger and pain? Could Portia finally soften the granite heart of Zane? Find out in Zane's Redemption.

Scanguards: Book 6

Quinn's Undying Rose

Quinn's Undying Rose

Scanguards #6

Quinn's Undying Rose

For 200 years, Quinn has lived as a bachelor trying to forget the only woman that he ever loved, who he believes to be dead - his human wife, Rose. Two hundred years later, and Rose comes back into Quinn's life in a series of events.

Rose's secret - the reason why she faked her death - is threatening to come to light, and Rose is sure that if Quinn finds out that he'd kill her. Rose seeks out Quinn after two hundred years because an evil and powerful vampire threatens to kill Rose and Quinn's only living descendant.

Quinn tries to cope with the love of his life seemingly rising from the dead while trying to destroy the evil vampire who threatens his lineage. Will Quinn and Rose rekindle their love?

Scanguards: Book 7

Oliver's Hunger

Oliver's Hunger

Scanguards #7

Oliver's Hunger

After a near death experience, Oliver is forced into becoming a vampire, but he's having trouble controlling his thirst for blood of humans. Ursula, an Asian human, literally falls into Oliver's arms after escaping from a blood brothel. Ursula's blood is a drug to vampires, and Oliver is fighting to resist the urge for just a small taste.

Ursula promises the other kidnapped women that if she ever escaped, she'd come back for them and rescue them from their captors. Knowing only the vampires she encountered in the blood brothel, Ursula has a hard time trusting Oliver and his friends to help her, because they're all vampires.

Can Ursula get past her fear of vampires and trust Oliver and his friends to help her free the other girls in the blood brothel, or will Oliver succumb to the fiery hunger that flares up that can only be quenched by warm human blood filling in his mouth and filling his stomach.

Scanguards: Book 8

Thomas' Choice

Thomas' Choice

Scanguards #8

Thomas's Choice

Thomas is Scanguards' go to guy for mind control. Thomas has been is in love with his protege, Eddie, for over a year. Only problem is that Thomas feels that his feelings aren't reciprocated by Eddie.

While trying to thwart evil vampires from discovering them, Eddie kisses Thomas, and Eddie's body reacts in a way that he is most ashamed of. Eddie can't be attracted to another man, he liked women, right? Thomas begins down a destructive path because he believes that he'll never be happy because he believes he has an unrequited love.

Thomas has disappeared, and Eddie seems to be the only one who can bring him back from disaster. Can Eddie pull Thomas back from eternal damnation or will Thomas forever be lost in his own dark world?

Scanguards: Book 9

Cain's Identity

Cain's Identity

Scanguards #9

Cain's Identity

Because of a failed assasination, Cain suffers from amnesia, but he begins having dreams of a female vampire that haunts his dreams that may be the key to his past. A mysterious stranger appears, revealing Cain's past: Cain is a powerful vampire king who is engaged to the mysterious female vampire from his dreams, Faye Duvall.

Faye is devastated when she hears that Cain - the love of her life - is dead. Because she feels obligated to family and love for her fellow vampires, Faye marry's Cain's brother, Abel. Faye never expected Cain to waltz back into her life and fight for his rightful place on the throne.

Backed by his friends from Scanguards, Cain is in a fight to the death and confronted with a decision: either save his queen or his kingdom.

Scanguards: Book 10

Luther's Return

Luther's Return

Scanguards #10

Luther's Return

Luther finally gets free from being incarcerated in a vampire prison for twenty years. Kimberly "Katie" Fairfax has retired from acting and now teaches drama at a college in San Francisco. When the owner of Scanguards, Samson, daughter goes missing, Luther and Katie band together to help find the illusive Isabelle.

A passion between Luther and Katie ensues, but they not only have to fight against Isabelle's captor, but also have to fight within themselves that threatens to destroy them before they can rescue Isabelle.

Scanguards: Book 11

Blake's Pursuit

Blake's Pursuit

Scanguards #11

Blake's Pursuit is the twelveth book in the Scanguards world, but little is known right now about the plot of the story. More information will be available once more information comes to light, but until then... happy reading, and check back for updates.

Scanguards Family Tree

The Scanguards connection

The Scanguards connection

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