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Saved By Her Uncle's Counsel

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Occupational Hazard

Talo, is one of the nieces of Tala. Tala and others loved Talo dearly because their sister when she was financially buoyant was always there for everyone.

Talo's father, who was a company worker had been one of the casualties of occupational hazard in his company, Aduralola Wire Company.

As the custom of the companies in the community was, the company laid off Talo's father after the incident without any severance fee nor pay him any compensation.

He alongside others tried to sue the company to court but they did not have the money to get a lawyer who will help them pursue this therefore, they had to jettison the idea as each of those people who have been injured in the line of their duties in the company returns home to take of themselves.

Talo's father was being taken care of by his wife. It was not long when she spent all their savings on her husband's treatment. After this she started contacting others for assistance.

No one among the siblings of her husband listened to her pleas. However, her own siblings arose to help her.

Talo's father, despite all that her wife did to ensure that he did not die, eventually died after the sixth month of the incident.

Talo was going to two when her father died.

When Talo's father died, Talo was going to two then.

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After mourning her husband's death, Bulah, Talo's mother, started working at a restaurant.

While working there, she will leave her daughter, Talo, with her mother to take care of. It was during this period that Bulah's siblings get to love Talo and resolved that they will try their best in taking care of her so that she won't suffer like those who have no father suffered in the society.


Her Aunts and Uncles Resolution

Her Aunts and Uncles have all individually resolved that they will take proper care of Talo. This they were struggling to do for her while she was with their mother, they ensure that her mother is not responsible for her school fees and other necessary things they used to get for her.

Her Admission Changes Her

After her High School her aunt's and uncles contacted their mates who have been lecturing in the Colleges so that she will secure admission because that's what's entail in the community.

Securing admission is not a matter of intelligence but it largely has to do with those that one know in the academics setting.

Having experienced difficulties in securing admission when they were like her, they wouldn't want such to happen to her, therefore, they have ensure that they give it all it takes so that she secures admission into the institution of higher learning.

A year after being a student, Talo's actions to her aunts and uncles changed and they started wondering what has come over her.

They talked to her in the secret and in the open but he wouldn't change.

They reported her to her mother but instead of her mother to talk senses into her daughter, she didn't as she started supporting her against her siblings.

They were amazed by what they were seeing.

Soon enough Bulah moved her daughter from her mother's house, saying she is her only daughter and she wants to take proper care of her.


In the Dark

Her Aunts and Uncles did not know where she lives after her mother took her off their mother's house.

Since they did not know where she lives they also keep to themselves.

People who knew Talo with her Aunt and Uncles keep asking them about her welfare but they cannot answer them satisfactorily.

Wedding of Her Aunt

One of her aunt's wedding day drew close and different people were invited to the wedding.

Talo who has not been associating with her Aunts and Uncles also attended the wedding and there she met with several friends of hers that she has missed since the time she left her Grandma place.



Shigala, is one of Talo's friends who used to disturb her Aunts and Uncles by asking of her welfare from them. He also attended the wedding programme and there they reconnect.

Before Talo left for her mother's place, Shigala has been sending her lover flowers. Now that they reconnected, Shigala wants to take up from where he has left it.

Shigala and Her Uncle

One of Talo's uncles was very close to Shigala and he has been sensing it that Shigala has deeper feelings for her niece. However as it is being said by the elders of the community that elders are slow to speak though they see and could read meanings to youths actions yet they wouldn't speak until they are very sure.

Tala, Talo's uncle started paying attention to the moves between Talo and Shigala. Shigala can barely take a step without consulting Tala because he sees him as a responsible person that could be confided in and ask for counsel.


Shigala Asks Her Out

It was not long after they have reconnected that Shigala asks her out. She has also been longing for a relationship for long having been jilted by her former fiance.

Shigala was happy that she accepted his proposal for this he has been dreaming of for years, now that his hand has grasped what he has been dreaming of, his joy knows no bounds.

For whatever reasons, Tala did not know about this relationship until they have been subsumed in the waters of each others love.

When Tala eventually got to know this he decides to do something about it because Talo is an erratic being and Shigala would not have peace of mind if he marries her. She is his niece and she knows what she is capable of doing, she remembers how she has turned everyone down being hell bent on pursuing her own ways. She has been reported on countless occasions of how she has fought dirty with people in the neighbourhood she relocated to.

Shigala can not live with her Tala says to himself.

Tala Talks With Shigala

Tala invited Shigala to his house and there he talked at length with him. But like it is being said, love is blind, it was certain that he has been blindfolded by the love of the damsel. Shigala did not listen to the counsel of Tala.

Tala's Next Step

Tala for the love he has for the young man and because he is close with his parents decided to talk to his parents about their son's romantic involment with his niece.

After discussing with them, they were shocked because they also thought Talo is a responsible Damsel, but having opened the can of worms of her behaviour, his parents had no other option than telling their son to leave Talo.

Painful Decision

Though to Shigala it was a painful decision for him to take but it must be taken noticing that his parents no longer support him to continue with her.

Shigala started avoiding Talo, she knows something was amiss and therefore left Shigala before things get out of hand for her.

Talo's Marriage

Talo got another man to be married to. It was not long when the news of how she was treating her husband gets to Tala and Shigala.

You can now see what I was saying about my niece you would have been in the same shoe like her hubby now assuming you did not yield to my counsel.

Shigala thanked him for saving him from what would have been home of chaos.

(The End)


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