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Sad Little Girl: Alcoholism and Sexual Abuse


Mama went to Heaven

Sad little girl, her mama went to heaven.

She would sit by the window looking up at the sky.

Why did God need her mother, she thought it was a lie.

Her heart started to harden, and her smile went away.

She didn’t laugh, or skip, or play.

Her daddy didn’t know what to say.

He found his answers in a bottle, his wisdom he modeled yesterday.


The bottle of Regret

When he was good and drunk and wise he tried to touch his little girl and she would run and hide.

She left home one day and didn’t come back, she started finding her answers in her father’s wisdom,

The bottle of regret.

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The sad little girl, became a sad grown women

And her heart turned harder, and she didn’t look at the sky

Why did God take her father, she thought it was a lie.

Against all odds she had daughters of her own,

Terrified that they would find sadness, she never left them alone.

She thought she was protecting them no matter what,

An unlikely predator breached her wall of trust.

Her sad little girl, lost her smile.

She grew up with a hardened heart, and found her mother’s wisdom in a bottle.

For a while, she wandered the earth, cursed to repeat old tragedies.

She left and went to heaven, her sad mother found her wisdom in the sky.

She finally knew that there was love in forgiveness.

Heaven was real, it wasn’t a lie.



Alcoholism and Child Abuse

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Kimberly Shelden (author) from Idaho on November 11, 2012:

Well thank you- friend. I appreciate the warm compliments. It is a difficult subject to write about, and unfortunately based on truth for many people. It's 2pm in Northern Idaho, and it is a pleasure to meet you.

epigramman on November 11, 2012:

.....this is quite a profound and soulful piece of writing my friend - it captured my imagination with a film running in my head - and your writing would be an excellent script to be turned into a movie.

There are so many sad little boys and girls in this world and often they are born into a life they have no control over - but you certainly have control over your writing destiny and it's excellent.

So very nice to meet you here at the Hub and I am sending you warm wishes and good energy from lake erie time ontario canada 4:55pm

Kimberly Shelden (author) from Idaho on May 20, 2012:

Debbie,Oh my goodness, thank you for that! It is even more sad because its true for too many kids. Thank you for reading, sharing, and commenting. I very much appreciate your opinion. Have a blessed day.

Deborah Brooks Langford from Brownsville,TX on May 20, 2012:

this is so sad and beautiful at the same time and so truthful.

god Bless you for writing this

I am sharing this masterpiece


Kimberly Shelden (author) from Idaho on May 14, 2012:

Thank you SanneL, it is based on someone's story, no matter how you look at it, it is sad. When you know someone that actually endured that life, or you yourself did-it just seems sadder to me. Thank you for reading and for commenting.

SanneL from Sweden on May 14, 2012:

Heatbreaking and moving! Unfortunately many children are born into a life of abuse, neglect, pain and sorrow. A nightmare hard to break away from. Sad but wonderful poem.

Kimberly Shelden (author) from Idaho on May 11, 2012:

Faith, I knew what you meant- thank you again :).

Unknown Spy, thank you for reading and commenting.

Vincent, It sounds like you had to live in the nightmare that many children have to live, and it is very sad. Thank you for voting the poem up- I think it is important to always keep awareness on the issues that affect children.

Vincent Moore on May 10, 2012:

You hit a nerve within this poet's soul. I saw the pain in the bottle in my home growing up as a boy watching abuse. Drunks acting like monsters and hurting one another and sometimes the children to. This was sad, yet very poignant and real eye opener. Well done, bravo. Voted Up indeed.

Life Under Construction from Neverland on May 10, 2012:

This is so sad and touching. This happens in the real world, sad to say.. and i just really dont get it.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on May 10, 2012:

Of course, I meant unforgiveness in our heart. In His Love, Faith Reaper

Kimberly Shelden (author) from Idaho on May 10, 2012:

Rahul, Thank you for your beautiful and poetic words. And Nell I appreciate your comments. Thank you both for reading.

Nell Rose from England on May 10, 2012:

Wonderful poem, so touching and real. Sadly this happens so many times, thanks for sharing, nell

Jessee R from Gurgaon, India on May 10, 2012:

Jade! Sublime tragedy in this piece here! I connect to the pain like... it tears me apart!.

Ecstatic poetry and what a beautiful message of forgiveness

Great Work Dear

Kimberly Shelden (author) from Idaho on May 09, 2012:

Wow... thank you for your kind comments, and sharing my work.

DearBandit on May 09, 2012:

Very touching and moving. I will be e mailing this to some of my friends! Voted up and voted for being beautiful and interesting as well as awesome, heck even useful.

Kimberly Shelden (author) from Idaho on May 08, 2012:

Ah thank you Faith, always look forward to your thoughts. I think that is why poems are so profound, they are based in truth, little pieces of our hearts.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on May 08, 2012:

Oh, so profoundly sad and beautiful. Amazing writing here. Well done. Yes, forgiveness in our hearts will rot us to the core, but once we are able to forgive, wow, such freedom to start loving once again. Love this! In His Love, Faith Reaper

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