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Stony Heart of Magic: Chapter Five

Promise is an avid reader of paranormal books, and that has led him to write on it. His first book is FATED ATTRACTION, available on Libri.


Severed Tongue

Buckland was always regarded to, as a hub of activity. Almost every other person worked really hard, in order to make a living, well, that's when we neglect the thugs and criminals, who had decided from the onset that they were not going to do anything to help themselves. They always used the little powers they had, to try to forcefully collect all that another had worked so much for. It always pained me, to see people work so hard for their daily bread, and then have another person come from nowhere, and tries to reap where they'd not sown. These set of people lived by feeding off other people's sweat, and it was one of them that I had myself, entangled so horribly with. Mason Smith, my nemesis. If I had my way, I'd definitely wipe them off the face of Buckland, because they did not deserve to live. Their actions never went down well with me, it always never did. Well, we still had good people in Buckland, and these set of good people were those who made up the most of my customer base, here in my store. They always came around to eat, and I couldn't ask for more.
The day had started on quite a good note, and at this time, all my workers were already here in the store. I had been quite tense before now though, I'd only relaxed after I'd had seen all of them, because I never knew who Mason would first strike. Matt was the last to arrive, which was quite unlike him, because Matt sometimes arrived late, but he had never been the last to arrive. Well, I figured that he might have had a very short night, but then, vampires didn't sleep, or did they? I made a mental note to ask him about what had made him not to come in time today. Actually, I was quite satisfied, because all my workers were already here, in one piece, and from the look of things, today might just be peaceful and not bring any bad occurrence. We had no other choice though, but to expect the worst. Before other workers had arrived, Cheryl had helped me in the kitchen to slice the vegetables, and she had really outdone herself. She actually was the first person who had tried it out and gotten it done to my own taste. I was always very selective of how my vegetables were cut, the more reason I did them myself. She had told, whilst we cut the vegetables, that she also did it in her barbecue joint, and that went a long way to explain her proficiency. While we worked, we conversed a little, and that was when I revealed that I was an elemental. The shock on her face was so intense when I said those words to her. She opened her mouth wide in a silent ooh, and only closed it when I prompted her to. According to her, her surprise was due to the fact that I was as powerful as I'd told her, and could still be so simple. It sounded very much incredulous to her, and I had to demonstrate the extent of control I had over my elements, to make her believe.
I built a small castle with some stones I got outside, and while I used my stone magic, I tapped into my air element, to create a mini tornado, which I made to blow around the castle. To complete the entire scene, I then made an ice man to walk round the castle, within the tornado, trying to get out. This display of power was definitely a masterpiece, because only one who had perfect control of their elements could successfully pull off such feats. I went ahead to tell Cheryl that I had learnt all of what I'd done by myself, and promised her again that I was going to teach her how to properly harness, and use her powers, even though her powers might not be as powerful as mine. At exactly 8am, we turned the sign outside to open and started the business for the day.
Today promised to be quite stressing, because it was just as though my customers were out there, waiting for us to open, for them to start trooping in, or maybe they had heard of the confrontation between me and Mason, and had come to see who it was that had dared challenge him. I had a thought to hire more hands, but then, I did not just hire anybody I saw on the streets of Buckland. I had my own criteria in hiring people, a criteria that Cheryl had perfectly satisfied, but then, Cheryl wasn't officially my staff, because she had her own business. She was only here to stay for a while, pending when we handled the problem of Mason. Everyone remained quite silent as we all focused on serving the numerous customers, and preparing their orders, till very late in the morning when the rush had subsided.
I took that time to speak with Matt, as he had really been engrossed in his device. He hadn't even asked for my daily routine, which was quite unlike him. I went to where he was, engrossed in his phone, and sat close to him without saying a word. I sat there for quite a while before he turned to me and cleared his throat. "The internet has been buzzing with news of your open challenge to Mason", he said, while navigating several pages on his tablet. I rolled my eyes in consternation and replied, "Well, I didn't make any open challenge to him. I only saved someone from his grasp, someone who had done nothing to him."
"Well, that wasn't what the media wanted to know", Matt replied, his lips twitching in some kind of a smile. "What the media wanted to know, was that you actually had the guts to defy Mason's decision, and that was the kind of news they needed to get massive engagements."
"You need to see the kind of engagements and reactions that the viral news had brought", Matt said, the smile now becoming more pronounced on his face. I wondered what made him smile. We were talking about a precarious situation here, and all he could do was smile? "When will he ever cease to amaze me", I thought to myself, trying hard not to get upset. Matt tilted the screen of his device to my view, and I saw the amount of people who had engaged on the said viral post, and my heart sank deeper into my stomach. "Well", Matt said, "One good thing about all this is that you are now a celebrity", his face crinkling up into a full smile now. "And", he he continued, as though he didn't notice my shift in expression, "we now need to have escorts and newsmen around you, because everyone will want to have a word with the supposed lady who was able to Mason, and who had also issued an open challenge to him"
I rolled my eyes at Matt, got up from my seat, and went back to my spot at the counter table. Even though Matt was trying to make a joke out of all this, we all knew the seriousness of it, and even though Matt was only trying to lighten up the mood, I knew better than to allow myself get excited by the prospect of being called a celebrity. It was better I maintained my cool nonexistent self, than become a celebrity for this kind of reason, because the faster the news went viral, the more it affected me. Mason would definitely see this as a major challenge to his leadership, and he would see my being alive as an indication that he wasn't able to actually do anything about it. That was one thing that Mason wouldn't want. He hated being termed as weak, and he would do everything possible, in order to get back to me. This particular realization, made me almost weak. I did not want any public attention. I'd tried my possible best to stay off the radar for quite a while, and had only gotten to the point that I'd gotten to on the food chain, because of the constant silent battles I had won. But then, my attackers never really knew how powerful I was. They didn't even know till now. All they knew was that I had friends who were vampires and I had friends who were dwarves. They believed that it was these two of my friends, who were totally responsible for all my victories and had been the brain behind my survival story. They always saw me with Matt around, and then they felt like Matt was my bodyguard, and that Matt was the one who always had my back and protected me from all the attacks. Now however, this narrative was definitely going to change very soon, and I didn't know if I was prepared for the change.
If Mason decided to attack me, I would have no other option than to fight back. Not fighting back meant death, and I wasn't ready to die. I would have allowed Matt and Rosey to fight for me, but then I wasn't ready to endanger the lives of my friends, for a crime that I had committed. I knew that they would without fear, give up their lives to save mine and that they would want to stand in the line of fire for me to be protected. Yes, that was the extent of the love they had for me, but then I wasn't wicked. I wasn't a devil and I would fight my fight myself, and even though I had wanted a private life, now that I finally succeeded in bringing everything to the surface, I wouldn't mind fixing anything that came my way.
As I was still thinking, the door was flung open, and two fierce-looking giants walked into the store, their eyes trained straight at the counter. I quickly stiffened in my seat, as I watched them come closer to where I was sitting. I didn't talk, I just heightened my guard, and was prepped up already for a fight if need be. Well, I thanked goodness, that there was no other customer in my store at the moment, and no one will be able to witness what would happen here. They walked up to my position at the counter table, and demanded to see Annie. I asked them what they wanted her for, and they told me that their boss wanted her. When I asked them who their boss was, they refused to give me a response and instead persistently demanded to know where Annie was. From my side view, I could see Matt putting his tablet away and folding up the cuffs of his shirt in preparedness for a fight. I quickly waved at him, a clear order for him to stand down. Then I asked them once again who their boss was. They refused to give me a reply and started to get violent. I quickly stood up, and told them that I was Annie Charlie. The one who looked like the oldest amongst them, told me to come with them, but then I said I wasn't going anywhere with them until they told me who sent them.
When I saw that their violence was increasing, and the possibility of creating a scene here in my store, I decided to go with them. However, instead of going through the front door, I went with them through the back door. One of the giants stood in front, while the other stood closely behind me. I laughed to myself, as I knew in my mind that at that point in time, they would definitely be having the illusion that they had me under control. They didn't really know who they were with and they were in for a shocker, as I wasn't going to allow them go back, at least, not the same way they had come. Immediately we got outside the store, I quickly called on one of the stones I had expertly left behind my store, for emergencies. I called on it and sharpened it into a dagger, I made it very sharp and deadly. I couldn't see it, since I was looking straight ahead, but I could determine its position from its murmurings, and with a very strong force, I sent it straight to the back of the giant that was behind me, through his back bone, and into his heart. he fell down, dead before he could as much as make a sound. I tapped the giant in front of me, and he turned around with fury, as though he wanted to eat me. But then, his mouth opened wide in shock, when he saw his colleague on the floor, with blood gushing out of his mouth and from the wound on his chest.
The stone had gone clean through his back and had come out from the other side.
He opened his mouth, probably to shout, but before he could make as much as a sound, I converted every single moisture in his mouth to a very sharp ice dagger, and made it to slice his tongue. His tongue gently fell down to the ground before him, while he looked on, in total shock. Blood gushed out from his mouth, mixed with water, from the ice. He stared at me in absolute horror. He wasn't dead, but he definitely was never going to speak again.
I went close to him, and looked straight into his eyes. I allowed him to see how angry I was, and in that moment I unleashed every single drop of anger, exasperation, fury and hopelessness I had left in me. When it has finally sunk into his thick skull that I wasn't one to be trifled with, I melted the ice from his mouth, and allowed him to go. Yes, I had to let him go. Someone had to take back the the message to whomever had sent them. He would however, take back the perfect message to his boss. He would only be able to give the particular message I wanted him to take back. Since he wouldn't be able to talk, the only message that would be taken back was that he had come in contact with someone who they had grossly underestimated. Oh, he wouldn't be able to state the extent to which I was underestimated however, because he had no tongue. A sight of him alone would do that trick.
I considered the possibility that he would be healed, but then I remembered that I was a healer. My air magic gave me the ability to heal. There was a way I could channel my air magic to renew and replace dead cells, broken tissues and broken muscles, even bones and flesh. But then, they wasn't ever a way to rebuild broken body parts, and I was very sure his tongue has been completely severed from his mouth, because part of his tongue lay on the ground here before me.
I was very sure that he wouldn't be able to talk, or say what had happened to him, or who had done it to him. but then his presence alone and the wounds on him would send a very great message to whoever had sent him. I went back into the shop and signalled Rosey to go out and take care of the one lying dead now, at the back of the store. She left without as much as a sound, to clear the mess.
The day went by quickly after that, and in no time, I was driving with Matt and Cheryl, and we were on our way to check out Cheryl's barbecue joint. As we drove along, I couldn't help but think that this might be one of the last times I'd be driving freely along this road. Mason might very soon, have a sweet vengeance on me, and I might end up being transformed into a barbecue.

© 2022 Akunne Promise Chidiebube

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