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Shades of Abuse



The dread of fire when burnt

The shades of abuse

Very tough to get by.

You are all maimed;

Psychologically, emotionally

Economically, physically

Subject to defilement and rape

Captured and tortured as slave

The loss of one’s dignity by shame

Never ever to recoup like a smoke in the cloud

The dread of fire when burnt

The flames of the fire hunts you day and night

With the chills of shock shot on sight

A troubled mind, a broken spirit

The tears that never cease raining

Trying to escape the snares which you can’t bear;

The scars of abuse

Propping oneself at a lone corner

Screaming for help

But outwardly, silence breaks still

Only the echoes of one’s voice tolls

But the second self of oneself whispers

Take the blade, slain your vain

There’s the rope, hang your self

That’s the poison

What’s the point of living?

You seek for death to befriend

Strolling on the path of mire

Living with pain, is there more to gain?

Ending it now, would there be no more pain?

Only God can intervene

So, before you conceive the thought of abusing,

Think of the destruction, what expression of life you’re painting to the victim

The Shades of Abuse, always fresh with spikes

Domestic Abuse


© 2021 Isaac Teye Coffie


John Hansen from Queensland Australia on April 06, 2021:

Physical, sexual, or psychological abuse is a blight of society and needs to be stopped. This is a powerful piece of poetry. Thank you for sharing.

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