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RWBY: Before the Dawn by E.C. Meyers, a Personal Review

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In the Beginning..

RWBY: Before the Dawn by E.C. Meyers is the second novel following RWBYL After the Fall. It picks up where the last novel left off and brings back some characters that were in the anime show that some people, like myself, enjoyed. The novel doesn’t leave out Team CFVY, in case you were wondering.

This novel is slightly longer from its predecessor, totaling a whopping 340 pages including the epilogue, which I do suggest you read (for those who usually skip them). As the first in this series, it was extremely had to put down and was finished in just a total of 8 hours. Please keep in mind that may seem like a long time, but I was doing other things while reading it, as I do have a small child.

RWBY: Before the Dawn brings back Team SSSN (pronounced Team Sun), which includes Sun, Scarlet, Sage and Neptune. Unlike the first novel, there aren’t as many flashbacks, though a lot of back story is openly discussed amongst the characters.

In this particular novel, they face an enemy that requires Team SSSN and Team CFVY to work together, which allows the reader to enjoy the different styles and conflicts between the teams and their members. As both teams try to find missing criminals from the previous novel in an unlikely team-up, the mystery of missing persons, which has increased over the years, becomes quite important and puts Coco on edge as she believes that her previous two wanna-be kidnappers are working for an organization Team CFVY designated as "the Crown."

As her team teams up with Team SSSN and find themselves getting closer to finding out what’s happening, Shade academy’s Headmaster sends the school to reinitiation, causing the teams to split up and be changed completely. This slows down the investigation, but gives new insight to characters and different perspectives to the characters to help them grow.

However, this whole process made it a little hard to follow as the new team members aren’t discussed in detail, and though it's realized as a temporary situation, having been placed in an unlikely situation doesn’t seem to really help the story too much, except to make the ending a little more heartfelt where Team SSSN are concerned.

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Then the middle

Speaking of Team SSSN, i guess I should fill you in a little on their drama, for those who haven’t watched RWBY. Sun Wukong, the leader of team SSSN, doesn’t really do teams. He prefers to move around and do his own thing. At one point in the show, i believe it during or just after the fall of Beacon Academy (sorry it has been awhile since I watched it), Sun’s friend and Team RWBY member Blake goes after a criminal organization called the White Fang. Sun had abandoned his team, due to his beliefs Blake need him more. In the show, it seemed she was just fine, but with Sun there it definitely did make a difference, whether Blake admitted it or not. After that he went in search of his team to drag them about, which as you can probably guess, has eft some unkind feelings between Sun and his team mates. After all who just abandons their team without a word.

Through out the novel, you get to see people’s mind being controlled, new enemies rising, with pretty solid beliefs and some old faces, that actually make you happy to see them, even if they are the bad guys, once again. Going back to the Crown and their beliefs, I am not one who is usually like “I get why the evil organization/bad guy is doing this, and can relate, however they are going about it the wrong way,” but in this particular installment in the series, I am totally on board with The Crown in a way. After all the accomplished the goal, just not the way they had wanted that outcome to be. It was rather nice to see our heroes, beat them at their own game. By bringing the people of Vacuo together to defeat The Crown, Team SSSN and Team CFVY actually did something no one has been able to do. Show that the survivors from the fall of Beacon Academy weren’t weak but also brought together a whole city and all of Shade Academy;s students.

RWBY: before the dawn

The end is nigh

Though, overall. The story was intense and kept you turning the page, i really would have loved more information on some of the new team members the main characters had been placed. I feel that could have made things more interesting instead of giving use snippets here and there with one or two of them. I think it could have been better in that stance, By the mystery and the action, once again was delightful. Not o mention all the little surprises that made you go, huh, in that head scratching way, just kept it interesting. It makes super happy i picked it up and super excited to continue the story with the next book.

Once again I would recommend RWBY: Before the Dawn to those who enjoyed the show and/or the mangas as well to any of my otakus out there. If you purchased the first one, definitely check out this one. Can’t leave the story unfinished, you know. It is definitely worth it. And as always, happy reading.

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