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Rubber Duck's Journey in Charming Picture Book and Story Has a Message for All of Us In Our Life's Journey

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

A Special Rubber Duck With a Special Life Lesson

charming story with a special lesson for life

charming story with a special lesson for life

Andy the Rubber Duck Learns a Life Lesson

Weston Decker's Andy, The Rubber Duck is a charming story of a little rubber duck that takes a journey and finally gets to the place where it belongs. Parents will find this story and picture book for young children to be a special introduction to having God in their life when they begin to teach the concept of faith to their young children.

A little yellow rubber duck was made in a factory along with hundreds of other little yellow rubber ducks. Young children will relate to having a rubber duck for their own bath time and will be engaged in this story. This special little yellow rubber duck received a name before he was put in a box to be shipped out to families who might purchase one for their young child.

A huge storm out on the ocean as the ship sailed along with its cargo of little yellow rubber ducks landed all of the little ducks in the huge cold ocean. Andy was at first happy just to be out of the box and in water, but he soon discovered that this actually was not the water that he wanted to be in. All of the other little yellow ducks eventually disappeared and Andy was all alone in the huge cold ocean. A surprise ending to Andy's story was a demonstration of love.

Andy, the Rubber Duck was written by Weston Decker, a first-time author. He enjoys reading children's books to his family, and made a decision to try his talent in writing books for young children. The story is one of faith and love with a life lesson for all of us. Weston includes a final page with his own message of faith that is available to all of us if we reach out.

Weston invites you to check out his book on the Facebook page Rubber Duck Books. He will respond with the price and shipping information for purchasing his book.

Brightly Colored Illustrations Help Tell Andy's Story

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Meet the Author

Weston Decker is a first-time author who enjoys reading children's books to his grandchildren. He made a decision to try his talent in writing for young children because of his interest in children, reading, and passing along his love of reading. He has also taken his first book Andy, The Rubber Duck as an opportunity to share his faith with children and families.

An interesting sideline to my review of Weston's first book is that I have known Weston since he was an infant. His family lived across the street from my family in Leland, Mississippi. He and his sister Lois were adopted by a wonderful Mennonite family. My sister was a sitter for both Weston and Lois when they were infants and toddlers.

I am excited about his new venture as an author and his interest in writing children's books. Please visit the Facebook page Rubber Duck Books to purchase.

Bring Andy the Rubber Duck to Your Child's Bookshelf

Weston Decker's Andy, The Rubber Duck is a delightful addition to your young child's book collection. The story is one of adventure and has a life lesson for children who might experience a hardship. The illustrations are large and colorful for children to be engaged in the story as they read along to discover Andy's final stop after he is rescued.

*Read Andy, The Rubber Duck in a story time session.

*The print is large and dark and presents the opportunity for young children to notice the print. It is a good idea to point to the large words as a parent reads. This activity offers young children the opportunity to notice the words and learn the concept that the printed text is meaningful and related to speech.

* Use the illustration of many ducks as a counting opportunity for your young readers.

*What made Andy happy at the end of the story?

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