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Top 4 Romantic Love Stories in Chinese Mythology


Romance is the permanent topic of the human being, and Mythology is the permanent imagination of the mankind. Compared with our human beings’ everyday love stories, the romance in the mythology is more colorful, attractive and exciting. Although many years have passed and great changes have taken place to China, thousands of generations of Chinese have told these love stories over and again, and these famous mythological love stories will remain with Chinese.

Houyi shot down nine of the suns

Houyi shot down nine of the suns


Top 1 Chang’e Run to the Moon

Long years ago, in the sky appeared ten suns one day, and they baked the earth to scorch, made the sea dry, and the farmers could no longer survive. This disaster shocked the hero Houyi the Archer, he climbed up Mount Kunlun, and shot down nine of the suns. Houyi the Archer made great contribution to his country, the common people respected him deeply, and a lot of honest patriots came to learn archery from him. Tricky Feng Meng was one of these patriots.

Latter, Houyi got married to a beautiful and kind-hearted Chang’e, they loved each other and often go hunting together.

One day, when Houyi paid a visit to his friend in Mount Kunlun, he passed by the palace of the Queen Mother of the West, and got a pill from the Queen mother, who told the pill can help him to become an immortal.

Houyi was unwilling to be immortal only himself, so he didn’t take it and asked his wife to keep it. Three days later, when Houyi was away, the tricky Feng Meng broke into their house and threatened Chang’e to surrender the pill. In imminent danger, Chang’e gulped the pill and floated from the earth into the sky.

Chang’e was afraid that his husband could not find him when he was back; she landed on the nearest satellite, the moon, as an immortal. When Houyi came back, he couldn’t find his love, he was heartbroken and look up at the sky, calling his wife’s name and crying loudly. To his surprise, he found the moon was lighter than before, and he could see a figure exactly like Chang’e swaying in the moon.

Every year on the lunar Mid-autumn day when the moon was the brightest, Later generations of Chinese have moon cakes in memory of Chang’e and pray to her for good luck and safety.

Top 2 A Love Story and Chinese Valentine's Day

All Chinese know this love story which has been narrated for thousands of years. it appeared in a lot of Chinese novels and movies. Because of this traditional love story, we celebrate our Chinese Valentine's Day on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, which is called Double Seventh Day.

Niu Lang was a cowherb owing an old ox, which can not only speak but also tell what was happening in the heaven.

On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, seven fairy sisters went down to the earth and bathed in a lake. Encouraged by the naughty ox, Niu Lang stole their clothes and waited to see what would happen. The fairy sisters asked the most beautiful and youngest one to retrieve their clothing. This beautiful fairy sister was Zhi Nv. She agreed, but since she was seen naked by Niu Lang, she must agree to Niu Lang's request for marriage. After their marriage, they lived together happily and had a son and a daughter. But this annoyed the Goddess of the Heaven, how a fairy girl could marry a mortal human? She ordered her guards to fetch Zhi Nv back and punished her with the duty of waving colorful clouds in the sky. On the earth, Niu Lang was heartbroken, and his ox told him that if he killed him and put on his hide, he would be able to go up to the heaven to meet his wife. Crying sadly, he killed his ox, and went to the heaven with his two children.

When the Goddess of the Heaven found Niu Lang had come, she was angry, took out her hairpin, and scratched a wide river which formed the Milky Way in the sky to separate the two lovers.

After that, Niu Lang, turned into the Altair, and Zhi Nv, became the Vega.

Since then, Zhi Nv had to sit beside the Milky Way to wave her clouds while Niu Lang waited on the other side with his two children. But once a year, all the magpies would come and take a pity on them and fly up to form a bridge for them. So every year on the seventh day of the seventh Lunar month, they will meet only for this single night.


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