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Roll Back More of Our Rights, Please!

after the decision by the US Supreme Court regarding abortion rights, it was made clear that they plan on going after as many other groups of people as they can, rolling back as many rights as possible. Many queer people and people of color are afraid of what may happen to them now that the court has made it clear that their lives are going to be directly impacted by upcoming court decisions.

What these people do not seem to understand is that they have nothing to worry about from such decisions. The rolling back of rights is exactly the sort of thing that we all need. All of our lives will only become better by having the government having much more direct control over the things that we do and the people that we are. All we need to do is to look at the countries that have been controlled by people like Stalin, Mao, Putin, Castro, and Hitler to realize that everyone in their countries benefited from such leadership. Their countries prospered beyond belief, and all of the people that lived there were always happy and healthy. There were, literally no downsides to the leadership of any of these men.

The leadership of the US should follow the example of these men and continue to take away rights from the citizens, because they know better than any of us what is the best for our lives, and we will proper under such control and oppression.

And what should be clear to everyone at this point, what truly matters are the lives and comfort levels of straight, white, cis, “Christian” males. Everyone else only lives to serve them and make their lives more comfortable. If they are not at east, no one should be at ease; everyone should be just as uncomfortable as they are by women, queer people, and people of color.

As these old, white men exert more and more control over our lives and bodies, we should not fight them on the things that they are trying to do for us. We should thank them for all of the effort they are going through to make our lives better; we are going to benefit from the things that they are doing. Our country is going to prosper far more than it ever has before, and everyone is going to be so much happier than they ever were before.

Thank you, old, white men. You are not hurtful or out of touch. You are doing the best thing possible for all of us (not only for yourselves). Those who seem ungrateful, and who are fighting what you are trying to do, do not see that everything is going to be better if you are allowed to put more and more controls upon us. People like me see the truth: “The Handmaid’s Tale” is not a cautionary tale of a community that we should try our hardest to work our way away from. We should absolutely desire a country that is exactly like that one.

Keep up the good work, and continue to do your best to put the rest of the country under your thumb. It is what we all actually want.

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