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5 Reasons to Love Robin Sharma- the Man Who Transformed My Life

Jagatheesh is a Mechanical Engineer who loves to read books on literature, polity, and self-help.

Robin Sharma is a Humanitarian and a world-renowned leadership guru. He wrote several excellent works on personal growth. His thoughts are extremely powerful and have the potential to have a significant impact on both personal and professional lives. His theories are centered on the energy leaks in our daily lives. He will force us to give up minor pleasures in our daily lives. Hearing his opinions always made me feel uncomfortable. Here are a few reasons why I admire this man.

He Showed Me What True Pleasure Is

Every ordinary person on the planet enjoys the minor pleasures of daily life. We all know that the most beautiful part of the day is the sunrise. During the sunrise, it's always a pleasure to hide under the bed linen. After our bedtime coffee, we must check our social media accounts to establish our online presence. This is most people's morning ritual throughout the world. Another excellent method to feel cheerful is to daydream. Only a normal person enjoys daydreaming throughout their working hours.

When I first started following Robin's lead, I saw that he is opposed to all of life's minor pleasures. He encourages folks to get out of bed before sunrise. He also encourages people to go without their phones in the morning. I used to put off my tasks at work to feel better about my daydreaming. However, it is known as procrastination, and I experience the same tension as a result of procrastination. Robin is an outspoken opponent of procrastination.

He offered us the 20:20:20 rule to make our mornings better. It recommends a 20-minute workout, 20-minute meditation, and 20-minute reading session. I grudgingly adopted this strategy, and it proved to be beneficial to me. I decided to have a gadget-free morning. He said in one of his videos about people who are busy but not productive. It causes me a great deal of pain. I noticed a substantial change in my life as a result of his suggestions. He transformed my everyday life into something remarkable. But I still yearn for those minor joys, therefore Robin, I despise you!


He Made Me Feel Responsible for My Thoughts

Every person on the planet will have both good and bad days in their lives. My head was filled with thoughts of failure, frustration, and disappointment. I used to believe that punishing those who were responsible for our suffering was the best way to feel better. I used to yell at people to get them to see their errors. I've always believed that amazing people are the only ones who achieve success.

Robin, on the other hand, and his ideas are always in opposition to mine. He taught me that only individuals who are in suffering inflict hurt on others. His suggestion struck a chord with me. He promotes people having a healthy heart that is free of toxins. He urged people to forgive the unforgiven. His insights made me realize that spending quality time with our loved ones gives our lives significance.

His suggestions assisted me in overcoming my frustration. He taught us that the greatest way to assess our achievements is to look at the impact we have on others. He assisted me in recognizing my previous errors. I feel better about myself now that I've followed his advice and am enjoying every bit of my life. When I reflect on my previous beliefs, I feel responsible for how I live my life. Robin demonstrates that anyone can attain remarkable achievement in life by continually thinking positive thoughts.

Just because you can't currently see all the success that is available to you at this time doesn't mean that it is not available to you at all

— Robin Sharma in "The leader who had no title"

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His Philosophies Are Seductive

Addiction is an extremely strong need for something external. Robin and his ideas are always addicting, especially for people who are going through a difficult time in their lives. He's always talking about dopamine and other feel-good hormones. Hearing pleasant words produces dopamine, according to science. His words are the most effective technique to increase dopamine levels. On my 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari' readings, I'm not sure how many there are.

Robin is a man of acronyms who has provided a plethora of acronyms for living a happy life. In my life, BIW has become a mantra. The abbreviation BIW stands for "Best In The World." When I'm at work, I always recall this acronym. Robin's ideas always carve their way into my mind. So, whenever I had a setback, I always wanted to read one of his novels. I can't get enough of Robin and his ideas.

Every day, I start my day by watching Robin's mastery session on his YouTube channel. I'm spending more time watching his videos on YouTube and reading his books. I miss the days when I spent the majority of my time browsing through my news feed on social media. You transformed my life, and your words are addictive, which is why I truly hate you.

He is Constantly Revising My Ideas.

I've always believed that leadership is a titanic effort reserved for most senior executives. With his book 'The Leader Who Had No Title,' he proved me wrong. He stated that leadership is for everyone, regardless of rank. He encourages others to work like Picasso in order to achieve personal progress and fulfillment.

I was certain that true achievers are gifted with all their achievements. Calling achievers lucky, on the other hand, is the finest way to stay on the couch and postpone, according to Robin. He claims that 95% of people call their profession a career since they repeat the same tasks over and over. Only 5% of the population is engaged in meaningful employment that affects the lives of the other 95%.

I was always worried about how society viewed me. As a result, I made a conscious effort to please those around me. Robin, on the other hand, taught me that what the rest of the world thinks of us is irrelevant. It gave me the opportunity to explore my interests. In every aspect of my life, he has proven me wrong and changed my perspective. As a result, I am always grateful for this legend and his contributions.

Here's Your Chance to Empower Yourself With Robin's Latest Thoughts

Everyone Can Prosper From His Ideas.

Robin is well-known for working with high-profile clients. However, this does not imply that his thoughts are constrained to a smaller circle. On his social media channels, such as YouTube, Robin gives the most insightful information. Another method to make the most of his abilities is to read his books.

We all know Robin is one of the best-selling authors on the planet. His books are available in a variety of languages around the world. Robin carves his books with densely packed words that have the potential to move everyone. I used to hide behind "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" whenever I was in a foul mood. His book "The Leader Who Had No Title" demonstrates to the rest of the world that we don't need a title to be leaders at work. He taught the world the value of getting up early and having a power-packed routine for success in his "5 AM Club".

Since Robin's writings, he has been able to communicate his views with people all around the world. You can have an excellent life without spending a lot of money. He has made a significant contribution to society. Let's continue reading to live an incredible life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jagatheesh Aruchami

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