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5 Reasons to Hate Robin Sharma- The Man who Transformed My Life

Jagatheesh is a Mechanical Engineer who loves to read books on literature, polity, and self-help.

Robin Sharma is a world-renowned leadership guru and a Humanitarian. He authored some fabulous books on personal development. His ideas are very powerful and can make a huge impact on personal and professional life. His ideas focus on the energy leaks in our routine. He will make us quit small pleasures in our daily life. I always felt hard after hearing his ideas. Here are some reasons from my side to hate this man.

He is against Small Pleasures

Every normal person in this world loves to enjoy the small pleasures in their daily life. We all know that the sunrise is the most beautiful moment in a day. It is always a pleasure to hide under the bed linen during the dawn. After our bed coffee, it is vital to check our social media to make our presence in the virtual world. This would be the morning routine for most people around the world. Daydreaming is another best way to feel happy. Only a normal person knows the pleasure of daydreaming during our work hours.

When I started to follow Robin's idea, I noticed that he is against all the small pleasures of a normal man. He advocates for people to rise from bed before sunrise. He also wants people to practice gadget-free mornings. At my office, I used to postpone my work to feel good about my daydreaming. But people call it procrastination, and I feel the same stress after procrastination. Robin is strictly against procrastination.

To make our mornings better, he gave us the 20:20:20 rule. It advocates 20 minutes of workout followed by 20 minutes of meditation and 20 minutes of reading. I grudgingly followed this idea, and it worked wonders for me. I followed gadget-free morning. In one of his videos, he told about the people who are busy being busy but not productive. It hurts me a lot. With his ideas, I found a significant improvement in my life. He changed my life from normal to extraordinary. But I still miss those small pleasures, so I hate you, Robin!

He makes me feel Culpable

Every person in this world will have positive and negative days in their life. 2019 was the most disappointing for me. Fear of failure, frustration, and disappointments filled my mind. I thought that punishing people who are responsible for our pain is the best way to feel good. I used to shout at people to make them realize their mistakes. I always thought that success is only for extraordinary people.

But Robin and his ideas are always against my thoughts. He taught me that only people with pain do painful things to others. His idea went deep into my heart. He advocates for people to have a healthy heart set free from toxicity. He asked people to forgive the unforgiven. His ideas made me realize that the quality time spent with our loved ones will add meaning to our life.

His ideas helped me to overcome frustration. He taught us that the best way to measure success is by measuring the impact we create on others. He helped me to realize the mistakes I made in my past. After following his ideas, I feel better enjoying every single moment in my life. Whenever I think about my past ideas, I feel culpable about the way I handle my life. Robin proves that by following good thoughts consistently, anyone can achieve extraordinary success in their life.

Just because you can't currently see all the success that is available to you at this time doesn't mean that it is not available to you at all

— Robin Sharma in "The leader who had no title"

His ideas are addictive

Addiction is the abnormally strong craving for some external influence. Robin and his ideas are always addictive, especially for the people who face down in their life. He always speaks about feel-good hormones like Dopamine. Science proves that hearing positive words produce dopamine. His words are the best way to get dopamine. I don't know the count on my 'The monk Who Sold his Ferrari' readings.

Robin is a man of acronyms who gave numerous acronyms for a positive life. BIW has become a mantra in my life. BIW stands for Best In The World. I always remember this acronym while working. My mind always carves for more ideas from Robin. So, during my setbacks, I always wanted to read his books. I'm addicted to Robin and his ideas.

My every day begins with Robin's mastery session on his Youtube channel. I'm spending more time on his Youtube channel and his books. I really miss the old days where I spend the majority of my time on social media. You changed my life, and I hate you, man.

He always proves me wrong

I always thought that leadership is a herculean task meant only for top executives. He proved me wrong with his book 'The leader Who had no title. He said that leadership is meant for all people irrespective of the position. He advocates people to work like Picasso to achieve growth and satisfaction.

I had a firm belief that real achievers are blessed to get all their success. But Robin states that calling achievers lucky is the best way to stay on the couch and procrastinate. He advocates that 95% of people are doing the same work again and again and calling it a career. Only 5% of people are doing real work that changes the life of the remaining 95% of people.

I was always afraid of the opinion of society on me. So I worked hard to impress the people around me. But Robin taught me that what society thinks of us is not a big deal. It gave me the freedom to do the things I love. In every aspect of my life, he proves me wrong and changed my perspective. So I hate this legend and his work.

Here is your chance to hate this man

He is inaccessible

Robin is a world-renowned leadership guru. The best way to access his ideas is through the videos on his YouTube channel and his books. His books are among the top sellers across the world. I found his books amazing and refreshing our minds. It gives new hope to our life. The ideas shared in his books are very powerful.

I always used to gift books to my friends. Most of my friends and colleagues love to read books in their native language. But the translated version of his books is always in demand. I waited for 6 months to get the translated version of Who will cry when you die. I really hate to hear the word not available from the book store.

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