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5 Reasons to Hate Robin Sharma- The Man who Transformed My Life

Jagatheesh is a Mechanical Engineer who loves to read books on literature, polity, and self-help.

Robin Sharma is a renowned leadership trainer and author of fascinating books on personal mastery. His ideas about life and leadership are very powerful to make a huge impact on personal as well as professional life. His ideas will throw lights on the energy leaks in our life. He will make us quit our small pleasures in our daily life that are creating a negative impact on our productivity. Once you start to follow his ideas, definitely you will hate this man. Here are some reasons from my side to hate Robin.

1.He is against small pleasures

Everyone agrees that the most beautiful moment in a day is during the sunrise. If you experienced the pleasure of staying in the mattress after snoozing your alarm you will start to hate him. Another awesome experience in a day is checking our social media accounts to make sure that we are connected with the virtual world. Another idea to feel pleasure is postponing our work to dream about our future and achieving our goals in our imagination and creating a happy moment in our imagined life. But people call it procrastination.

But Robin is against these small pleasures. He always asks people to rise from bed before sunrise. He advocates for electronic gadgets free morning. People call daydreaming as procrastination but for many people, it is an effective way to overcome the stress, but to my bad luck, once my procrastination session ends the stress starts to build up again which forces me to go for another session of procrastination. Robin just ruined my daydreaming.

He gave ideas like the 20:20:20 rule as a better morning routine. Then after reading his ideas I grudgingly followed it and it brings wonders in my life especially in my attitude and productivity. After reading his ideas I tried very hard to go for a gadget-free morning to keep myself away from distractions. Again it worked and now productivity improved a lot. Robin always indicates a fact that most people are busy being busy but not very productive. Those words are so powerful, he also gave a rule called the 50:10 rule that ruined my daydreaming and improved my productivity. But still, I miss those beautiful sessions of daydreaming so I hate you, man.

2.He makes me feel culpable

Every human has some good and bad days in their life. Last year was the most disappointing year in my life. My mind was filled with anger, disappointment, frustration, and failure. I used my mind to get out of that situation. But I failed. I figured that punishing the people who caused the pain is the best way to overcome our anger. I thought that it will make them realize their mistakes. I believed that shouting at people and hurting them will relieve our pain.

Later Robin who is the savior of the situation came again with his meaningful thoughts. He taught me that only people with pain do painful things, it is deep. He advocates a healthy heart-set free from toxicity. Believe me, these are the most meaningful words. He advocates people to forgive the unforgiven. He made me realize the fact that when we gift ourselves fully and spend quality time with the people who love us the most it will add meaning to life. It really makes me feel better and overcome the frustration.

The first and foremost reason to feel guilt is when we did something wrong or something against our ethical values. When I look back into my past it taught me some valuable lessons and Robin made me realize those lessons. Now I've realized that life is an incredible journey and the best way to measure success is by measuring the impact we create on people. He advocates us to be kind to people. Now he made me feel like a monk enjoying the different experiences and moments that every single day gives to me. His words are so powerful that pierce into our heart without pain. His ideas about life and time management make me feel guilty whenever I feel about my past failures and mindset.

Just because you can't currently see all the success that is available to you at this time doesn't mean that it is not available to you at all

— Robin Sharma in "The leader who had no title"

3.He is addictive

Addiction is the abnormally strong craving for some external influence. We all know that life has both ups and downs but only a few people are realizing it. Most people succumb to the downfalls that are normal in anyone's life. Robin's words are handy in that situation. He always speaks about feel-good hormones like dopamine but when we listen to his words the neurobiological transmitter dopamine releases and makes us feel good. Everyone wants to feel good in life so we automatically look for new ideas at our tough times. I really don't know the number of times I've read the monk who sold his Ferrari. His words are magical.

Robin taught some acronyms especially BIW which became a mantra in my life. BIW is nothing but the short form for Best In the World. Every human wants to be the best in the world. He had numerous acronyms that make us feel good. Nowadays when I have some setbacks in my work my mind goes to Robin and his words. Though his words are like bitter pills it is inevitable for personal growth. My personal favorite is "Just because you can't currently see all the success that is available to you at this time doesn't mean that it is not available to you at all".

Now my daily routine includes listening to his mastery session. Good words are the most powerful medicine to heal the pain and this man is really filled with good words, so I'm addicted to your words man. I'm so much addicted so I hate you Robin completely. I'm spending more time in your mastery sessions than my social media feed, by this way you made me addicted to your ideas and I'm missing my connection with the virtual world.

4.He always proves me wrong

As a leadership guide, Robin always talks about leadership for all people in an organization. But with a traditional mindset, I always thought that leadership is all about positions and it's meant for top executives. But he changed my perspective about leadership that it doesn't need any titles. He advocates everyone to work like a Picasso in their work to achieve growth and satisfaction.

On this planet earth, 95% of people are doing the same things again and again in their entire life and call it a career. But only 5% of the people are doing great work that changes the life of the remaining 95% of people. I always thought that real achievers are successful because they are lucky but he proved me that calling achievers lucky is the easiest way to get out of having to get off the couch and do something valuable with your life.

As a kid from the countryside in south India I always afraid of the English language. I believed that English is a tough language and it needs a lot of hard work to learn the language, again he proved me wrong and now I'm having the confidence to write in English. He made me realize that having a Ferrari is not so great when compared to the simple pleasures we miss in our life.

I was always afraid of the opinions the society has on me. So I worked hard to gain a reputation from the society. But he taught me that what society thinks of us is no interest to me. Now I'm happy and satisfied with my work and ignoring society. Our happiness is more valuable than society's ideas about us. He made me realize that it is impossible to build a tribute to success on a foundation of excuses. He taught me that forgiving is more powerful than revenge. So he always proves me wrong and I really hate to be wrong that is why I hate you, Robin.

Here is your chance to hate this man

5.He is inaccessible

Robin Sharma is a world-renowned leadership guru but right now his titan summit is way too costly for me. So the easy way to get access to his ideas is through his books. The ideas he shared in his books are more powerful. I always love to share his ideas with my friends to make them better at their work. But Some friends find it difficult to read his books in English so I'm trying to buy the books in my native language Tamil. But his books in Tamil version are not available in stores especially the 5 am club is yet to release in Tamil. 5 am club is published in all major Indian languages except Tamil.

Every week I'm getting the same old reply at the book store. I don't know how many days it will take to reprint his books in Tamil. It took 6 months for me to get a copy of the Tamil version of "Who will cry when you die" to gift a friend. I always buy his books in the native language to gift, so that even those who are unable to read in English can also change their life with his ideas. His books are really awesome but I'm waiting to get the Tamil version of Robin's ideas to gift my friends and family.

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