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Right When My Heart Shattered

Just me, explaining myself through Poetry words. Words that have been in my head for years. Now inviting you to read and see what you think?

Wow...I hadn't listened to "The Cars" in a few years. Yesterday, I heard that their frontman had passed away: Ric Ocasek,(March 23, 1944 – September 15, 2019).RIP...So much appreciation and respect for your Music. Probably, like so many...I had to go and listen to their music once again. Hit "Play".

Driving down Sandhill Road

Driving down Sandhill Road

Hit "Play" and the memories start rolling along with each song...

Was I headed down Memory Lane...on a long drive that was all wrong?

I know now the time my heart shattered like glass…

The time I hit the Wall…and I fell flat on my _ss.

I was in the place I wanted to be…I was trying to go forward…

I didn’t have the answers…and no one else uttered one word.

I was flying Solo…and didn’t know it…

Headed to the future…on “baling wire and pure spit”.

I was depressed and didn’t know that I was…

I had my own solutions…on the basis of “juz’ because”.

I was dumb and didn’t know it all…

I was smart as H_ll, but going to take a fall.

I was emotionally-drained, tired, and mixed-up in the head…

I laughed to keep from crying, and to make sure I wasn’t dead.

Leaving town, I pointed my Car down a long Highway…

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And left my happiness behind…right there…for another day.

What was I thinking…the place I left mattered so much to me…

When I get where I’m going…what will become of me?

I’m gone now…along with the dreams I had…

They were very simple and attainable…nothing bad.

On to a new destination…time to leave it all behind…

It is easy to move forward in a Car…but, not in your mind.

Who knows when you will be back…and who even cares…

You didn’t even notice the point in time when your heart tears.

“Everything will be alright”…you thought you heard someone say…

Only to learn that it came from your own dream…before the light of day.

“The Cars” are singing over and over on the long drive…

Someone, please pinch me…I need to see if I’m still…"ALIVE".

I am here now…and especially not there…

Before mattered…and now I’m just some-“WHERE”.

It took me a long time to drive and a whole lot of songs...

How easy it is to a place where you don't belong.

If I could rewind the years like an old cassette tape…

I would hit “STOP"…and turn that old familiar LANDSCAPE.

Dear Hubpages and Hubpage Readers,

Please Find the Attached Poem only has 598 words. This makes it a "Poem" to be placed in the "Poetry" Section. It does not meet the criteria for "Word Count" as described in your guidelines on the HubPages Publication Page because it is a "Poem". (598 words…as compared to: Write 700-1250 words.) I have enjoyed writing on here through the years, but you have always had very stringent guidelines that should not apply to Poetry and Short Stories, as they are a different breed apart from your main bread and butter: "Articles". PLEASE, PLEASE TAKE NOTE.

To all you HubPage Readers and Writers...HELLO, God Bless...and May the Writing Never Stop! I continue to Mix it up with my love for Words in Art Form! I will make a comeback someday...just not today. Till then...Much Respect and God Be With You on Your Journey! My Best to You, Manly Poetry Man

© 2019 ManlyPoetryMan


ManlyPoetryMan (author) from (Texas) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before... on November 09, 2019:

Appreciate those who have viewed this poem...and got into the spirit of the poem. Best regards to all of ya'll! Please check out some of my other poems, as I have been writing this Hubpage wave for ten years (as of May 2019). Had a lot of great Hubbers that I used to communicate with through the years. Look forward to communicating with the many new ones that have come along. And, I have always enjoyed the ease of this Hubpage format in putting our works out on the web so neat. Our writings here on Hubpages are presented in such a great manner that anyone should easily be proud of how the final result appears. Peace out. Be Blessed!

Cheryl E Preston from Roanoke on September 24, 2019:

Yes it’s beautiful

ManlyPoetryMan (author) from (Texas) Boldly Writing Poems Where No Man Has Gone Before... on September 24, 2019:

Thanks to those who made comments!

Artchelle Arcillas from Philippines on September 20, 2019:

Are you trying to say you're leaving Hubpages? I hope not. Based on your poem above and I can smell a great and evocative poet. Hoping you'll comeback to write for passion disregarding Hubpages word limit. Best, Artchelle.

Cheryl E Preston from Roanoke on September 17, 2019:

I love this. Thanks for sharing

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on September 17, 2019:

Oh, the memories. You touched a misty side of me. I hope you continue to write. This is a beautiful piece of poetry.

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