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Riding A Seraphim Shooting Star

Simplicity Of Life Is Like A Fresh Breath Of Air. Walking With Christ Can Get More Complicated When We Get In The Traffic Jams Of The World.


Riding The Shooting Star

Her Beautiful Youth

She Was Not Aware Of.

The Shining Light Within Her

She Had Not Yet Discovered

The Feminist Diamond That She Is.

She Denied.

The Beauty Of Wisdom She Was

That Would Enlightened Others Someday,

She Saw No Future.

She Sat Blindly To All

She Was.

She Spun Around And Around

On A Merry Go Round.

She Was Sensitive And Felt

All Things.

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Her Feelings Were Easily Hurt.

Which Are Part Of All Teen Girls

Growing Pains.

She Was Like A Rocket Ship

Filled With Emotions

Jetting Out Of Control.

Every Day She Seemed To

Ride Into A Different Emotion.

Part Of Discovering Who You Are.

Harmonies In Teen Girls Are Like

Shooting Stars.

And Then One Day They Calm

Down Into A Sophisticated Flower

Blooming Into Full Growth.

They Choose One Shooting Star

To Ride Contently And They Bond.

Some Young Women Will Slip

And Sink Into Darkness While Trying

To Discover Themselves And Others.

They Will Tend To Be Wild Enchanting

Males In A Provocative Manner.

This Is When Female And Males Emotions

They Have Never Experienced Run Wild.

Similar To Large Ocean Waves Crashing

Against Sandy Beaches

A Wave Naturally And Rythmatically

Shares The Same Ocean Beat

And Movement.

Not Young Lovers They Ride The

Most Intricate High Waves In A Storm.

Without Projecting All The Possible Outcomes.


And When A Negative Outcome Happens

They Sink To The Lowest Emotion Possible.

To The Bottom Of The Sea Which Is One Of

The Most Dramatic Emotions To Experience

The Turning Of Waves.

Riding The Wave Out Of Turmoil

When They Handle That Wave They

Have Matured And Begin To Awaken.

That Is When Their Curiosity Changes

From Discovery Of Love Into Discovering

The Universe

Some Take Longer To Navigate The Waves,

Into The Curiosity Of The Universe.

Enlightenment Comes To Some Eventually

Choosing To Ride A Shooting Star

To Heavens Gates Of Seraphims

They Will Ride Many Shooting Stars

Until They Find The Right Holy

Shooting Star That Will Share With

Them Some Of Holy Mysteries Of

The Universe.

That Is The Shooting Star That Stays

With Them For Eternity.


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