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A three tired buggy thrown into Times

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Pedaling Hard on Hard Roads

A three narrow tiered buggy

pulled by a bony skin covered Middle aged Men appeared in olden days....

He calling "Richshaw Wala".

The appetite demands them pulling a three tiered pedicab

so to be called bread winner to their blood

They are trooped like in a war standing in crowded trafficking

A thin skin body holding on a tub of local cigar in light keep waiting

for customers with empty stomach.

Some at a time, Fat one in mood of hurry journey in competent with their weight

seated on buggy.. A man pulled his strength pedaling to destination,

One for incompetence long walking and another for competent to appetite of family,

A few numbered Middle aged men paved their life on pulling a few miles a day for gratifying a Rupee.

Repeat pulls filling the siblings stomach with bread and butter

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With body strength pulling some miles a day away hunger their family

He works like a labor Ant up to late nights coming home.

Tired Body longs for liqueur lips,

Almost of all under intoxication of palm water

Most of them caught in glass of alcohol

Their Rupee reaches for relief by end of the day.

Auto mobile revaluation dematerialized Richshaw...

Man pulled non motored buggy left for history in history

They remain silent aside rust of scrap,

science bore Autos on roads rushing with motor

Fading pedicab non motored buggy buried in abstract years

Knowing the pain of Labor Ant for family

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OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on August 10, 2020:

“left for history in history”, I love this phrase. Good work.

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