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Review of the Unholy Trinity: Blocking the Left’s Assault on Life, Marriage, and Gender by Matt Walsh

Vivian observes life and culture and offers truthful insights to introduce balance and normalcy to the crazed sectors of society.

If you’re not familiar with Matt Walsh, he’s a nationally known writer, blogger, and speaker who is a fierce defender of truth, morality, and Christian values. He has a podcast on Ben Shapiro’s the Daily Wire and can often be observed tag-teaming with Shapiro on social media.

The radical Left loathes Walsh, which is a great endorsement for him because it demonstrates he’s doing something right.


What is the Unholy Trinity?

This book explains how liberalism actually espouses the worship of self. The issues of abortion, gay marriage, transgenderism, and feminism are championed by liberals because defining and promoting these areas give godlike powers to the individual.

The unholy trinity is formed when the culture redefines human life, marriage, and gender because if this can be accomplished, then all other battles will be lost. Absolute truth will cease to exist.

Abortion is the Epicenter of the Unholy Trinity

Walsh explains the Left frames abortion around these tenets of progressivism:

  • Liberals make all things relative. For example, since science has proven that a baby is a person, to avoid the moral implications of abortion, parenthood is then based on a woman’s feelings and “reproductive rights.”
  • Liberals make sex a selfish act. When you sow seed, you should expect something to grow from it. Using abortion as birth control is the ultimate selfish act.
  • Liberals make themselves God by deciding whether babies should live or die.

Walsh debunks every liberal argument about autonomy, rape, and the lump of cells angle with clear analogies to demonstrate the ridiculous disparity between truth and fiction.

For example, to shoot down the liberal argument that fetuses aren’t yet people, Walsh asks readers to imagine they owned a $500 million winning lottery ticket. Would that ticket just be a bunch of numbers on a piece of paper? The ticket owner would treat it as something of great value and be hysterical if it were destroyed. Similarly, there’s no difference between killing a person and someone about to become a person, if you follow liberal logic.

Liberals Support a Death Cult

Euthanasia is another aspect of life celebrated by liberals, which is addressed in this book.

Walsh states the “war against liberalism must begin with the sanctity of life.”

Life has inherent value and purpose, but the Left doesn’t value it.


Homosexuality & Marriage

Western civilization has only recently begun to accept homosexuality, to its detriment. Homosexuality was one component of the downfall of Roman culture, with Emperor Nero having many such relationships with other men.

Walsh states, “to explain why marriage is between a man and woman would have been shocking just two centuries ago.’ You would have been labeled psychotic for even posing the question.

Learn why Walsh asserts that gay marriage isn’t even possible.

The Left dismisses the Biblical definition of marriage by classifying it as a mere religious conviction, but as a culture, we should have never included the phrase “traditional marriage” in our vernacular. It implies a non-traditional marriage also exists when it doesn’t. For example, Walsh points out that a penguin is referred to as a penguin because it’s a penguin. It’s not a traditional penguin or a non-traditional penguin. The institution of marriage functions the same way.

How do we know men and women were designed for each other? Have a guess? It’s because they are the only ones who can bring forth life.

When it comes to parenting, kids need what a mother and father bring to the family dynamic. Walsh shares shocking statistics that prove same sex couples create a bad environment for children.

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As for those who say they were born gay, Walsh skillfully argues this lifestyle is a choice.

It appears, as Walsh points out, that progressivism doesn’t actually progress or create anything new—it’s bent on destroying something old and true.

War on Christians

Activists who insist bakers, T-shirt makers, florists, and photographers service gay couples despite the violation of their religious beliefs could go anywhere else to have the same job done for a similar cost. Walsh asserts these activists are actually targeting Christianity and trying to destroy it by forcing religious groups to participate in activities that oppose their moral doctrines.

When conservatives make a concession, liberals demand still more. What’s next? The ultimate aim seems to be yanking the tax-exempt status on churches that refuse to sanction gay marriage or refer to scriptures that condemn the lifestyle.


Gender Issues

Walsh contends the Left is obsessed with gender issues because they always need a new cause. This is so different from Christianity whose one and only cause is declaring truth, the same truth which never changes. Christianity has conveyed the same message for over 2000 years. Walsh states, “Liberalism has no truth at its foundation, so it can only keep moving” like “ideological nomads.”

Walsh traces the history of gender identity disorder. In the past, the American Psychiatric Association helped those who struggled with gender identity to align their perceptions with reality. Under pressure from the radical LGBT community, the APA caved and now treats patients by helping them align their bodies with their feelings. This is why you’re seeing five year olds in drag.

The hypocrisy of the Left is so evident. Walsh states men aren’t allowed to have ideas “about women’s issues because he lacks the correct anatomy, but he can actually be a woman despite lacking the correct anatomy.”

Walsh warns that America will be dead if we allow the “confusion, perversion, and self-worship” that comes with transgenderism.


Walsh quotes Eric Hoffer who said, “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” This is certainly the case with feminism.

Women today are fighting for rights they’ve long since had. Now, they claim to be oppressed by the patriarchy.

Guess who ends up being treated the worst when it comes to rights? Men! Walsh explains how feminism denigrates men while it simultaneously “oppresses children, and provides cover to those who harm women.”

The rape culture and wage gap feminists claim to exist really don’t. Furthermore, men and women can never be “equal,” so it’s not possible for the Left to achieve their “androgynous paradise.”

For those wayward parents who try to gear their kids away from embracing gender norms, Walsh rebukes them for abandoning parenting for activism.


Who’s Winning This Culture War?

Walsh attests that liberals want to be free from the laws and truths that have governed mankind for centuries, and they have made great gains in society that Walsh refers to as “flags planted in the ground by a conquering army.” This has been accomplished by:

  1. Redefining human life (abortion and euthanasia)
  2. Redefining marriage (mandate acceptance of homosexuality)
  3. The war on gender (inability to separate fantasy from truth)

Walsh’s conclusion is bleak and doesn’t offer much hope. He implies that Western civilization as we know it is ending, but God has placed us here at this point in time to be lights in the darkness to continue to defend and fight for truth.

Why Add This Book to Your Library?

This book reads like an editorial opinion piece, but Walsh skillfully harpoons and destroys the common arguments liberals make on the subjects of life, marriage, and gender. He’s a skilled debater. If you have trouble putting your thoughts on these subjects into words but find yourself in total agreement with Walsh’s viewpoint, this book is a great tool for strengthening your ability to argue the issues critical to our current culture.

Do you have liberal friends who seem blind to truth? This book might open their eyes.

If you’re a member of a community book club or church group that would like to tackle these tough issues, this book cultivates robust discussion.

Equip your kids. If your children are old enough to understand social issues, get them on the right track. This book can train them to be culture warriors.

When you are finished with the book, consider donating it to your local library so it can land in the hands of others who need help finding their way in a world where the lines between truth and fantasy are being radically distorted.

© 2019 Vivian Coblentz


Vivian Coblentz (author) on October 23, 2019:

Hi, James! I just now saw your comment--it was flagged as spam for some reason, so I missed it! Sorry I'm 4 weeks late responding!

I hope you've enjoyed the book.

We just learned that one of the middle schools in our district had a "Coming Out Day" without notifying parents or seeking parental consent. I also just learned our middle schools circulate questionnaires at some point in the year to assess students' views on sexuality and LGBTQ issues. Our kids aren't quite to middle school yet, but we just contacted the school board, superintendent, middle school principals, and state congressman about it. I've also been using social media to make people aware this is happening to rally parents together to speak up and put a stop to this.

It's becoming a trend across the nation in our schools to force this LGBTQ "religion" on our children in violation of the first amendment. While we expect our kids to be kind to everyone, we certainly oppose them being taught something is okay when it violates the religious beliefs of the majority. Sexuality should be taught at home--public schools certainly should not be using our tax dollars to indoctrinate kids with this leftist, radical agenda.

James A Watkins from Chicago on September 22, 2019:

Thank you for writing this awesome book review. I am going to order this book right now. I have long been an admirer of Matt Walsh's articles.

Vivian Coblentz (author) on September 19, 2019:


Yes, that story is horrific! It's astounding such atrocities could be committed in our "civilized" society. Thanks for commenting!

RTalloni on September 19, 2019:

Interesting to read this review as the report of the Indiana abortion doctor keeping thousands of infant remains unfolds before our eyes. Matt Walsh does a good job of explain what calling evil good and good evil is. Good idea to donate this book to libraries.

Vivian Coblentz (author) on September 19, 2019:


I'm glad to have this book in my arsenal! As society becomes indoctrinated in ways that make evil seem good and good to seem evil, this book serves as a good tool to reprogram people to the truth!

You are right that being "progressive" in our society is actually quite regressive. So ironic!

Betty A F from Florida on September 19, 2019:

Very nice book review. It looks like he covered everything.

As for society, It seems that many have taken a step in the wrong direction. If it were just a few, wouldn't be a struggle as the majority of people would let the few know that they're wrong.

What we're seeing now is lot's of people who stepped in the wrong direction, and they believe they're making progress while they're actually deteriorating society.

Thanks for your in-depth review, I think I'll get the book.

Vivian Coblentz (author) on September 19, 2019:

Good morning, Pamela!

I agree with you that our nation is alarmingly divided, but most of the critical things that divide us are a matter of choosing life over death, good over evil. The core values that united our country are under attack. I think you can still show kindness and compassion to others without compromising the truth, but the Left frames speaking the truth and defending the truth as an assault when it's not.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on September 19, 2019:

This is a well-written, interesting article about Walsh and his Christian views. I think there is a horrible division un this country and I am fearful for my grandchildren. I do not believe in abortion either. I like Ben Carson also. As a Christian I want to have compassion for all people and it is hard sometimes.

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