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Book Review of 'The Christmas Pig' by J.k.Rowling

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About the Author and the Book

Joanne Rowling, better known as J.K.Rowling is a very well-known British author. Her seven Harry Potter novels are famous internationally. For her writings, she has received many honours and rewards.

Her latest book ‘The Christmas Pig’ was first published in October 2021 in Great Britain by the publishers Hachette Children’s group. In comparison to his Harry Potter series, she has written this book with a very different perspective. This fascinating fantasy book is written for children of age 8-12 years. The book has a very attractive colourful jacket with some black and white pictures inside.



This is a story of a seven-year-old boy Jack and his toy pig. Jack is very attached to his toy pig DP. He is having DP from the time he was a baby. One day, a fight occurs between his mum and dad and they decide to separate. His mum, along with Jack, moves to a different house near his grandparent's home and his father goes abroad. Jack doesn’t like this change and he shares all his emotions with DP.

Soon, his mum finds a different person and marries him. That person, who was also married before, has a teenage daughter named Holly. Holly is also not happy with this change in her life and becomes very ill-tempered. One day, out of anger, she throws DP from the car on a motorway. This upsets Jack a lot. That makes Holly realise her mistake. She brought Jack another similar-looking pig and his grandpa calls it a ‘Christmas Pig’. Jack doesn’t like this Christmas Pig and threw it away. All he wants is his DP.

That evening, which was Christmas eve, a miracle happens. The Christmas Pig, along with many other toys and things in his room, becomes alive. Christmas Pig tells Jack that his DP has gone to the Land of the Lost and he is ready to help him find his DP.

After this, Jack shrinks to the size of Christmas Pig and they go to the Land of the Lost. He is also told that the land is full of danger. In that land, he encounters many other lost items. All the lost toys and the other items are sent through a different closed door. Each door opens to a different town out of three.

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Now, which door they’ll have to go to find DP, which dangers they’ll come across, whom will they meet on the way, who’ll help them, and whether they’ll be able to find DP or not. You’ll find answers to all these when you’ll read the book.



First of all, the cover of this book is very grand and attractive. It gives the feeling of reading the book. Inside, the book is an absolute page-turner. It is very imaginative, beautifully written, and at times gives you a sense of watching some animation movie. The book has small chapters and is easy to read for the children. There is a bit of humour but makes the reader very emotional towards the end. Some children might be able to relate to some of the characters. They also might get a bit more attached to their toys after reading the story.

What I didn’t like about the story is the complexities of relations mentioned at the beginning which can be a bit upsetting for some of the younger children. Some parents may also not like to talk to their young children about separation/divorce.

The best thing about the book is that it teaches children how to value their possessions. It also tells the children about hope, friendship, and sacrifice.

I would recommend it to anybody over the age of 8 years, however, the parents who think that their children should not read about the problems in relations, especially separation and divorce, should avoid giving it to their children or read themselves first.


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