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Review of The Book,Wounds Remain

I love reading books and also love to extract maximum positive things from it.

Wounds Remain Book

Wounds Remain Book

Why I Love Reading Novels!

Reading a novel means reading someone’s views,opinion, experience, ideas, research, and maybe a life journey of a person.It's really interesting when you live someone’s life while reading. I genuinely feel it’s really boring to live one particular life in a lifetime if you are getting an opportunity to live several life's at a particular time. I am always poignant while it comes to reading. Reading helps me to take away my stress and anxiety. When I submerge in a book, I truly love the characters.Recently, the pandemic helped me to peep into the pages of many books that are now taken in their permanent room in my kindle library. One of them is the book of Sayed Yaheen,"Wounds Remain". I came across her book through a Facebook post and thought to give it a try.
The book clearly depicts why one should not keep one foot on two boats at a time.A perfectly woven story that revolves around love, lust,betrayal, and revenge.

Story Line of Wounds Remain

This is a story about Jahem and his emotional journey, He had shifted from Allentown, Pennsylvania to Wilmington, North Carolina.with his parents. Because his father, Doyle has a plan to expand his business. His father is less connected to his family and more occupied with his work and his ex-wife Madison. Madison is just not his ex-wife but also his business partner. They are very much in love with each other And both of them are also hungry for fame and power as well. Their secret marriage didn't last and they got separated because Madison's father declared that Madison cannot be a part of his will if she will stay with Doyle. And Madison chooses to stick to the will and inheritance of his father and divorced Doyle. And Doyle gets married to Antoinette, Jahem's mother.
Although Madison and Doyle got detached from their marriage, they remained together in their business and dated each other.
And that affected the relationship between Antoinette and Doyle. When Jahem joined the new school, things seemed a little tough for him like facing the tuff boys of the school but with the passage of time, things got little steadier he got a best friend, Dj, who is more like a brother than a friend. Meanwhile, he got attracted to a girl, but the dilemma was, she already had a boyfriend who was rowdy. But Jahem managed to get her attention when Jahem's mother gave him a Mercedes gift. Both of them had dated and had a gala time together. luck favored Jahem, and for a mischievous act, her boyfriend Colton got jailed for 2years. During this period of time, Jahem and Suesan got close to each other. Time passed and they got involved with each other. But had never revealed many of her dark secrets in front of Jahem. What happens when Suesan's boyfriend comes back from jail? Is DJ really loyal as a friend? What happens to Antoinette and Doyle's relationship? What happens when Colton reveals the unfolded mysteries of Suesan in front of Jahem? Whether Doyle and Jahem's relationship will improve or it will become worse. Why Susan is so close to a baby girl, Gloria? Will Jahem and Suesan will end up together or destiny has stored something else for them!

One can get all these answers from the book.

The book is a page-turner.

Key Takeaway From The Book

  • 1. Never cheat anybody.
  • 2. Always have the courage to face the truth.
  • 3. Mistakes do happen, but hiding them is not always a good idea.
  • 4. Always stand for the truth.
  • 5. People say, love is blind but always keeping a blind faith is not advisable.
  • 6. Stand for your love, even if it has a loophole.
  • 7. Take care of your mother no matter how wrong she may be.
  • 8. The situation can become worse if you don't know where to draw the line.


A fast-paced unputdownable story, it's like watching a web series where each episode is well crafted and all scenes are so vivid that one can imagine it happening before your eyes.
The storyline is very interesting and engaging, it seems like two parallel stories are running together but how they are interconnected with each other is really very interesting and very hard to guess so it makes the reader's interest intact throughout the book.

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Suchismita Pradhan (author) from India on August 29, 2020:

Hi,Devika this book is new in the market and available on Amazon,if you love reading adult fiction,you can pick this book.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on August 27, 2020:

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I have not heard of this novel, but from your research it sounds interesting and worth a read. A review that fits the book and would have to look it up.,

sowspeaks from Bengaluru on August 26, 2020:

Hi Suchi, an avid book lover myself my eyes were racing to read all that you had written about this book.

A love thriller , now I’ve got to get my hands on the book.

Key takeaways from the book is a lovely section to add. Keep these book reviews coming. Enjoyed totally . Thank you Suchi.

Nikhil Sharma from India on August 26, 2020:

Hi Ms. Suchi!

After reading this review, it seems like an interesting novel to me. You're absolutely right about reading novels that give us the opportunity to live someone else's characters. I realized this when I spent most of the time reading books back in the year 2016. Reading books leave a huge impact in your mind and eventually in your thoughts and life.

So, we all should start reading good books like this. The questions you raised after giving us a short description and storyline of the book seemed so apt and intimidating. I personally believe most of the answers to the questions revolve around the book's title itself 'Wounds Remain.' Thanks for sharing this wonderful review, Ms. Suchi.

Shibangi Das from Paradeep, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha on August 26, 2020:

Hello Suchi ma'am!

This review is so well written. Creating curiosity by putting down all the questions at the end ha really intimidated me to read the book and the key takeaways are something to cherish.

Suchismita Pradhan (author) from India on August 25, 2020:

Thanks Danny.

Danny from India on August 25, 2020:

Nice book review Sushmita. The takeaways are really important and relevant.

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