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Review of Nonfiction Book, 'Soar'

'Soar' is a nonfiction book targeted at professionals desiring to know how they can experience growth and success in their careers.

But, does the book offer new knowledge in the given subject considering there are countless books that have delved in the same topic? Not in the least. Should one not one waste their money, and time, in buying, and reading the book? Not at all.

The book is unique in the manner the author has presented the content. In an easy-to-understand language, the author takes a reader through a well-structured practicable steps on how to excell in one's career.

The author honestly states the book is no different from other books in the market in the nonfiction genre-line of 'How to Become Successful in Your Career.' Even so, he lays out what the book has to offer.

A reader would feel cheated reading a book that has no new knowledge to offer from the books they have read on a similar subject. However, for the author to go ahead and write the book, signifies the author felt, based on his experience backed with research and real-life examples of professionals who soared in their profession, there was a better means of approaching the subject that is void in other books.

You won't be disappointed at having wasted your money, and time, in getting hold of the book.

Has the Author Done Justice to the Book?


The author has carefully arranged the content of the book such that it's easy to follow the workable steps he has outlined.

The content of the book is divided into three parts, in addition to the introduction-part of the book. Each part consists of three chapters, and finally, the author's concluding remarks.

In the introductory-part, the author explains what success is, and the hurdles faced in realising success. He also dispels some commonly-held belief (as pointed out in several success career books) as effective strategies in propelling an individual towards success. He notes, for instance, a 'fake it till you make it' strategy works for short-term as it's harmful in the long-term.

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Has the Author Managed to Achieve the Objective of the Book?


The author has put an effort to make the book more practically-grounded than theoretically-based. He has successfully achieved this by engaging a reader's mind, and laying out the practicable steps when exercised will produce the fruits of success.

A successful expert in the computer field, the author has used a number of real-life examples from individuals who succeeded in their profession, including those he interviewed.

He has clearly stated there are hurdles to face but in the midst of challenges, an individual will succeed if he exhibits the required attitudes.

He provides a formula which is easier to remember, and which will easily remind you what the author said, or advised, pertaining to a specific strategy.

The Approach

The author has steered clear of jargon words, and the language used is simple. A reader won't have to struggle to find meaning of 'unheard' words or terminologies they've never heard, or come across.

The tone of the book is friendly, encouraging, and comforting. It's told in a casual yet in a formal style.

Through imagery, which forms a larger part of style used by the writer, a reader's attention is maintained throughout the book. One won't feel bored reading the book.

Lastly, the author has been economic with words. Every written word plays a crucial role in the book in teaching an individual, practically, how to excell in one's career. It doesn't mean the book is short of words that it doesn't provide enough material to assist one in getting a fuller picture of what it takes to succeed. The author has just steered clear of pampering the book with flowery words.

If you are a professional with a few years experience, this book will definitely come handy. It's worth your money, and time.

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