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Review of 12 Screams of Christmas

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“The Twelve Screams of Christmas,” (Goosebumps Most Wanted Special Edition #2) by R L Stine, is a ghost story done right. It was Christmas time. Sixth graders Courtney and Kate, and their classmates, are taken to a haunted house to rehearse for the school play. Courtney and Kate are rivals; they are both competing for the lead role in the school play. The school play is “The Twelve Screams of Christmas,” penned by Mr. Piccalo, Kate and Courtney’s music teacher. The girls are both gymnasts. Courtney still holds a grudge against Kate, because she cost their gymnastics team, a championship. The incident leaves Courtney with the moniker “Ghost Girl.” Kate has the ability to see ghosts. Naturally, Kate is the only one able to see the ghosts in the house that everyone is rehearsing in.

The play is about a little girl named Flora that falls down a well, and her spirit remains trapped there, for one hundred years. The spirits of her family remain in the house, and they are looking to spend Christmas with flora, after a hundred years of being separated from her. The ghost brothers force Kate to pose as flora, to give the family their long-awaited reunion with Flora. Kate angers the family when she keeps disappointing them. They try to kill her. However, she convinces them that she can get Flora out of the well. Kate accomplishes this with Courtney’s help. Flora reveals herself to Courtney who is terrified. She screams about seeing a ghost. Hence she becomes the new “Ghost Girl”. When Kate gets home she discovers that Flora has followed her there. Flora exclaims:

“My family left me in a well for a hundred years. What kind of a family is that? I prefer you.”

The book clocks in at one hundred and seventy-four pages. So this book is a behemoth, but it’s quite enjoyable. It never drags. There is plenty of intrigue and drama to keep the readers’ attention. There are even some body horror elements, that are pretty shocking, for a middle-grade horror book. There are plenty of twists and turns to earn the book a five out of five ratings.

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