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Review: Why No Person Should Be Like Kate Blackwell From Sidney Sheldon's Novel The Master of The Game

Novels by Sidney Sheldon have thrilled Imran a lot, so he is always excited to talk about his favourite characters. Acclaim! Sidney Sheldon

OMG, It's Kate Blackwell!

Kate Blackwell, the protagonist from the novel 'The Master Of The Game,' by the author Sidney Sheldon could quickly spark heated arguments because of her scandalous and controversial choices. You and I would think twice before displaying corrupt behaviors but she wouldn't.

Being iniquitous kate would rather choose profit over: morals, decency, principles, and everything else. My jaw dropped on several occasions on the diabolical conduct of Mrs. Blackwell leaving me in a state of disbelief and utter shock.

As much as the novel is hair-raising, it offers a great deal of learning through its fictional characters that manifest the truth regarding life and people.

This article displays the machinations of Kate Blackwell. Read and eschew the wretched maneuvers enlisted below.


In Teenage She Enjoyed Animals Fornicate

Due to Kate's rogue behavior that included: using profanity, teaching obscene words to the other girls at school, playing with rowdy boys in her residence area, she was forcibly sent to Cheltenham School in Gloucestershire, England away from her home in South Africa. She was only fourteen and had no interest in learning or grooming. Her headmistress along with the teachers had decided to take serious action when Kate suddenly developed an interest and started spending a great deal of time at the school's farm. Soon enough, the staff learned that Kate liked the farm so as to see the animals fornicate with each other.

I felt sharp repulsion when I read that part. Although growing children have curiosity about nature and procreation, such compulsions and preferences loudly scream sexual deviance, trouble and danger.

She Fooled Her Husband

David Blackwell, an honest and industrious manager of Kruger-Brent limited (the company of Kate's father - Jamie McGregor), had not believed for a long time that Kate had been in love with him.

Since the age of ten, she had kept expressing her desire to marry David, but he had always been dismissive about it.

At fourteen she informed her mom of her marriage plans, but Margaret (Kate's mother), like any sane person, disregarded Kate's naive belief.

One day, David Blackwell informed the then twenty-one-year-old Kate McGregor his intention to wed Josephine O'Neil - A woman he had madly fallen in love with. But that also meant leaving South Africa (current place) and shifting to San Francisco in America to start a new business for the supply of frozen foods through refrigerated trucks - a recent invention that had full business potential.

Unhappy and distressed Kate approved David's plans, accepted his resignation too; however, she surreptitiously purchased the patent for the supply of frozen foods for two hundred thousand dollars. That is how she sustained the indispensable David back in the company as well as separated him from his lover Josephine, who wouldn't shift to South Africa for her own reasons.

On one hand, Kate's tactic seems justifiable as her husband, even if old, was the love of her life since childhood. On the other hand, the use of her money and power to destroy two lovers and the career of David feels abdominal and disgusting.

They had an age gap of twenty-two years. Their successful marriage rested on the dark secrets of Kate Blackwell at the expense of David's naivety and altruism. However, that is not the reason why you must loathe Kate. Despise her for sabotaging David's career prospects and tricking him into getting married to her.

The story of their union has stunned me much. What do you feel of such a marriage?


Kate Unashamedly Sold Arms and Ammunition

Kruger Brent LTD was a successful company. Financially strong too. It didn't need expansion in arms and ammunition sector. However, Kate Blackwell was a greedy and unethical businesswoman who wanted to thrive. Therefore, even after her husband, who always took the right decisions for the company, had refused, Kate started the trade of arms and ammunition behind his back. She did it after David Blackwell (her husband) enrolled for the first world war.

Imagine how many lives the use of those arms and ammunition must have claimed.

She Used Her Body

Brad Rogers, another indispensable manager of Kruger Brent LTD, hadn't been up to the mark for quite some time. He had lost focus and had become casual. Rumors had it there was a girl involved.

The firm was getting affected, so Kate had to do something. For long, she had known that Brad had feelings for her. Hence, she resorted to depravity.

One night, on an official foreign trip that kate had specifically planned, she used seduction and sex to sustain Brad.

Thrilled by the experience that he had fantasized for a time, Brad promised not to see the other girl again. His focus on business had been 100% since then.

Afterward, very cleverly, Kate refused more intimacy claiming it wouldn't be healthy for the business and their professional bond.

I couldn't stop hating her more. Misusing body to get things done is way out of line for anyone. But Kate had done it without remorse. There is no pardon for her decadence.

She Ruined Her Son's Life

As much charming and clever and practical and awe-inspiring as Kate Blackwell appear, she becomes most detestable for what she did to her son's life.
I will call her a loser on that score.

Below is how she was an awful mother.

  • A son whose life was not his to live:
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As per Kate, Anthony (her son), should behave like a lifeless robot taking instructions from her. Her presence was so overpowering that Antony began to stutter in fear and pressure. His choices, desires, and decisions were irrelevant if not in line with what his mother wanted.

Even now, while I am writing, I feel sad to talk about Antony and his excruciating story. I bet you will feel no different when you read that gloomy part.

Oh, Kate, I wish you were a better mother!

  • Career destruction:

Destroying careers was not new to Kate Blackwell. Even if you condone her for fiddling with her husband's life for the intense love she had for him, you cannot forgive her for crushing the dream and passion of her son who had intended to pursue his career in arts over the family business.

At first, feigning support, she encouraged her son to become an artist. Eventually, with the influence of her power and money, she bought off the most respected art critic Andre Rousseau, who condemned and destroyed Anthony's career even when the work was promising and fantastic.

In the end, kate wins as Anthony joins the family business.

  • Her son's girlfriend was a spy of Kate:

When Anthony expresses his intention to pursue a career in arts, Kate agrees and sends him to Ecole Dex Beaux-Arts school in France. Over there, he meets Dominique Masson, who works in the school as a model.
Gorgeous Dominique shows interest in Anthony, and they both enter into a relationship.

After joining the family business, Anthony feels devastated upon learning that Dominique was actually a company's model hired and paid by his mother to spy on him.

Consequently, Anthony distances himself with his mother.

  • Kate manipulated Anthony into marriage:

Kate knows the extreme hatred Anthony has for her. Instead of making amends, that arrogant woman uses her son's hatred to acquire more business.

She introduces Anthony to Lucy Wyatt and Marianne Hoffman for marriage. Both the girls are the daughters of rich businessmen. In reality, Kate wishes to acquire the business of either Wyatt Oil and Tool or International technology of Hoffman.

Kate tries hard to wed Anthony to Lucy, but the story has a mind-blowing twist.

When Anthony learns of his mother's ulterior motives, especially her preference to Lucy Wyatt, he decides not to let his mother win, so he clearly expresses his disinterest to marry neither of the girls but, however, finds himself genuinely drawn to Marianne Hoffman. They both fall in love.

Anthony calls Kate to break the exhilarating news that he has married Marianne. He interprets the long silence on the call as Kate's defeat which actually is a pretense as she had originally planned to acquire International Technology of Hoffman, Wyatt Oil and Tool being impossible for a takeover.

The mother outwitted the son again. Even her son's marriage was a carefully planned event only to increase the company's profit.


Indirectly, She Killed Her Daughter In Law

John Harley, the family Doctor advises Marianne Blackwell not to have children after the medical report of Cerebral Angiogram reveals that Berry Aneurysm (a small stroke) that had caused hemorrhage during an accident in teenage, could again engender vascular tear and put her life at high risk, especially in the last six to eight weeks of pregnancy due to increased blood pressure. He warns her condition to be fatal and life-threatening. Kate, however, convinces Marianne to ignore the Doctor's counsel and bear the risks for the sake of the family. Worse, she asks Marianne not to inform Anthony (the father) anything. In the end, Marianne gives birth to twins (daughters) but dies on the birthing bed.

The greed of an heir to run the dynasty made Kate a murderer.

She Devised to Destruct Her Great-Grandson's Life

Kate Blackwell would not settle without meddling with the lives of her progeny and descendants. At ninety, when she learns her great grandson's interest in music is not in line with managing her conglomerate, she fakes the show of support by offering to introduce a renown person in the classical music industry for help, whom she will eventually buy out to twist results in her favor. Like she did it with her son. Cold-blooded, callous, and remorseless was Mrs.Blackwell.

When I read the treacherous last line of the novel, The Master Of The Game, my hands flew to my mouth in contempt and incredulity.

Her Love For Business Was Above All

It was most inhumane of Kate Blackwell to prioritize her business above everything including Humans. She became so obsessed with her business that she extracted professional benefits from all her ties and relations through manipulation and selfishness. Her every move was for the company.

The hint we get is to value people, especially the ones close to us. Another imperative message is to show selflessness and be genuinely supportive when situations demand. The third finding is not to compromise on ethics.
These lead us to be happy and loved in the long run.
Kate Blackwell was rich and powerful, but not happy and content. Her own son shot her almost dead because of her selfish schemes.
She had always been after entrepreneurship. Her greed and obsession were insatiable.
Her devious life manifests the path you and I must not choose.

Obsession assassinates fairness. Kate produced several examples as proof of that. Her efforts and strategy did build a massive empire, but many suffered a great deal of loss. The love of Kruger-Brent Ltd blinded kate to the other aspects of life.
Even her benevolence, patronage, and charities had solely been for building the goodwill of her company. Her marriage was a manipulation; her son hated her to the core; She never had a friend.
During her final days, she believed her family was a group of traitors not loyal to the enterprise. If only Kate could truly see what monster she had actually become!

© 2019 Imran khan

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