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Revelations for the midnight hour by Dr. Maurice Sklar #2 Book Review

I love reading. I want to share with you short reviews of the Christian books I have read in 2020. I encourage you to read them too. ❤️


It is written that it is a King's job to discover God's secrets and mysteries. The average Christian doesn't know or understand God's mysteries or how to unravel His secrets. This is simply because we have been feeding on the milk of the word for a long time.

The truth hurts sometimes but let's face it, most Christians aren't getting the meat of the word of God because even most of those who are shepherding them are on milk themselves and this creates room for lukewarmness. What I have discovered is that the desire in your heart for the things of God is what makes it possible and much easier to receive from God.


And don't feel bad for not having the revelation or understanding of the deep things of God that those feeding on the meat are experiencing. I too I'm on the pursuit for the things of God by setting my heart and eyes on the things above and learning to let go of the temporary things down here.

I want to tell you about a book that will ignite the fire of God in your heart as you read through the Revelations, teachings and prophecies shared by the servant of God, Dr. Maurice Sklar.

Revelations for the midnight hour

In his book ,"Revelations for the midnight hour", Dr. Maurice shares the deep Revelations, prophecies and teachings of God without trying to withhold anything from the reader. His vivid explanation of the events he experienced takes you on a journey of discovering things that have been hidden for many decades but now revealed to us by the Spirit of God.

There are many good teachings in his book with only 32 chapters that will touch your heart. Some will fill you with joy, others with tears and yet some will give you the courage to stand firm in your faith and never to deny the name of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Don't you want your lamp to be filled with oil? Don't you want to be part of the five wise virgins? I know you want and it will do you more good than harm to go get a copy of your book on Sklar ministry website.

Since I got saved, I've been wondering around looking for the deep things of God. I have read many different doctrines and even sat under the teachings of some of them to the point that I can now tell the difference of which is false and which is indeed true and from the Bible. And I got to understand why many Christians are lukewarm because one teaching I read really encouraged this attitude.

One doctrine I came across that has caused much division in the church of God is the story about rapture. Well, reading "Revelations for the midnight hour", helped me see both perspectives and not only that but I got to learn about other raptures that people rarely talk about.

What I loved most about this book is discovering the heart of Yeshua in the writings of the author. The Lord Jesus Christ loves us so much. What hurts is that most professing Christians don't show the real heart of Jesus in their life. Most are really not surrendered to the Lord. It's hard to see or experience the life of Christ in them. But here is the cure, "Revelations for the midnight hour" will help get you back on the narrow path so you can live a life fully surrendered to Jesus. And I'm not saying that you neglect your Bible, read it daily and also get to read the whole 32 chapters in this book.


32 chapters is really much for me to exhaust all the discoveries in this short book review. You better discover them yourself. I read this book in June and finished in July. I'm not the same person as I was before I read. The same impact it had on me, it will have on you. So get yourself ready on some sweet change as you prepare yourself in this midnight hour for the return of Jesus Christ. Shalom!

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Judine on June 06, 2021:

I was listening to your last you tube teaching 4 June and you said if we cant buy one you would send us a copy.

Maby the Lord will confirm this.....

Judine Moll

Blanche Plek nr 3

Danie straat 21





Lots of love!

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