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Retro Reading: I'm Screaming as Fast as I Can- My Life in B- Movies by Linnea Quigley as Told to Craig Tomashoff


Niche autobiographies are always a hard sell and when you're only known to a certain group, your story may not be as well known.

While Linnea Quigley is a well-known and respected Scream Queen today, there was a time when she started to question her involvement in horror and in acting itself.

Unfortunately, this autobiography was published way too early in her career, but as new generations of horror fans increase, this is still a good and fast read and obviously a sought-after collector's item.

With any type of autobiography, certain portions of life are omitted so that the subject's life can be advanced up to the present.

Of course, we get a glimpse of her early life in Davenport, Iowa and then moving to California where she began a modeling career. There are only a few paragraphs devoted to this aspect of her career and since it basically ended up being nude modeling (which she says she didn't like) I think it would have been good if we knew what she was thinking at the time she did this.

While the modeling eventually turned into movie offers, which of course features nudity, we don't get a clear idea of what she was thinking at the time.

However, she briefly mentions two movies that I would have liked to have learned more about.

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The first being Silent Night, Deadly Night which features the most famous death scene since the shower scene in Psycho. She writes that she didn't like filming the movie, but I've always wondered about the backlash and controversy that came with it.

And while I pretty much laugh at Linda Blair being "tough" in Savage Streets, Quigley gives an amazing performance of being deaf and mute. It would have been good to have learned how she had prepared for the role.

Around the time this book was published (1995) horror conventions were just beginning and she does talk a little about them and overzealous fans. Following the meat and potatoes of the book, she includes two fan letters, which I've never seen in an autobiography.

This is why she needs to do an updated version of her autobiography since there's much more material that can be included.

It comes across as rushed and while it doesn't reflect her style of writing, the publisher should have taken a little more time when it came to the interior of the book. There were times when I thought I was reading a newsletter.

If you're looking for a gift for the B-movie lover, then this would make a good gift for them.

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