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Retro Reading: Flipped Out by Jennie Bentley


Any crimozy fan will tell you that at some point during a series, the main character will eventually find their way on a television show. Mainly its some type of cooking show, but since this is a Do-It-Yourself series, Avery and Derek find themselves on Flipped Out!

The filming is set for a week and during that time the couple has to renovate a house and then list it. But as we know, there's bound to be a murder which hampers filming.

When the crew arrives, director Nina Andrews is surprised when she meets the home owner, Tony Micelli. She and the local news anchor were once co-workers at a small station in Missouri and after twenty years, the two decide to have dinner so that they can catch up on old times.

This doesn't sit too well with Tony's fiancee', Melissa (and Derek's ex-wife). Since she and Tony were engaged the night before, she's afraid that maybe after their dinner, Tony will call off the engagement and get back together with Nina.

That isn't the case since Tony's found dead the following morning.

Melissa is taken into custody since her alibi doesn't completely hold up, even though it does come out that Derek was with her for a few hours, which doesn't sit too well with Avery.

But the one thing that is bothering Avery, is that before the show rolled into town, the previous host was in an accident on a jobsite, where he was electrocuted. Even though he's still in the hospital, the temporary host, Adam, can't seem to get anything right. He continuously misnames Derek and Avery which of course causes delays in filming.

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Adam also takes a liking to Shannon, the daughter of Avery's best friend, Kate (and owner of the B&B where the crew is staying) which causes concern for Josh, who's had a crush on her for years. Josh, however, develops a crush on production assistant Fae, a goth girl who's only working the show for the summer.

While Shannon knows that Josh has a thing for her, she accepts a date with Adam and Fae accepts a date with Josh, so there's that "love tug of war" going on as well.

Once the crew is cleared for filming full time again, Avery takes the mail and notices that there's an envelope addressed to Tony from Missouri. She's secretly known that Nina has been getting the same type of envelope, but doesn't know what's inside. With Tony dead, she opens it and finds a one line statement. Nina confirms that it's the same that she's been receiving all week.

With all of the mayhem during the filming of the show, not only do Derek and Avery investigate a little, but they have a deadline to meet before the crew leaves for their next episode of Flipped Out!

There really isn't anything in this installment that stands out. We've read it before and nothing really happens to keep the story exciting.

The characters are okay and likeable, but even though I've just gone back to this series, it's just boring. In fact, I normally can read a book in one sitting, but this took me almost two weeks to at least try and get into and I still wasn't satisfied.

As with the other installments, there are some DIY tips and tricks after the story, so maybe if you're renovating, you might find them and the series useful.

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