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Retro Reading: A Veiled Deception by Annette Blair


In all honesty, this book (and series) has sat on multiple shelves over the last decade or so and I kept telling myself that I would eventually get to them. That day has come and gone and I'm still scratching my head as to if I should have let it still collect dust.

Madeira "Maddie" Cutler and her best friend Eve Meyers are returning to their hometown of Mystick Falls, Connecticut to help out with Maddie's sister Sherry's upcoming wedding.

Even though Eve is travelling with Maddie from New York City, Eve is also gearing up to teach at UConn (thanks with the help of Maddie's father) and Maddie is having thoughts of her own as a top clothing designer.

Upon their arrival, they meet Jasmine Updike, who's the thorn in Sherry's side, Sherry feels that she's just a guest at her engagement party.

As the party begins to wind down, Maddie goes upstairs to look for Sherry, but stumbles across the body of Jasmine, who's been strangled with the vintage veil that Sherry's bought.

With Sherry as the main suspect, Maddie has to figure a way to prove her innocence, but in the interim, discovers that she has the gift of psychometry whenever she touches a vintage item of clothing.

Her Aunt Fiona is able to answer some of her questions, but does tell her that she still has to seek answers on her own and while she's in town, she makes a bold decision to go into business for herself as a vintage retailer and designer of her own clothing line.

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As the clothes give her clues to who murdered Jasmine, family secrets of Sherry's fiancé, Justin Vancortland, are revealed as those of her own family.

That being said, there were times when I did want to stop reading the book, but then again it pulled itself back into an enjoyable story.

I think everything up to when Maddie decides to go into business for herself was kind of boring, but then when she goes into the building which will host Vintage Magic, it starts to get better since she's surprised when she meets the ghost of Dante Underhill. I'm pretty sure that he's going to be making many more appearances in the series.

I'm also confident that even though I'm still a little unsure of how the series will go, I'm hoping that by the third installment the characters have found themselves and that there will be some fun stories ahead.

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