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Resurrection by Evelyn Montgomery

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When books are the only means to escape, what else is there to do, but read? Reading is a passion and will forever be a means to escape.


Title : Resurrection

Author : Evelyn Montgomery

Publication : May 3rd, 2022


Rose lost her husband shortly after giving birth to her daughter Olivia. Leaving her to raise two children while fighting her own demons. What she doesn't know is life will go on and she will find love and happiness again. After what went down with her late husband, she fights her inner demons just to keep going and providing her children with unconditional love.

Justin lost his child and wife due to an accident. After losing them he decides to walk in life alone and to keep everyone at a distance. Until one day, he finds sunshine in the most unexpected place. Sunshine that breathe life back into him after he has walked for so long being dead inside.

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Review :

Let's start this review off with oh my gosh! It was a fabulous read. The tension, suspense and even questions are just what the doctor ordered. Resurrection is no only a romance story but also a lesson we all need to remember. It is possibly the best romance book I have read up to date. Though I will say it keeps in theme with what the author has been publishing over her career, so some things are just going to sound like I am on repeat. I am just in awe at how much I love this book.

I was nervous at first with the triggers in this story. Rape, emotional and physical abuse being the most worrisome to me. I know it is hard seeing some of these triggers being played out in a story, and having been through it myself, I wasn't sure if I was ready to being reading anything like this. I will say, for those who aren't sure as well, it does play a crucial part in some of the story, but it doesn’t seem to rear its ugly head too much. Mostly towards the end when you will see all of it. It can be a little unnerving, but if I am honest I am glad I read it.

The main characters carry a darkness to them that is either hard to relate to, or easy to understand. I had many conversations with my own husband about the book, as I was terrified of being triggered and falling into my own little depression as the female character Rose, is a character I can full heartedly see myself being. Her struggles with the past and her own demons, are something I fear most people deal with at one time or another. To see her never give up though and to keep pushing forward, even if just to give her children the knowledge of what uncodntional love and support is to feel like, is something you don't get to see with everyone. It shows that even when people smile and have such a bright glow to them, they could be hiding the demons the fight if only to give someone else some happiness. I can't help but love her in ways I never thought possible.

Justin, too, fights his own inner demons. But his are caused by another reason. I am not sure how either of them found the strength to keep going with their loved ones dead. Especially Justin, with the death of his child. To see him strive forward, if only to live, and to see his encouraging words of how we all need to fight and remember to not give our enemies the power to hurts us, really brought tears to my eyes. I think we all need to remember that from time to time. I even thought at first, this fictional character was talking to me. It was just so moving!

Throughout the story, the characters push and pull each other to make them stronger and better, but each battle they have to fight makes it clear that its never easy. Especially trying to find love after the one you did love die. It shows us communication is needed and its okay to rely on someone to helps us from time to time. It was a little on the heavy side at times, but I feel it made the story all the more compelling. There is nothing more romantic than two people who not only complete each other, but who also build each other up and give them light when all they see is darkness.

Ratings and Recommendations

I rate Resurrection ten stars out of five stars. It was truly amazing to read. Even though the triggers are bit ugly and provide us with a touch of reality that we may or may not face in the world around us, it did nothing but add to the story and provide such a emotional roller-coaster for us to ride. I don't recommend this to everyone and I do hope you take the triggers into consideration as it was rough when the triggers reared their ugly head, but it was worth it. If you are dealing with suicidal thoughts or are triggered by rape and abuse of all kinds, please be weary. Those are in the book. If you aren't ready for those to be in your life, pass this one up. I don’t want you to have to suffer anything you don't need to. If those aren't a trigger, then please enjoy the story and let me know what you think!

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