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Restraint the Missing Criterion


Restraint where art thou?

The world that is now on display is not the world formed and ordained with destiny as the cheerleader, by the Creator. Destiny is what cheers life into tomorrow, without careful consideration of today.. Is destination an explanation of the failures of the past? Destiny speaks of tomorrow, it even factors in later today, considering a moment from the now, destination being later, Now is the issue always at hand. Without established purpose destiny is merely a myth, without restraint, respect and repentance the countenance of destiny is marred.

Checking the clock, and calendar for the estimated time of arrival towards a destination which was created outside of the scope of time, is eternal in purpose, not time's version of apartheid, we know in part. The clock and calendar can answer most questions concerning time usage, but cannot answer the eternal question, whereto after time plays the last symphony that I will ever hear through my body. Destination is in the same care of who created it. I cannot change destiny only time can, and I cannot change time, only eternity can.

The lack of restraint in myriads of areas of my life in time, are indicators which flag things, making them areas of concern; needing immediate action that can only be ascertained, and given by careful perusal, and thought, after a series of events spiral out of control; whereas, the remedy is not, nor will it ever be to ignore the problem, because the solution has not manifested. I can only concur that it is better late, than never, when there is still breath. Destiny can be aroused when sleep is the course taken, sleep cannot be quenched when there is no established purpose.

All solutions must be remedial, the remedy or ointment should be the manifesto, not merely the problem. Lack of or no restraint has left the world void of judgment, reprobate in experiences. Repentance has helped me to see that I should desire to leave the world in the state is was given, to contribute less towards contamination, more towards remedies, not problems. If I am not part of the solution, I become part of the problem, knowingly and unknowingly, but not consciously. The misery that loves company, is misery that misuses the word love. What love, has or can misery produce? but in a sin sick head and heart, there will one find misery? When the main ingredient has not been added, "restraint" before the journey towards love. Don't play with love, because love, will never play with you, be admonished, if you can be.

Love without the practice of restraint is merely sensual, something the body and senses crave until false pleasures are achieved. Lust is being exposed, it has been masquerading around as love long enough, calling those things that be not as though they were, well, the truth is, lust can never wear the garments of perfect, and pure love. Lust is inferior to love. I have rebuked, admonished, and judged myself regarding this issue and the remedy is love is love, and lust is lust. Lust is what no restraint is used for, the words of Scripture are the real judges in my mind. Yes, the law will be the judge, if restraint is a desire. The desire should be for restraint, not for lust of sin.

Restraint is a criterion, principle, or standard by which something may be judged, or decided: It is a before the activity precept. It is the foundational attribute needed in every thing endeavored, thinking, doing, and feeling. Without it all lose, with it all win. Repentance is restraint's perform assistant. The change from having no restraint can only be remedied by correcting this stance. Restrictive practice of not walking in the way of the ungodly, nor standing in the way of sinners, heading to the seat of the scornful are minimized because restraint is a leader, as well as a follower.

Teach a child correctly, and when they are old they will not depart from it. The challenge is getting off to a start with restraint as a clear focal point. Why restraint? When restraint? Where restraint? With who restraint? How restraint? These are inquiries only self can really answer along with codes of moral, and civil substance, prior to adventures of all kinds. I must say, only law solves all of my dilemmas and questions. The spirit of law soars too high above the human handled interpretations of law as it is presented.

Restraint is a measure, or condition that keeps someone or something under control or within limits: It helps in the respecting of established boundaries, to forgo a trespass; it is a precursor to respecting what is not known about established boundaries. Respect is a crucial aspect needed for restraint, wherein, correction when it is miss managed can only lead to repentance. In order that one may forgo a fumble; and commit a trespass, then ask for forgiveness, but, can forget to repent. How is it possible to forget to repent? Forgiveness can be a restrictive act in moving towards the offering of repentance.

Restriction is not restraint, it can be a hindrance to it, but restraint can restrict or limit usage of something harmful or harmless. I did myself more harm than good not knowing how imperative it is to repent before offering any prayers. Repentance is an elder asking me where are you off to without your true or pure tithe and offering of time. I am humbled to listen to repentance as it reproves my desire to pray as I ought, and feel discouraged to continue the journey into prayer, but mindful of the approach I take. The Creator is to be revered, not feared because my approach is stale.

Restraint is a primitive idea as pertaining to nature. Primitive: relating to, denoting, or preserving the character of an early stage in the revolutionary or historical/herstorical development of something. The remedy for the issue is primitive when it entails the seeking out of the origin, or root. It is obscured by and through stages in or of development. She has a story too!

Pardoxical - A seeming contradiction - Her story is not a paradox, it is a reality, if you can hear and listen.

Pardoxical - A seeming contradiction - Her story is not a paradox, it is a reality, if you can hear and listen.

It is Herstorical As Well

The woman's body is her own is the somber chord of the day, but what about daughter? where does one drop her off at, the sitter? school, church, does she have a voice? Daughter is a part of the herstorical experience. I will speak for daughter. The override of the daughter status is one of the stages constantly ignored, and not respected in growth and development. This leads to pre-maturity that can under ride maturity. Maturity is the quality sought for mind over matter issues. Low frequency maturity is due to immaturity. Wanting daughter to hurry up to womanhood should be restricted, yet it is allowed. The "I" can't wait to be grown syndrome, then the reversal once you are grown, this syndrome reminds me of a term called transactional analysis

This is from Transactional Analysis (TA) is a psychoanalytic theory and method of therapy wherein social interactions (or “transactions”) are analyzed to determine the state of the communicator (whether parent-like, childlike, or adult-like) as a basis for understanding behavior. This signifies a reversal of process of the growth and development progression, it interfaces childlike, adult-like and parent-like (CAP) wherein, (TA) addresses it in reverse (PAC) parent-like, adult-like and childlike.

Restraint is what is needed to mature correctly, and progressively, or the summation ends in sorrow. The song of life was, and is not written in chords of sorrow, that is not the correct rendition. Errors past, present or future are all written in the key and chords which produce sorrow's symphonies orchestrated by pain, some call it the blues. It is time to write her-story correctly. Repentance is what makes her story worthwhile as well as exclusive and worth knowing the particulars. Corrective dialogue and discussions are prevailing everyday concerning the her/she progressions and regressions. Restraint ghosting as a missed the mark premise

The things the women are permitted to do, are not the things prescribed for daughter. These are two different stages of growth. There was a movie called girl interrupted, it is a story of daughter when the stage of daughter-hood are threatened and interrupted by cruel realities. In the big picture everything is considered as a reason for cause, but restraint and respect for daughter and son is a oversight dismissed.

Daughter-hood is a very delicate status, which cannot be ignored, or the results of womanhood will attempt to answer what only daughter can. Ask the woman what happened to you, then ask the daughter, you will find the daughter has a purer more refined answer. Unfortunately, these can be considered two different roles, but who is acting? Trauma nor tragedy are parts of a comedy show. The one it pertains to should decide when and if they want to laugh at themselves. You can laugh at yourself once you make it out of trauma snares, not while you are in the path of trauma. if you can smile, guile may be there, and if you can grin, sin may be the ghost. No one escapes trauma alone. How long will daughter, and woman be a sacrifice?

Healing holistically is deeply rooted in ask the daughter that you are, not the woman. Womanhood has the overview, but daughter-hood holds all the cards. Ask daughter about abortion, not woman. Daughter will really never know what you are talking about, unless you have prepped her regarding the issue. How has that worked out? that daughter before the age of 13 can now know about abortion, conception, giving birth, birth control, use of condoms, kissing before committing to one person, illicit activities, the list goes on and go. Do you think this is correct? How many daughters, not women have you left hanging by not just telling the truths about restraint, pure and simple?

Unless, restraint is the onset why complain about the sunset? What does that have to do with onset? Addressing things at the root cause, not at the infection stage is wisdom. When does one wake up from a nightmare or bad dream? When they wake up. Everyone wakes up at different times. If you are really zoned in to the idea and consider the population, who wakes up at the same time unless regulated by a criteria. Just like conception and birth taking place at different times in a day of which who can truly tell what time did they occur but, by the use of a calendar or clock. Humanity does not embrace the unknown very well. It is difficult to say I don't know, unless you realize that you may be bearing false witness and repent to correct yourself, when you cannot prove what you may say.

When she needed to know restraint clearly enough not to develop affluenza-(the state of not knowing right from wrong), only what Scriptures could diagnose as a problem can be understood, as dead in trespasses and sins. and its resolve, and how to repent to correct this state progressively and continuously. I repent was and is the best counsel my mind and soul has ever been given and can ever know. What is pent up, release it to think about it in depth, repentance showed me daughter, not just woman. Woman is always in trouble, always under accusation and attack for one thing or another, the things daughter embraces, the woman will probably never know, except the daughter you are calls it to mind.

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The woman I have found through a scriptural investigation, has been under suspicion from the very beginning, and has not been granted full amnesty. No mention however of daughter. So my conclusion is that only my womanhood can identify with Eve, my daughter-hood will never recognize her, not even as mother, because mother too was once a daughter. There is no mention of Eve even having a daughter-hood or a daughter, but sons.

The mother over me said no to abortion for my life who was only in pre-mature daughter status, not a woman. The expectancy of womanhood was not purposed to show up until around 18-21, but I was 17 and in a pixie state. The first time I had ever heard the word was her telling me, you are not going to have an abortion. Others may know you are going to have an abortion. Do you know that my daughter-hood didn't even know what she was talking about, it was the language of woman-hood not daughter-hood. What daughter needed was to know what is restraint until daughter graduated correctly to this status called woman. Judging woman and her decisions is easy, but walking in her shoes is not easy, that is why you have your own shoes.

It is grievous how restraint has to be dispensed from a position of failing and falling prey to dangers, rather than handled with mammoth care, and concern. The miss carriage is fatal for the holistic self to figure out. My confession is that I would have never desired with one ounce of purity to miscarry repentance, justice, restraint or respect for self, therefore, the miss carriage is not my dwelling place, the desire is where I abide. It is a good desire to want self repentance, restraint and respect in all things, spills over experientially in dealing with others as well.

Restraint is the most overlooked quality of human behavior assigned against the nature of man and woman’s understanding, but the affects on the children is devastating. This premise has not been dealt with correctly on the stage that is now called life. No or low self control has become an enigma for operating self. It is baffling to the mind without laws which govern the premises that drive the points directionally, when these points can only adhere to leadership found in laws. Law produces laws plural, just like sin produces sins in plural form. One act of genuine repentance cancels sins and not laws. The law is not going anywhere until it completes its assignment in the earth. Just as sure as you are born your head is marked for repentance, to bring forth qualities meet for corrections, no one is exempt. Change the x into a +, look at it, turn it into the correct position, place yourself into the positive mode, don't stay xed, sexed, vexed or hexed.

Non-restraint can only be utilized for being uncontrollable, and drives to the place of the unrestrained. It is time to assign restraint for self correction, control and continuity. To forgive pure restraint, give to restraint what is needed to prosper and succeed correctly in the world at large. If you haven't as of yet achieved it, doesn't mean you can't believe and achieve it. Who can prove restraint? The law operating in, and through me can prove whether restraint has been used, or is being used, and whether or not it is being used.

The individual alone can prove it for self only. If I can prove it today by myself, under now faith is, surely it can affect my tomorrow positively. Restraint is really and truly a broad issue, encompassing directions and distance. Directional meaning: which area of my lifespan with or without restraint is questionable, past, or present. Gauging where these suspects are hiding, suspects such as unrepentant sin, unrestraint, unforgiveness, unbelief and a host of others, these are the real enemies which make ashamed. You are your own detective, catch those suspects and healing will be reality.Those enemies didn't pass the bar exam because they are lawless, against the laws. The bar is excellence, not mediocrity.

The darkness and light are coverings over the day and night. Darkness is not the night, nor is light the day.

The darkness and light are coverings over the day and night. Darkness is not the night, nor is light the day.

The Present Darkness Meets the Light

Recently, a decision has been expressed overturning abortion. Two things regarding this matter have been addressed, whether it is right or wrong, but restraint tells a different story of correction, and not right or wrong. If restraint is practiced prior to becoming pregnant, meaning the answer is "no" to illicit relations because there are two consenting adults that recognize the outcome. There wouldn't be any need to consider abortion. Why after the infant is there is it a problem, if no foul play is evident. Of course it cannot be ignored when choices, and decisions are made which cannot be ignored or overturned, but can be handled irresponsibly.

The term abortion is a covering for a murderous act. The term abort is to end something, not someone. If the covering is lifted, and one can no longer call it abortion, what would it be called? Restraint speaks to consider the act prior to doing it, and you can and may abort doing the act, not what is the product of the act. This lends and borrows confusion, which the word abort alone covers, yet, the deed, the law of life cannot cover. It is a very sensitize issue, not understanding how someone whose answer is "no" and under restraint, would have to be made to have an infant is not something I can embark upon without referring the matter to the law. My own conviction comes from "thou shalt not kill" Someone else's conviction must be their own, the only counsel I would be willing to offer is repent and look into the law for your own self. Pro-life is just that one is for life, not murder, pro-choice is they want to make their own choice. The choice must be prior to the act, here is where the choice to restrain is the only choice, and is the right choice. It takes two to tango, it only takes one to deal with being tangled. Choosing responsibly will take maturity.

It is a woman's body and it is her responsibility to govern it correctly, not be told she is right or wrong, figure it out for herself, unfortunately time is a major concern and important factor, in determining if a decision is correct to the highest power. This issue just like every other issue in this life is orchestrated by trial and error that appears to be a trainer in having to make a sober decision after the fact. I repent not to have known anything valid about how to govern my body with restraint at all times; which I now understand that i truly needed; traveling from the distance in retrospect I find it necessary to welcome the restraint required. What was needed for/in growth and development is now a welcomed idea, but the past cannot be corrected, but my perspective can be corrected.

Casting blame is not the point of any matter, restraint is the essential. Blame is an accusation, most cannot bear, but when it is coming from reasoning within self. It is a fragile quality, but, it is something one must bear. It is part of taking up the components of your own cross, and turning the cross into the resurrection positive sign it was established as. (+)

All have fallen short of their own glorious identity under which form was created. When the fall happened so, did correction manifest but was concealed and hidden by sin and unrepentance, restraint needed repentance to introduce the remedy, correction was available but marred by knowledge of good and evil. Good and evil are out of sync and confuses the mind. Something out of alignment is out of order. Alignment place two alike things in sync, good and evil are two different extremes that can not be in concert or harmony. It makes it look like man and woman are at odds, when it was really good and evil at odds. Good man and good woman must be the result of this dynamic. because God made all things good and very good.

Disease is a murderer loosed through evil, it never operates through good unless good is called evil, and evil is called good, that is called reassignment. This the only path disease has to work through bearing false witness about good and evil and producing believers who agree.

(X), This symbol is qualified as denoting an error, and its connotations are a negative in most instances.Turn the x symbol on an angle, and this is the + positive sign. Healing is the answer to disease, to frisk it and put it under arrest to the power of positive law that does not advocate sickness and disease and disarms it from murdering and getting away with it.

Murder is a serious issue that moral, and civil laws are against, prior to the overturning of the decision, it was supported and performed. This is really more of herstory, not just history being written. The standard for moral law opposes this behavior, because it is deemed a murderous act; civil law opposes it because it deems it uncivilized. Neither moral nor civil voices are heard, just right or wrong, and whose side will one take. The Scriptural law makes it clear: "Thou shalt not kill". The law of man blurs the idea. A man can probably tell a woman after the act, I do not want to commit this act again, but it is too late to tell her after an infant has and is forming in her body what to do. Restraint tells a better story of how to avoid sorrow prior to the occurrence.

The remedy is merely restraint until you are sure you know what you are doing, as simple as this may seem, restraint is the prerequisite, remedy and resolve needed for this crucial issue. The youth need to hear this for themselves in order to decide what is it they think to be the correct thing to do. I can see why marriage before this kind of relationship is necessary, and restraint until then must be the emphatic, or it is a slippery slope. and sorrow's symphony will inevitably be heard.

The lack of restraint in the past is shadowed, and is the ghost; as an uninvited guest in my present for correction. The upgrade to excellence request is not here to accuse of past events but to remedy thoughts and emotions concerning the past, and to provide the correction needed currently, and presently needed in the now, and today. The past cannot be changed, decisions of the past or yesterday can only be remedied, or ignored. I can change my mind about how I deal with the effects it has left in a residual account for me to take notes of towards balancing my account of the residue the past has deposited.

This past account falls short of glory, but not of God’s glory because I don’t believe God’s glory will ever fall short, but I have fallen short due to shortages of the repentant product of restraint when I needed it, and I need to travel from glory to glory in the she that I am as an individual.

Movement - The waters, clouds, sky... Glory to glory

Movement - The waters, clouds, sky... Glory to glory

Glory to Glory

All have fallen short of the glory of God, the question is has man fallen short of the glory of man, and has woman fallen short of the glory of woman. How about father and mother son and daughter, brother and sister? Haven't all fallen short in these offices and rolls? Fallen short of glory is lawlessness, if a man, man's up, and so on and so forth. The has appointed law for a he as he, and a she as a she, having many rolls. The glory of a man is in a man, the glory of a woman is in a woman. Wherein these laws there is expected maturity, not rendered to daughter or son until maturity.

It is a mystery as to when an elder deems that to be so, does age determine maturity? It is a criteria, but not a reality. Adulthood seems to be full of adulteries that sex did not produce, immaturity produced adulteries. An expected adult response is expected based on maturity, but an immature response is rendered in its place. Take sex away from adults and what do you have? Do you still have the potential for adultery, yes, childlike behaviors and activities can still strive among adults, isn't that adultery? It is an adult thing! Engraving the image of adulteries can only merit God's response to this through law, and shirking responsibility as he and she meddling in the glory affirmed for God alone. As a she/her I have discovered the travel of human glory from a feminine stance. From daughter, to sister, to cousin, to niece, to aunt, and to friend. I am always traveling, even from faith to faith. Each one is an office under herstory. I am thankful the Creator created me a she, and it is because I am a she only.

In Isaiah 42:8 God states, “I am the LORD, that is My name; I will not give My glory to another, Nor My praise to graven images”

This verse sights that God’s glory is for God alone, but God has provided man and women with a template. After one realizes that they have fallen short of the glory of God, what next? What about the glory of who you are, is that even important, it should be seeing that God’s glory is unavailable and unreachable, the glory given to man and women individually is always accessible within self, under respect of law. All assistance has and is being given to tap into one's own glory without needing someone else’s glory.

Being a daughter relying on mother’s glory was something done without giving it a second thought, but mother’s glory is for her, I am daughter, so it wasn’t just to rely on mother’s glory without the restraint I needed for the roles I have been given. All because of my mother's glory I became a daughter, sister, cousin, niece, and more. I didn't even factor into the equation or consider father;s glory because the law of things changed because I am not a male. There are two laws in operation, he and she; both are individual separate laws. A man is written in the law of man and visa-versa. There is and will be no rewriting of the laws concerning a he or she, both dwell under their own law. As it is written, so let it be done.

Restraint is ignored because of how this is interpreted. Man cannot deal with woman as he would a man, she is a different law and will frustrate any frequency with her presence. He cannot tell whether she attracts or distracts him or seduces him. Only he can figure that out in order that he can access restraint and use it correctly without blaming anyone before self and shirk responsibilities of manhood.

Restraint is as necessary as the breath needed to experience its success. The remedy of not being restrained is carelessness. Restraint is a delicate matter that cannot even be discussed without contention and strife that leads to discord. Yet, it is too needful to ignore. To ignore restraint would be to ignore one’s own life, because it is the unexamined life that is not even worth living. Why would or do I purposely live without restraint?When life instructs that I must live with restraint in cue at all times and in all matters, or the consequences suggest other forms of restraints. Sin is a premise which requires the law as a restraining order, crime is a premise which requires seeing the restraining orders manifestly. Hand and feet cuffs all because of no restraint, be it by law enforcement or the law obstruction. Physical restraints are secondary, perhaps even thirdly, but nevertheless very costly and unnecessary for civilized society which adheres to the created law for exercising restraint.

Moreover, both offense or defense of law is questionable because restraint is the missing in action ingredient or quality. Why no restraint typically? Is there a generic reason, or excuse for no restraint? No! It is just reality that no law or lawlessness drives the car with no respect, or restraint. No restraint is a driver not a passenger, the passenger is who rides with no restraint. No restraint is sinister, and diabolical, it has wicked and evil undercurrents that just are not disclosed in a timely framework.

After committing sin is unacceptable, not from the opposition alone standpoint, but they should have a say as well. The offender that I acknowledge regarding myself was somehow conned of the self defense mechanisms that I needed for successful output, is missing in and for action to be correct.

Sin is the biggest con artist ever, sketching for junk art, it conned me out of my artistic abilities without my consent and unrepentance was its accomplice, both sin and unrepentance are gang bangers, their mobs are ruthless, people just play the part by the applauds will go to those two diabolical foes. Sin is no friend to me, and never will be, thank you to all the hosts who knew sin was a menace and helped me to see the answer. The Spirit gently unctioned to come, whereto my soul asked in obscurity, come to repentance first and to prayer granting me directions for the journey of past, present and future. I think repentance and prayer is the reason to have spent time searching for the house of prayer for all nations. So often would I ask where do I go, what do I do? The answer was right within me to always be willing to come to repentance and prayer, not just go to Church.

Maturity hadn’t kicked in concerning coming and going. To come to repentance, I had to position myself for the approach to prayer. I ascertained the so be it of prayer ending, with an amen. Little did I know a repentance was needed for me to leave and exit , to go from prayer, it was too great a place to be and leave and I had to do other things. Closing the door is the incentive given to enter, it doesn’t mean leaving the door open when I exit my prayer chamber, not even to go to thanks, praise or worship, without repenting to go. These are different aspects of devotion that repentance must be the director into the different areas. Glory to glory 101, come to repentance and travel to places and spaces of glory allocated for you alone.

Successful glory as it pertains to she/her, involves mobility and movement; When it is ascertained at birth what you are, be it male or female, you enter into the law of what that entails. Failure to establish purpose of law over the being has produced one law (man) declaring he is or can be another law (women). That is not something that is even possible with God, or you may believe God must have made a mistake, and shirk the responsibilities of the law of being a man. Arriving on the scene as her/she automatically produced me as a daughter, according to the law which governs daughter. You are never a sister first but to others waiting for your arrival. You travel from one glory individually to another. It doesn’t matter who is here already, you must be validated as a daughter for you to function properly in the office of daughter, the reach of daughterhood is dependent upon each she claiming her own role individually as a daughter, one daughter cannot represent all daughters, there is too much diversity. Having restraint in the role is reasonable. There is no daughter that can be me, and I cannot be someone’s else.

I visited this beach, the same way I found it, is the same way I left it. I merely breathed in another location.

I visited this beach, the same way I found it, is the same way I left it. I merely breathed in another location.

I Came Here as Daughter and I will be Leaving as Daughter - She allowed me to tell the truth, not hide like Woman

I came into the world as a daughter, in me resides other natural glories. An elder that is here already as a daughter, and now is a sister because of the law, but I had to show up first for her to be a sister. I was not a sister, but a daughter only. What I initially arrived at is not changeable, I am a daughter until I take my last breath. Multifaceted are the human glories. All of the roles are temporary, but functional, but no role that I can ever have usage of or receive is more than daughter, because it is my first estate as she is making my debut into the world, it is my birthright, whether I am wanted or not, I am here. My first estate is not and never will be a woman, that is Eve’s first estate, there is a difference in what the premise unveils.

Womanhood can not be my first estate, or growing up too fast is the result. Restraint articulates law and order is absolutely necessary. It is the latter day development of my being that was not composed and authored correctly. Developmentally I have been traveling from physical glory to glory. A daughter is always traveling someplace to sister, mother, niece, cousin, aunt, grandmother, friend, and wife, etc,, some may not get to know of the other roles as an experience but by the relativity or connection to others, or links in a chain.

This is an issue that is methodical from childhood to and through adulthood. In today’s society restraint is the most ignored, omitted and secret in word usage. Instructions are void and null, training is the remnant in something so crucial to human nature, teach them well is the directive. Who has seen the movie "training day" what a lesson to see from the position involving law enforcement, scary isn't it?

Currently, on the platform or forum is the idea of abortion and the rights of women and men. Man is not excluded from the decision to abort, when he may be part of the cause for pregnancy. Restraint offers teaching, not training: it appears training involves violence, hitting with words and hands. Teaching involves instructing, informing, intelligence, putting something inside,worthy of applauds. In school didn't you get a good or very good when your work was correct. You just never bothered to give yourself the credit the teacher gave you. Whose credit would it be, yours or the teacher? Until you can find worth in you to credit your account with, and stop debiting, but balance your own account, understanding that you do need debits and credits to balance accounts or the account stays at an unused credit you are saving, only you know why you are saving. Time is not something that can be saved, it must be used wisely and correctly, things only trial and error produce and teach well. Mistakes are not the teachers, the laws which govern are those teachers. Where is law, can you find it? It is written in the breath and heart.

Moreover, the woman appears to be bewitched with the notion that her body is her own when and if she chose to engage in relations with the man. Yet, it is her own body, used in the act the Bible calls fornication, signifying that she has committed sin against her body not restraint for it, by engaging it in an act forbidden unless one is legally married. Nevertheless if it is or she perceives it is her own body, why not practice restraint as a preventative and precaution, isn’t that more reasonable? I can only wish I had known the path to and of restraint, that it would have been okay to just say no, and be respected just for saying no, because my body is my own and that I did not want to share it for folly, but spare it until marriage or no marriage.

Misleading young women into committing early adultery will be reconciled, because it takes two consenting adults, male and female over the age of 21 years, when adulthood kicks in to make reasonable decisions regarding this type of relationship. Non-adherence to law produced all sin and crimes. People only wake up when law is the reason for change, but law is the reason to change, before sin and crimes are committed because restraint is not accessible and is everywhere present, it just is not everywhere usable because of a choice not to be restrained. Self-control is a quality of restraint, who should restrain me. I should be empowered and enabled to do it with, to and for myself in all matters, not just some. The issues with some attempts of restraint it leads to pride, when it is merely in part, it understands fullness, but experientially it is not yet reality. Time is what one needs to meet the demands restraint needs to choose correctly, being right is only an aspect, being correct is the main incentive of the practice of restraint.

This present time screams with no restraint and the work loads become a greater burden, rather than a reduced measure of burdens, directly or indirectly. All because restraint is missing in action. All activity requires restraint that only law can propose without force. Force of law is due to the need for restraint. There would be no sin if there was restraint, there would be no need for physical restraint if there were no crimes. The severity of disregarding laws has ruined the planet. All are guilty in this endeavor, admitting or the failure to admit, it is called sin of omission, just to practice the committing of sin continuously. Repentance over the law of life. Life struggles to live, but not with restraint in motion. Progressive is self control, one must lock themselves under its umbrella. It is easier when put into practice, and respected wherever it is practiced. Self offense will result when self restraint is not active. If I offend myself, what can help me but restraint. People need their own time for self restraining activities without interruptions. The only one who grants the time is time, Time is produced from time, it holds every record done in the framework of time.

Making peace with time to release my actual records of all that I have done in time, will assist in how life can be experienced to the highest power towards success, even when it is in retrospect. Respect for time while it has parameters and increments to adhere to is success; ascertaining that once time passes there should be no regrets just retrospect over the decisions and deeds committed with the measurement call the past. The past increases at a rapid speed, every second, hour follows the past into seclusion and secrecy when failure to use it correctly in the now or presently.

The composer penned a phrase in a song, “time is on my side” and declared yes it is. My question or retort to the phrase is, Am I on time’s side? How can I resolve this dilemma? I can consciously give time my undivided attention knowing without it who can I say am I, and why am I here? A question only time has and can help me answer. Time cannot be relived unless by rote, and repetition, doing the same things done yesterday or before. Time is respectful and gracious. Advising and counseling me of how I should progress therein. Time waits for no one but is not impatient. No one can tell time what to do, it has an established purpose and does just that, fulfilling its own purpose. We help time towards fulfillment of our own purpose when we choose to be still.

Being still physically is possible at all times if in repose but being still emotionally and mentally is impossible, these two are always at work for good and for evil. Repentance nips them in the bud, so to speak, by not allowing the mind to produce impure imaginations, and emotions that are prone to be problematic and without resolve being the primary focus. Have we collectively taken time for granted, as if we will always possess or have it to hoard? No, some parameters in the time structure prove if time is on my side, why not be on time's side.

Cooperation with time is an individual thrust. All have received 24 hours in the measurement of a day, making time an equal allotment. Time was created more equal than humans can ever be. Time is just. It is what is chosen for us or we choose to do in a day that divides time to spend with others. Can time be shared, or do we spare the time allotted to us? It is spared, not shared when 24 hours a day we do not spend with someone else. Time is an individual endowment, you didn’t get more time in the 24 hour setup than I did, it is the usage which is diverse. 12 hours in the day and 12 hours in the night. Repentance of its usage is far better than regrets of how it has been used, yet regret leads to repentance, changing the mind and correcting the usage. The thing which is tithed mostly in the universe, world and earth is the usage of time, not money.

How much time has been spent in Church alone even when you did not have any money to give. What is the calculation? Time was the offering and the tithe, without it money is vanity and the root of evil. With the repentant offering of tithe of time; money always shows up, this is the prosperity of faith. Depreciating the time is a travesty, because that time was given to them not you. They came to offer it to God, not you.

The place whatever it is called is a place for prayer and instruction in all the power of restraint by the law. It takes great resolve to remove mindsets from problematic status. This is a work to defeat a mindset from being idle in purpose, in order to comprehend established purpose for the mind, and the emotions generally are pleased as well.

How do you explain to children their worth without restraint being the focus? The world told them that loving themselves was the greatest love of all. How is that interpreted without restraint or self-control being elementary and not secondary? Will it always and only be after not having restraint and self-control will the accusation be given. Why not before, because accusation is a processing no-one likes, if integrity is not the guide.

Accusation is not judgment, judgment is not even resident where accusation abides. To be accused can only be resolved by self when it involves oneself. There is much accusation, but judgment does not show up until accusation is taken seriously and resolved within oneself. If I accuse myself and take it into account, those who accuse me and not themselves, are not doing what the transcribed words instruct. Judge yourself and you be not judged, for when you judge someone else you condemn your own self.

Accuse yourself when you sense you are wrong or right, righteousness is a part of justice, as even it is dispensed without repentance and accused everyday just as much as wrong or error. Why allow someone else to accuse you? Aren't they shirking their own self accusation responsibilities? It is grievous how restraint has been omitted from the foundation of faith for life. The sin of omission is when something grievous has been omitted, how diabolical is that? Restraint is absolutely fundamental for all the senses to thrive, and the body to function correctly.

In all your getting, please, I beseech you let restraint be the guide, It has been ignored long enough. Understanding restraint is one of the keys to this life that opens doors, portals, and windows correctly. Restraint was needed to begin life and it will be needed in the end. Repentance and restraint are the champions which make sin and unrepentance defeated foes, and faith successful. I can trust with all sincerity that no weapon of unrepentance and non-restraint seeking refuge within me will prosper or succeed, because the Spirit alone has raised the bar to excellence, to accept compliance with repentant law, the converter of my soul to the law of her and she.

In compliance with Deuteronomy 22:5 - The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God. The converter of this is not merely physical, it is converting or placing the soul under the law it is. The law of she, to do only my part not his, as a woman. Help meet is multifaceted, a woman cannot meet every man’s needs in the same manner and shouldn’t try. He will only shirk his own responsibilities instead of being accountable for himself, (hero) that is not helping, it is abetting a fugitive. A shero lies in you, first behold her glory!

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