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Responsibilities That Come Along With A Pet

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My kids have been after me to adopt a pet. Every day after school, it is the same conversation. And those of you who have children know, they can be relentless. I feel that children should do a Ted Talk on negotiation skills, as they can really convince you to doing anything. If they are at it long enough, and if they are persistent enough, they can get you to agree to whatever their demands are. Things like getting takeout when you have cooked something, or staying up on a school night takes some work. But eventually one gives in, as how much can you really take? Pets, however are a different story. Growing up, I always wanted a cat. Although for my mother, it was a hard no. I feel like parents have grown soft though over the generations, and tend to succumb to their children’s demands a lot faster now. This got me thinking about the pros and cons of getting an animal. Do I really want to take the plunge? And can I manage a cat, or even a dog at home, and is there really a benefit of keeping a pet?

Learning Responsibility

An animal can teach a child how be responsible. Of course, an adult has to oversee the care, but things like making sure the pet has eaten, or giving it a bath is something the child can be involved in. You can take your child with you on your trips to the vet, and for pet shopping errands as well.

Good Company

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. A good pet can help you through the darkest of times, and be there for you when you have no one else. An animal can be a good distraction for your child as well, and instead of being hooked to the screens, they can be busy playing with their pet.

General Well Being

Dog owners are said to have a better immune system, as these animals help them feel healthier and make them stay away from general infections etc. Animals such as dogs also produce oxytocin in the brain, which brings about a feeling of trust, relaxation and empathy, while reducing the amount of anxiety and stress within a person. Pets are also known to help prevent kids from developing allergies.

Reducing Loneliness

An animal can help one feel like he is not so alone in the world. When all the friends around you are busy, your trusted pet will never leave your side. A sleeping cat coming for cuddles is always nice, and a dog with its wagging tail greeting you as soon as you walk in the door, always makes you feel like you are needed.

However, keeping a pet can be a tough job, and the flipside has to be looked at, before taking the plunge into the animal kingdom.

The Vet Factor

When a person is sick, the ailment can be pointed at. But with an animal, you never know what exactly is wrong. One has to be at the mercy of doctors, and if you are like me, I absolutely hate going to the doctor. Not to mention how helpless you feel when your pet is sick, and cannot really explain to the animal how the collar should not come out, or how they need “bed rest” and really cannot jump around if they want to get better.

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The Expense Factor

Let’s face it, animals are expensive. It doesn’t matter what pet you decide to adopt, it is looking after an entire being. You end up getting tempted as well, and buy the fancy cage for your bird, or the cute collar you don’t really need for your dog. Cats require specific food, hamsters a fun wheel to play on and dogs just rule your house, but end up ruining your favorite pair of slippers in the process. At the end of the month, your bills have tripled and you don’t even know where the money is gone.

The Responsibility Factor

We all know that responsibility can be a good thing, but sometimes it becomes a bit difficult. If you want to go on holiday with the family, you need to find a place to leave your pet. They do have pet hotels now, but they are also expensive. Making sure your cuddly little feline is fed, your dog has gone for a walk, and you change the water in your fish tank is a few of things you will have to do if you keep a pet.

The Loss Factor

Pets usually have a shorter lifespan than humans, and the longer an animal lives with you, the more attached you get. It is never easy to say goodbye, and to watch what that does to your children is even harder. To have a pet is then to know that you will have to lose it one day.

Do the pros outweigh the cons? Are the pains worth adding another member to your family? And are memories created better than memories lost? This is a tough decision to make, and one that cannot be made lightly. The rewards are immeasurable though, and they say once you get a pet, you cannot imagine your life without one.

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