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Renowned Writer, Freedom Fighter And Social Reformer Is Pandurang Sadashiv Sane Guruji

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I am an English writer from India. Today, I want to give the information about an ideal teacher and social reformer of India.

An Ideal Teacher

An Ideal Teacher

Nature of Sane Guruji

Saneguruji was extremely popular among the children. He wrote about one and a half hundred books. As much as he loved writing and also cleanliness. Sane Guruji worked as a teacher in Amalner's school for five years. They used to live, sit, get up among the children so they became popular them. He used to tell stories to children.

He was running a manuscript magazine called Vidhyarthi. He also taught the children good hygiene. It never occurred to him to punish the children and make some improvements. Her heart was like a mother. They inculcated in their children the same values ​​as their parents and that was their education.

He is famous for his prolific writings like 'Shyaam's Mother', 'Nawa Prayog', 'Sundar Patre', 'Himalaya's Peaks', 'Kranti', 'Samajdharma', 'Apan Saare Bhau' etc

In the evening the children went to play in the ground and that time Sane Guruji used to clean all the classrooms. All classrooms were neat and tidy. As the children played, they noticed how clean and tidy their classrooms and also luggage . At first they thought it must have been someone who did the school work. But then he realized that all this was done by Sane Guruji.

He was angry with Saneguruji. He then told them a story to allay their resentment. After the story was over, the children went to their own rooms and cleaned the whole room by themselves. This was the lesson that a simple action can be so eloquent. His poem is Khara to ekchi dharm jagala prem arpave. That is what he taught all mankind i.e. love. Today it is necessity. There should be no wicked feeling in the mind.

He is real Social Reformer

He is real Social Reformer

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His Social And Political Work

In 1936, the first Congress convention was to be held at Faizpur in the village. Sane Guruji was in charge of this convention. Sane Guruji's only concern was how to make the convention a success. On the occasion of this convention, they occupied the entire Khandesh and registered about one lakh members.

The success of the Congress convention was due to the tireless efforts of Sane Guruji. Some Congress workers decided to make Guruji the receptionist (here Swagtadhaksha) now. But Sane Guruji never liked fame. He was basically staying away from publicity. Here the Congress convention was going on and that time Guruji was working to clean the toilet. At the same time, Gandhi disciple Appasaheb Patwardhan of Konkan registered his name as a general swayamsevak in the cleaning squad.

Sane Guruji's personality was versatile. He was born on 24th December, 1899 in the village of Palgad in Konkan. His full name was Pandurang Sadashiv Sane. But Saneguruji became popular under the same name. He had a wonderful love for his mother. While in Nashik jail, he wrote a novel called Shyam's Mother, which echoes his mother's memory. The book broke several sales records. Today, this book of Sane Guruji has reached the homes of Marathi people. The book has been translated into Hindi, English and Japanese. Shyam in this book is Saneguruji himself.

Sane Guruji was extraordinarily intelligent. His childhood life was very difficult. There was a lot of poverty in their lives. While in Aundh's hostel, he went from house to house and struggled for Madhukari. Thus began a new chapter in his life as a stumbling block. He passed the matriculation examination in the second class from the new Marathi school in Pune. Next he took Sanskrit Marathi subject from S. P. College and done B. A. Even today, his answer sheets are kept by teacher Dutto Waman Potdar. In 1924, M. A. After passing the examination, he got a job as a teacher in Pratap High School, Amalner. The children there had become one with their lives. Even though he has no teaching profession, he is truly known as Saneguruji.

At that time a movement was started in the countries under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. At that time, Sane Guruji gave up his favorite teaching profession and immersed himself completely in the freedom movement. During the 1942 agitation, they remained underground and continued their struggle for independent. He went on an indefinite fast to have the Vitthal temple at Pandharpur opened to the Harijans and his efforts were successful. Independence was achieved but the country was divided. The country was divided into Hindustan and Pakistan. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated.

Sane Guruji was very saddened by this. For this, he fasted for 21 days for atonement. At that time, Saneguruji dreamed that the kingdom of farmers and toilers should come. But even today, his dream remained a dream. There is no guarantee that he will pass the real test. Still the hard working class is labouring in our country and the capitalist is enjoying happiness. But let us hope that the dream of ordinary people will come true. He was a great Gandhian teacher, social reformer and talented writer in Marathi.

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