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Renfield: A Poem

Veronica has poetry and short stories published in several literary journals. She holds an MA in Literature from American University.


This poem is a part of a series of secular poetry I wrote when I first converted to Christianity from atheism/agnosticism, back in the summer of 2016.

I've always gravitated towards "dark" writing that doesn't quite cross into Horror, and as a Christian I've become even more fascinated by the battle between light (good) and darkness (evil). The only difference is that now, the "darkness" frustrates me rather than fascinates me. There is no hope there.

I chose the character Renfield from Bram Stoker's Dracula because I feel like he reflects most of us in a grotesque way. He tries to obtain life by consuming it, but this leads him on a trail of madness further and further into the darkness. It's a fruitless journey that leads to nothing but destruction. The real answer is not to consume life, but rather find and obtain the light of the world (Jesus Christ).


Renfield likes to eat the flies

eat the flies

eat the flies

and spiders, birds, and cats

Consuming life, he felt alive

felt alive

felt alive

but light is what I want

So I will eat the fireflies

the fireflies

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the fireflies

then torches, moons, and suns

They will try to stop me

they pretend to care

they lock me in the darkness

locked in Renfield's stare

Renfield and the lies of flies

lies of flies

lies of flies

his nightlight I will eat

with me he'll find no rest

He says he needs to find me

eat me

apply me

but my light he won't possess

© 2018 Veronica McDonald

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