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Religion Is Truth and Truth Is Religion

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What is religion?

We think that getting up early in the morning to sing hymns and ringing bells is the only religion. But the meaning of religion is not so narrow. It is widespread. Simply put, religion means doing one's duty and being altruistic.

The sun always rises and spreads light by removing the darkness in the world, the clouds always provide rain and water. The wind always blows softly and gives coolness. They never deviate from their philanthropic spirit and duty. Constantly do their duty. So they are great. They are altruistic. In fact, that is the religion. The path of religion is very difficult. Creatures caught up in material love and infatuation can never understand the original juice. Religion always prioritizes the satisfaction of the heart over happiness and convenience. Without contentment, the vast wealth and splendor vanishes in an instant. Where there is no satisfaction, there is nothing. It is a humane religion to work in harmony with happiness, sorrow, etc.

As simple as it is to preach about religion, it is just as difficult to walk to its destination. Religion teaches people to be good and kind. But in today's Kali Yuga, the word 'good' has been replaced by the word 'successful'. Today's parents, teachers, educators teach their children that when you grow up, you should be successful, you should become a doctor, you should become an engineer, you should earn a lot of money. No one teaches you to be kind, to be kind.

Hindus, Christians, Muslims who call themselves by the names of God, Allah, Jesus, whatever religion they follow, the essence of all religions is the same. All this teaches man to live with the same feeling among all creatures. Staying away from artificiality and materialistic attachments, it teaches to live a simple life by increasing the feeling of brotherhood. Religion puts people in the realm of discipline. Which makes man more conscious and civilized than other creatures. Religion never encourages humiliating others, contradicting others, and demonstrating one's superiority. There is no accounting of how many wars have been fought, how many rivers of blood have flowed, how many mountains of bones have been erected by walking in such misguided ways in the name of religion.

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The real observance of religion is to live a simple life with high thoughts and altruistic spirit rather than looking for temples, promoting superstitions, playing conch shells. This is the art of earning virtue. Religion is the same, eternal. An opinion that harms anyone can never be a religion. Religion is truth and truth is religion.

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