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"Rejection is good for you"-Why?

We all face rejection. But holding onto it makes no sense. Learn to love and don't ask anything in return.


Everyone has lots of dreams, passions, expectations in life. Sometimes, there are too many of it so that it brings you the pain when you get rejected. Our life is followed by rejection all the times. Why? Of course like yours, everyone has their own priorities. It’s up to them whether they choose you or someone else. You can’t do anything about it. So, what you can do? There are only two things that you can do - either you try hard again or you move on.

Life isn’t always fair to us. All the times, we chase, we attempt to love, we request people and furthermore share stories and it's everything under risk of getting hurt. some of the times we really do get hurt. So why we continue doing this? Since there is no other options. Now and then we run, at times we fall yet life goes on. In light of these encounters you stand and rise once more.

Why rejection hurts?

Rejection hurts because it is programmed to do so. According to fMRI studies, rejection triggers the same areas of the brain which are activated when we feel any physical pain.

As sharp as human beings seem to be, we depend on social groups for survival. We developed to live in helpful social orders, and for the vast majority of mankind's history we relied upon those groups for our lives. Like appetite or thirst, our requirement for acknowledgment rose as a component for endurance.

For us humans, we can’t able to think of or try not think of rejections. Our mind is built in such a manner that we accept everything in our lives to fill up the voids to prevent the damages that have been made in the past. But sometimes these acceptances are just lies and it brings you more emptiness.

How rejection helps you grow?

At the point when somebody has been rejected whether socially, romantically, professionally, It brings agony. Yet, brace yourself for what I'm about to tell you, regardless of whether you are acknowledged or not however you attempted. You ventured out of your comfort zone. Each risk you've at any point taken , you were pushing your limit. Obviously you could have limit feelings of despair by remaining in your comfort zone and pointing low yet in return you need to give all the lessons, all the development and all the collection of memories that you've gathered en route.

Rejection makes you strong. Many times it helps you to be more confident around people. We've all been rejected. We know precisely how it feels. It's extremely frightful and loaded with struggle. It is perhaps the most lowest thing that can be happened to us. However, the most significant thing is that you have to gracefully manage it.

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Most famous people like Walt Disney, J.k Rowling were rejected at the beginning stages of their successful journey. People like them are always and will be always considered as inspirations for us who have been rejected at least once in life.


Embracing rejection is not easy as it says. Sometimes strong minded people also find it difficult to get over rejection. You can never erase completely the bad memories of rejection that occurred with you in the past. Because these memories are parts of your life. Sometimes these memories haunts you forever. But you can minimize the pain of rejections by engaging yourself at works you like.

Our mind is made to forget. This helps us to get over any bad experiences eventually. The duration depends on the person’s capacity of letting go. Sometimes it takes years to finally move on from a situation. The people who are chronically disturbed by the fear of rejection, I highly suggest them to consult a specialist to get some help in the journey of making yourself high valued one.


Samra Shafqat from Okara on September 06, 2020:

Wow! Its a wonderful.

Rajrup Konwar (author) from Golaghat on August 30, 2020:

Yes, you're absolutely right. We must appreciate what we have and manifest ourselves to self grow.

Ugochi from Abuja, Nigeria on August 28, 2020:

This is great. Rejection cuts deep into our hearts, and leaves us shattered, but we have to accept our own selves because we are all we have left in the end.

Sumalika on August 26, 2020:

I read it from 1st to last ..since we have known each other since our their is no wonder that I did not know barely about you..I can see now how the lil immature dramatic Rajrup have grown up step by step and get the courage to face anything about life ...grow shine... You will get what you actually want from your life's great that u tried to keep your thoughts with the pen and paper .This shows you become a grown up tree with strong roots..✨✨✨

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