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Regretted Traveling

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Passing on Knowledge

Datey is the first born of his parents. His father is vast in the knowledge of herbs in the town. The people of the town patronise him asking him to heal them from their different infirmities.

It is being said that no one goes to his father for healing and would leave the same way. He usually proffers solutions to different kinds of diseases brought to him.

He did not belong to the lineage of people heal people in their town this therefore makes people question the source of his knowledge for his knowledge transcends does who inherited the power and knowledge from their parents.

When he gave birth who is first born who is a male he was very grateful to God for giving in a male child whom he believes will inherit those knowledge from him.

As the child was growing he kept on teaching different herbs showing him the importance of different herbs and how they can be used for medicine the types of infection that certain herbs healed he showed him.

He usually says one may have it in mind to live long on earth but it is God who has the final say.

After his wife gave birth to the fourth child who happens to be female, he had an accident while returning home from the farm and before people could get to the scene of the accident to rescue him he has given up the Ghost.

Though Datey knows many of those things showed unto him because he was fifteen years old when his father died.

He however did not attach much importance to those things because of his mother's disposition to it, his mother wanted him educated like others in the town and vicinity.

Datey was brilliant and he was not found wanting academically.

He progressed to one of the colleges from where he had a degree in Philosophy.

After his degree he stayed in their town for a while seeking for job but he couldn't secure white collar job.

While in the town one of his siblings fell sick and being the person that his father has shown different herbs to, he gathered together different herbs and prepared them and his sibling was healed.

After waiting for a while, he left their town for another in search of white collar job.


Sickness Returned

bout two years after leaving for another town in search of a job, the sickness from which he healed his sibling from returned and is now more serious than before.

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He though has shown his immediate junior some of those herbs and how they could be prepared but he seems not to have full grasp of it like Datey.

When the sickness returned his junior one Sawal got together those herbs and prepared it for his sister who is being tormented by the infirmity but the herbs do not heal his sister.

They tried some other things that they know but all failed.

Sent for Datey

His mother told Sawal that they need to go and bring Datey wherever he is because of the sickness of his sister.

The following day he set out to look for his brother where he has left for because during those period mobile phones haven't been invented.

When he got to the town he, Datey, told them he would be going to, it was not long before he located the place he says he was living in.

He asked of him but he was told that when he could not secure job in the town, he has moved to another town with one of his friends.

They told Sawal where they said they will be going to and he went after them.

By now it has been ten days that he left his town and he knows that the infirmity would be getting worse by seconds. He was praying within him that God would lay his hands on his sister and that he will locate his brother in time before his sister's case gets worse.

Where He Was

When he got to the second town he was directed to another because his brother is hell bent on securing a white collar job he wants a new way of life and living for himself and his family.

It was after forty five days that he located his brother. By the time he located his brother their sister has died at home and has since been buried.

Rushed Back

He left everything he was doing and followed his brother immediately. They took a short route which was dangerous to get to their town. Because of the knowledge of herbs that he had they were able to scale through those dangerous paths successfully.

By the third day they got to their town but as they got closer to their house they saw people crying and they knew the unfortunate has happened unto their sister.


hen they entered their house they met their aged mother crying with some of her friends comforting her.

One of their siblings explained everything to them about how the sickness took a dangerous turn after Sawal's departure. Everything they knew were equally put into use to at least preserve her life till you return but she could not sustain the agony again and gave up the ghost five days ago.

When Datey heard of the date he cried bitterly for that was when Sawal located him.

The Resolution

After consoling himself he decided that he will not travel anywhere again, he wants to take care of his mother and siblings. Want to use the knowledge of the herbs to help the people in the community.

The essence of life is helping people not the amount of wealth one has amassed he said to himself.

His late father lived a fulfilled life because of the pleasures he derived in assisting people within the community. He said that's the role he prepared him for, not the role he stumbled into.

He stayed back within the community taking care of his mother, siblings and the community.

Every time he wakes up he feels content and happy with his new position.

I have wasted my time on nothing, I am just fulfilling destiny he says.

The community was happy with his resolution and they ensure that no good things within the community exceeded him….


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