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Reflections In My Mind

I often reach into the window of my mind,

Searching for a beauty I know I will never find.

I stare helplessly out the panes of glass that are so tangible to see,

But still such beauty evades me.

The rain that falls pitifully reflects the tears that swell and glaze my eyes.

As these hazed and drawn out days just soullessly pass me by.

There’s per chance a happy ending in the midst of all this fury,

However such freedoms I know you will try to bury.

It‘s sickening to think,

Of a life succumbed to such devastating pain.

The earths crumbling beneath me and within this deepened pit,
I find myself where the demonic reign.

The rain has turned in to an intrepid flood,

Weakening this flourished spirit all too easily.

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Falling, unmoving, relinquishing the fleeting moments of peace.

It’s simple to watch myself in this tide of mirrors,

Simple to see my decline from this world.

To see each shallow hollow breath, calmly vanquish and be unburdened.

As lids weep and floods break the heavens lift,

Revealing that reflection which seems warm to the touch.

Frequently you plead for my forgiveness,

That you wished to understand my agony,

To be my comfort, salvation or saviour.

But I whisper on the hush of the breeze don’t be sorry,

I’m gone and the world don’t miss me much.

© 2011 Alana Bembridge


Little Kim from Any town U.S.A. on July 22, 2011:

Voted up!!! Very compelling words!!!!!!

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