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Reducing your forward momentum to know your strategy

Moon-Phukon Special Note :- Success is never possible these days. Patience is more important to success.Patience is one

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Reducing your forward momentum to know your strategy

Book Summary : 18 minutes : Find Your Focus , Master Distraction,and Get the Right Things Done

Author : Peter Bregman . He is an Author and Business Consultant

Book __ 18 minutes : provides a good way to focus on your life in the year ahead . 18 minutes clearly shows how busy people can cut though all the daily clutter and distractions and find a way to focus on thoues key items which are truly the top priorities in our lives.

This book will help you make smart , thoughtful decision about what’s worth doing and what’s not . “18 minutes provides a solution to these struggles and frustrations . It’s a comprehensive approach to managing a year, a day , and a moment so that keeps us focused on , and doing , the things we decide are most important .

Part One : Pause – Hover Above Your World

*Reducing your forward momentum is the first step to freeing yourself from the beliefs , habits, feelings, and busyness that may be limiting you. (page:9)

*A brief pause will help you make a smarter next move . (page : 14)


Title : Reducing your forward momentum to know your strategy .

( “18 minutes” strategy was first mentioned on page 110. It was mentioned again on page 146 and concluded on page 147. Never to be referenced through the remainder of the book.)

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Analysis on today title By Moon Phukon :-

Do you have a big dream? Do you want to turn him into a reality? Are you constantly working to make your dream a reality?

It is not bad to work for the dream to be real. But how far it is logical to run all your life to make a dream come true. Think for yourself.

Let's say that no matter how big the dream you dream, if the dream is a real one day, how will you feel at that time? Will that moment everything end in your life?

Life is like a game called 'Tazar Hunt'. There is a goal at the start. After reaching that goal, new opportunities come, resulting in a desire to reach a new goal. Do you know where the end of life will be when you are chasing goals like this?

There is no mistake in making work for dreams. Life without dreams or goals is meaningless. The hope and the real meaning of living life hides in dreams.

But it is worth thinking about how far it is logical to work for dreams without thinking good – bad, forgetting about time and untimely, and not thinking about yourself.

There is a need to take some time out for yourself in the midst of busy schedules and try to know about your strategy. We can stay stable in all the situations of our lives when we get to know our strategy better.

Obstacles and failures are certain to come in the way of life. If you have to face repeated failures in a task then you should settle you down and reconsider. Whose mistakes have you faced repeated failures? Are you facing failure because of your mistakes?

If we know about our own strategy ,we will be stabilize ourselves and start working afresh quickly. even if there are thousands of failures. Knowing your strategy can lead to find success in the midst of failure.

Tells about that in this book.


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