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Reasons to get the Covid Vaccine


1. Because you need to care about others.

People who refuse to get the vaccine don't care enough about others in order to get the vaccine shot themselves. They think that their own personal safety and choices are more important to them. These are the same people that think that freedom is more important than safety. They don't care about other people and the proof is that they refuse to get an unapproved untested vaccine. So selfish.

2. Because it’s free

If it's free, it's for me! Anytime the government gives out some thing for free you know it's a good deal. The government offering the vaccine for free proves that they care enough to spend your hard earned money on what they think should it should be spent on: Their buddies in Big Pharma. But that is because they care so much that's the only reason why anyone would ever become a politician is because they care.

3. Because you can get a free donut

Not only is the vaccine free but if you provide proof that you got the vaccine you can get a free donut from some donut company out there. There are other stores that offer some cheap free product for getting the vaccine so take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to get cheap crappy stuff for free!

4. Superhero backstories start this way.

That's right taking an experimental drug can have drastic consequences to your life and future. Knowing that in many many comic books a regular person was exposed to some experimental drug or some thing radioactive or some kind of comet came from outer space and gave them superpowers. No I'm not saying that you'll definitely get super powers from it but hey you never now. Why waste the opportunity? You might be that one person that gets super strength or super speed or the ability to change into a lamp.

5. Because celebrities said so.

There's nobody you can trust more than a person who gets paid to read lines from a script. If all your favorite actors endorse the vaccine then you have to get the vaccine because they said you need to. And why would you question them they can read words off of the page better than you can. They get paid to do that. So you know that any advice that they are giving you is coming strictly from their heart.

6. Vaccine passports

Vaccine passports may become a thing of the future for our protection of course. Because of that you need to get your vaccine now so that way if bureaucrats decide that they want to start using vaccine passports for you to travel anywhere or to live with some semblance of a normal life again then you'll need to be vaccinated. It doesn't matter that this goes against your freedom and your rights as an American citizen, it doesn't matter that invade your privacy, it doesn't matter that this goes against the doctor patient privilege. The only thing that's important here is that everybody knows if you've been vaccinated or not.

7. Think about grandma!

Seriously, did you even think about what would happen to your grandmother if you didn't get the vaccine?!?!?!?! C’mon man.

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8. Peer Pressure

Because other people are telling you that you should get the vaccine. If other people telling you to do something you should probably do it. Even if against your better judgment or your own personal moral code. Because there is nothing more important in the world than what other people think of you. So if people start pressuring you into doing something you don't want to do you have to do it.

9. Herd immunity

Herd immunity used to mean that enough people were exposed to a virus or bacteria that the large group of that society would be immune to that disease and it would not stay a long-term issue. But because they change the definition of heard immunity now it means the most people are vaccinated. So in order to make the people who are changing the definitions of words right we have to listen to them. Otherwise they'd be wrong and then you'd be wrong for making them wrong even though they are actually wrong.

10. Follow the science

People who are against getting vaccines don't follow the science. You don't wanna be known as one of those stupid, racist anti-VAX people. This drug hasn't even been on the market for a year and people are already questioning if it's safe or not, it's efficacy and how much of a true vaccine it really is. Whenever you hear anyone questioning the vaccine in that kind of manner you know that they are a critical thinker and that they're dangerous to others. Tell them “no thanks I don't wanna hear anything from your stupid anti-VAX cult” make sure you scream it out on the street and pointed them.


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on June 15, 2021:

It is a fear for many, and I do believe everyone has a right to make their own choice.

I wish everyone would take it do this virus would disappear, but I think it's here to stay.

I took both of mine & I'm glad I did.

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