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Reading books v/s watching a movie

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Is reading books better than watching movies?
In the modern world, for some people reading books is no longer an enjoyable activity. Consequently, movies have replaced books in several ways. However, according to me, reading a book is still better than watching movies due to the following reasons.

Firstly, reading books is a relaxing activity which reduces stress.
When we read, we are still and we get comfortable. Reading does not require any physical activity nor movements. Therefore our body is at rest. We get transported in the fantasy world built by the author without worrying about our real life problems. For many booklovers, reading is an escape to the real life and instead live in the fictional world with magic and other wonders. While reading we cannot think of other tasks or worries. Because of all this reasons reading does reduce stress.

Moreover, reading stimulates imagination. When we read about a new world with new characters ,our mind itself creates the imaginative images in our heads, rather than simply saving images from small screens in memory. The world building and character development of books also help in imagination .This is so as we are introduced to whole new things. Lastly, reading encourages us to think as we get new ideas and imagination.

However , it can also be argued that movies are better than books due to the following reasons. Firstly, movies can unite people socially.Reading books is a rather solitary activity. Books also discourage socialising and hanging out. On the other hand , watching a movie is a perfect activity for a group . Moreover, as books is a time-consuming activity, it may reduce time spent with family and friends.

Furthermore, movies are extremely engaging. The experience is much different as well as wonderful. Also, when watching a movie, a clear cut picture is shown to better portray the story . Special effects are added to movies making it visually pleasing and appealing. Overall really enjoyable!

In the end , whether books is better than movies or not , totally depend on the individual and his preferences. Both are good in their own ways

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