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Reading a Book - the Davinci Code - How Long Will It Take for Me to Finish It?


Day One

Now, mind you, I have not started reading the book yet. I did open it slightly to see the last page number, and I did glance through the introduction, plus I am aware the first page I found, as I recall, had some blurby statement about something... Do not know if blurby is a word or not. Must be, since spell check left it alone...

Great start. Now the book has sat for several hours.

I am a Little Nervous

Yes. I am afraid I will start reading and I won't be able to stop reading until the last word has been perused. Like reading a Danielle Steele novel. Those drag me in and I cannot put them down.


Sigh. I'm still not started. Today may be the day. Amidst taking relatives to appointments, bringing in aluminum cans for recycling, delivering cat foods and beverages, bringing back flashlights that have been repaired, I don't know when I will have time to read anything, but I'll bring it with and have it ready.

The Cover

You know the old, 'don't judge a book by its cover" saying? Well, the cover of the book that I have, is interesting.

I did not look at it very closely when I picked it up off the free pile. I had just heard of the DaVinci Code movie and thought to myself that if I was going to read a book, it may as well be one I have heard of, or seen the movie it is the inspiration for.

The cover is pretty. I'm assuming the eyes on my copy are the eyes of the Mona Lisa, and not the eyes of the author, Dan Brown. One never knows. One shouldn't assume anything.

The middle of the cover, shows a bunch of white speckles, upon closer look, is a bunch of Greek letters. or symbols. Greek, or is it Hebrew? This is completely wasted on me.

According to the picture, all these symbols are peeling off Mona's face. Mona, herself looks very old and tired. Her face is full of minute cracks and splits.

Nothing that a little lotion couldn't fix, I'm sure. [This is where we giggle together..]

Inside the Cover

As you open my copy of the book, there is a page full of raves, mostly from publishers.

This first page has my blood pressure spiked. There are adjectives buried in the sentences that are highlighted in bold letters. I can barely contain my excitement.





My fingers, once removed once again from this keyboard, will [gasp] turn the page of this story...

The Acknowledgments


The Priory of Sion


Le Dossiers Secrets

Okay, you know me, I cannot read a page without seeing something that sparks my curiosity.

What is a dossier?

According to Google a Dossier is


Acknowledgements and Thanks

Two pages of thanks and credits to the people who made it possible for this book to get off the ground.

Support is an important thing. Where would we all end up without the support and encouragement of the people who believe in us, and who stand by until the first book is sold, and cheer us on.

On to Page One - no - the Prologue

Setting the scene, I guess. It's at night. It's almost 11 p.m. we are at the Louvre Museum, Paris.

My grandma was born in Paris, so the page has my attention. The curator, Jacques Sauniere is introduced.

Jacques Sauniere

Okay. I had to look it up. He is so real sounding, but he is not real. Oh, and now I owe Wikipedia $2.75 for clicking. Pay them for me, won't you?

I Like

So far, I'm enjoying the book. I'm five pages in but, to me, it's like getting a package of candy. There's stuff that grips my mind and I need to digress momentarily. This is why I get nothing done while I try to read.

Rereading the Details

I have read, and re-read the first page now several times. More adjectives. Renowned. Staggered. Vaulted. Gilded frame. Seventy-six-year-old. Heaving. Heap.

A thundering iron gate fell nearby. What? Like a guillotine? Now, he's stuck in there. He is under the painting. Alarms are ringing.

He is gasping for breath. (I don't know why that made me chuckle softly) but now, there is someone else there. Someone is watching him in his struggle. Someone who was following him. Thankfully, on the other side of that gate that slammed shut.

It's an albino, with pale skin and dark red eyes. And. He has a gun. Pointed at our Jacques.


So, apparently, there were four of these men who knew the secret. Yes. You read that right. But, if you are expecting me to do a spoiler and tell you, I can't, since Mr. Brown neglected to include that particular detail in the first chapter. But, poor Mr. Sauniere's grand plan has backfired. Yeppers. Mr. "Mountainous Silhouette" was apparently a very skilled attacker and shot the curator in such a way, he would quickly die a miserable septic death before the help he needed would arrive.

But - Before He Died He Did Something...

Chapter One begins.

Yes. All that exciting stuff wasn't even the first chapter. And, (sarcastically speaking), I'm even further behind, since I reread the Prologue several times, and let me tell you I'm hanging here.

I got sucked into the story. Slurrrrrp!

Okay - Chapter One

I confided I to my daughter this morning that I was going to read this book today, so tonight when she called me after work to hear about my book adventure, I was able to proudly tell her how far I had read. Yes. Progress.

I told her, "I am on page 6!"

There was a pause, and I think she snorted...

Chapter One

This is where we meet the next few characters.

First we meet a speaker, Robert Langdon, who has become rather famous lecturing on Religious Symbology.

His connection to the curator is that they were going to get together for drinks after his lecture the previous evening, but, as you and I are aware, the curator was having troubles getting there.

Mr. Langdon was trying to sleep when he was awoke with insistent phone calls and a loud pounding on his hotel door.

It was the French version of the FBI, asking questions about a photo they had of the curator with his wounds, bent up like a pretzel, which he had done to himself, apparently.

You know, "the secret."

( Which you and I still do not know)


Chapter Two

Now, we are back to the mysterious man who shot the gun at Mr. Sauniere.

After reading this chapter, I feel some pity for the man, as he is only doing his job, but he seems to be doing the deeds while doing a sort of offbeat cleansing ritual, namely with sadomasochistic inclinations.

Picturing this man with a thigh collar with a bunch of sharp spikes isn't easy, but it's causing me emotional pain. There is a knotted rope he uses to beat himself as well.

Oh, and, he has a name. He is Silas.

Chapter Three

Here we are, in a swift car, with Mr. Langdon. The window is open. He is not alone. It says he is in the passenger seat. Shotgun!

It's April, and chilly. They are traveling south. The poor man has had no sleep. He had a shower and a shave, so he isn't a total derelict, but he is still an emotional mess.

He had been so looking forward to his meeting with the curator, and now, his meeting had evolved in an entirely different direction.

As the car sped forth, absorbed in his own thoughts, the driver attempted conversation, which was an abrupt interruption to romantic lingering memories, so when he was asked a question about climbing the Eiffel Tower, his mind mixed the two conversations.

(When you get your own copy of the book, you will know what I mean) the driver asked him if he had ever mounted her, (meaning, climbed the Eiffel) at the same time he was remembering kissing some woman named Victoria. I would have been startled, and confused as well.

Poor Mr. Langdon. Of course, Paris does have a reputation. What happens in Paris, stays in Paris!

Chapter Three

I have never been to the city of my heritage, but I shall have to Google MapQuest the route listed in this book.

The Hotel Ritz, Paris


The Possible Route


Still Chapter Three

So, we have arrived at our destination. A man is waiting for Mr. Langdon.

He introduced himself.

A captain, Bezu Fache, nicknamed le Taureau. "The Bull." He is the top dog in charge of the Central Judicial Police.

Langdon shook his hand and volunteered the information that he had seen the photo of the body.

Apparently, that wasn't all Sauniere left behind...

With that, we leave Chapter Three.

Chapter Four

Apparently, Captain Bezu Fache earned his bull reputation. It is well deserved. All that was missing is him snorting and pawing the ground.

So. Mr. Langdon follows him through the building. There are other armed police there, guarding the entrance. No one gets in, or out, without permission. For Fache's sake.

Chapter Four

As the two of them make their way through the building, there is light conversation about some of the features found there.

I was most interested in the containment security. According to this chapter of the book, security is utmost, and if you a thief, you will be stuck in there until help (??) arrives to re- confine you to a jail cell.

Chapter Four

There are some random ramblings about how many panes of glass are in the pyramid, and what lighting is used after hours.

Remember that iron grate that earlier slammed down? Well now, it's raised two feet in the air and they are expected to slide underneath it to enter the next area. You first, sir.

Langdon had trouble getting through, getting his tweed stuck on a grate and banging his head on it.

Chapter Five

Hmmm. Suddenly, we are quantum leaped to a building in New York City. Murray Hill Place. Here we meet Bishop Manuel Aringarosa. He is heading back to Rome.

While on the airplane, he receives a phone call about Silas. The message is about a keystone that Silas has located in a church in Paris.

This Bishop is needed to obtain it.

Poor Silas. He is covered with blood from that rope with the knots, but somehow he feels better about things.

Chapter Six

Zzzzrrrrp. Here we are, back with Mr. Langdon who has stood up after his gateway experience.

Of course, he has extensive knowledge of paintings, and that painting that Mr. Sauniere ripped off the wall to activate the trap gate, is still laying on the floor.

His first words, after looking at a random picture in a dimly lit room is to inquire if it's a Caravaggio.

Really? I would have to walk over to it myself, bend over and stare at it and see if there is a signature. So, this Langdon fellow is quite well versed.

Chapter Six

The painting, for whatever reason, is valued at (at the time, if it really exists, that is) $2 million dollars.

...and it's laying on the floor. Damaged, I'm sure. Captain Fache explains that this is how the alarm system was triggered. Also, that it was, a crime scene, and nothing had been moved.

However, the killer was not trapped by the system. He was locked out. Sauniere, unfortunately was the person who was trapped within. Security followed up following protocol, finding the body after an intense search for a criminal. None found.

He had used his own blood to paint a symbol on his body.

Chapter Six

I don't know about you, but I suddenly have the chills. I have cold fingers and I feel a light chill across my shoulders.

Perhaps I should check on my wood stove. Perhaps it's out. Let me go check and see.

Chapter Six

So now, we have a bunch going on. We have a naked, dead body. We have blood drawn in symbols. There is a pen in Sauniere's grip, but a forensic black light was needed to see the symbols and (??) Words scrawled on the floor, revealed only with the light of a black light bulb.

At this point, no one really knows what happened, or why. Nobody knows the meaning of anything, except Mr. Langdon, whose knowledge of symbols is being stretched beyond belief.

He asks why, and Fache tells him that that's why they have brought him here. To give them the answer.

Meanwhile, back in Sauniere's office, at the Louvre, a Leutenant has just placed a set of headphones on his head and is preparing to listen to the answer that is now being taped.

Chapter Seven

Of course, we are no longer in the Louvre. No, through the time hopping effect, enter Sister Sandrine.

Of course, she gets a phone call. Someone, not mentioning any names, but we know, right.. wants to visit the church with the keystone.

It's urgent, of course. Person is in town, tonight. Their plane leaves early. This person has always dreamed of seeing the place.

Call it woman's intuition, but Sister has a feeling about this, and it's not a good feeling.

A Keystone Definition

Pay the man on your way out, please

Pay the man on your way out, please

Chapter Eight

Back to Langdon and his analyzing of the writing on the floor. What I find amazing is that this dying man had a functioning pen, had enough fortitude and time to take his clothes off, poke a finger in his own blood and draw a symbol on himself in the dark, while simultaneously writing a message on the floor, and then, as death drew near, assuming the position on the floor of whatever symbol he was communicating. Yikes. Have you ever gone into a fetal position when your stomach hurts..

Don't think about it as much as I do. I'm happy I'm to page 47.

I have bragging rights!

Chapter Eight

Okay, so the purple scrawled letters on the floor make no sense to me.

I feel sorry for Langdon. He is trapped. He is not going back to his nice warm bed any time suddenly.

But, seemingly, he has become suspect number one.

Chapter Nine

Here we go.

So, Langdon is in the Louvre with Fache. Fache has turned off his phone, but the phone is also a pager. So, bear with me, there is a lot going on in a few pages here.

First, Fache get the page, and he is very ticked off about it and tells the caller that he is very busy and doesn't want to be disturbed. The caller informs him that the message on the floor has been translated and the translator is on the way to see him.

Tangled web time.

Minutes later, she arrives in the room with Fache and Langdon. Agent Neveu.

Fache is the one who sent pictures of the writing on the floor to whomever could translate it. However, this translator, apparently is some woman that works in the department, who turns eyes, heads, but not stomachs. Fache's reaction is, not a positive one, more of a - no, not now!!!

Agent Neveu has a message to deliver for Langdon. There is some conversation about an important message from the U.S.A., for Langdon, and, Langdon ends up taking the phone number and dialing the call on Fache's phone, and, for some reason - it's her phone number, and he gets her voice mail, and..

I need to catch my breath. The bottom line is, this third person has come to save Langdon from something sinister, and while he is on the phone, listening to her voice telling him not to freak out, but to follow her specific instructions, the chapter ends, leaving us, again, waiting...

Chapter Ten

Meanwhile, Silas is in an Audi, on his way to the Church.

Silas, is not his real name, but a name given to him by the Bishop Aringarosa, during a period of his life when Silas's life took a turn for the worst, and Silas had rescued the bishop from someone who was beating him up.

[It's better if you read it yourself.]

At any rate, Silas was the name of some guy in the Bible who suffered similar conditions and so that name was given to Silas by the Bishop. So, the Bishop and Silas have this connection. Since Silas has been hired to go to the Church to retrieve whatever it is, the few people involved must take a step back, and let nature take its course.

Chapter Eleven

A slight pause, or break. Mr. Langdon is in the restroom.

Agent Neveu has departed since her input on the writing on the floor wasn't acceptable to Captain Fache. She, in no uncertain terms, told him that the clue left was a joke, but he apparently was not amused.

Langdon, after his phone message, decided he needed to use the Biffy, so Fache told him he would meet him at Sauniere's office.

In the office, there was some discussion of where Agent Neveu was. They knew Mr. Langdon was in the bathroom because there was an electronic red dot on their screen.

Although, he did get some instructions in that message. And, he has been in the bathroom for quite some time...

Chapter 12

Guess where we are now... Did you guess inside the bathroom? Good job!

Actually, I was quite surprised to find Agent Neveu and Mr. Langdon in the bathroom together. I was also right that Mr. Langdon was told to go to this particular bathroom, and, she informed him he had an electronic bug in his tweed coat pocket.

She also had a photo of the message written on the floor. That Sauniere wrote before he died.

Chapter 13

Right. The message written on the floor. The invitation to get together for drinks. The last line in the message was actually P.S. find Robert Langdon, which total incriminates Mr. Langdon who, as we recall, had not met Sauniere.

But, Agent Neveu knew him pretty well. P.S. was Sauniere's pet name for her. We assume she was in some sort of May/December relationship. Nope.

Sauniere was her grandfather.

At this point I closed the book and dropped it on my table. Who would have ever come up with that. Dan Brown.

Chapter 14

Fache is starting to get more impatient. The electronic dot is still kind of moving around in the bathroom. It has been ten minutes, however.

Fache wonders if Langdon has figured out he has a bug. The Leutenant assures him that if he knew, it would stop moving and he would be trying to escape.

The Leutenant has an opinion that there is something fishy going on, and now there is yet another phone call, from the Cryptology Department. Concerning Sophie Neven.

Chapter Fifteen

Silas has reached the church. He leaves his gun in the car. There are girls on the corner and although he momentarily wants to play, his thigh collar sends him painfully back to reality. He is celibate and that is all there is to that.

He knocks on the door, three times. Bang. Bang. Bang.

The door starts to open.

Chapter Sixteen

Sophie has decided that Langdon needs to leave the building, whether he is willing or not.

Chapter Seventeen

Agent Neveu has made a decision.

Langdon needs to get to the U.S. Embassy for protection.

The alarm goes off and the security dot shows some activity.

Langdon has gone out on the ledge, and has jumped.

Chapter Eighteen

Okay. This chapter was moving so fast, I got breathless reading it.

The window got broken, alarms blaring. The tracking device squished onto a bar of soap and tossed out window, landing on top of a truck driving by.

Because the security team was watching Langdon's tracking dot, on their screen, it must be him escaping. "He is going across the bridge" in a vehicle. Fache was outside and looked to his left:

Fache saw the truck leaving, and made arrangements for his police team to arrest Langdon when they stopped the truck.

Meanwhile, Langdon and Neveu were still both in the shadows at the Louvre. Langdon now had a whole different level of respect for Neveu.

Chapter Nineteen

So, the door opens and Sister Sandrine lets him into the Church. Saint-Sulpice.

It's a massive, plain church that looks like an overturned boat inside. She, of course, has been expecting him, for years.

It's late at night, and he wishes to complete his task and tells her that he wishes to be alone. She finally relents to letting him stay there alone. She pretends to leave but finds a spot in the darkness where she can spy on him.

We Interrupt this Story...

Char, here. I looked on Amazon to see if you could purchase your own copy. Kindle, as well.

Of course you can. However, I did not realize that this is part of a massive series of books. You recall that this was a free book for me.

Yes. There are seven books.

Well, in the event you are tired of waiting for the next chapter. [I have a life, you know] ... smile. These things take time. But, thank you for your patience.

These Are the Seven Titles Available

Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, Inferno, Origin, Digital Fortress, Deception Point.

Chapter Twenty

So, now we are back to the Louvre. Langdon and Neveu are trying to exit, quietly. As they move through the building, they converse about the code left by Sauniere. Neveu is there because the Cryptology department was called.

Langdon is there because the words written make him a person of interest in the case. Between him and she, they both have their specific knowledge points. The numeric sequence is one he taught in his classes, amazing students with his revelations on what famous objects included the number 1.618.

Apparently, in the Louvre, Leonardo Da Vinci The Mona Lisa, thus indicated by the scrambled letters of the code scrawled on the floor.

Chapter Twenty-One

Well, now, they have only so much time before Fache is back, since there's not much glory in arresting a bar of soap.

This code, this scrambling of letters, it's so close and so far away. They muse about what Sauniere was trying to say. But, since his granddaughter is also trying to figure things out, and Langdon is trying to figure things out, the two of them have to come together on what they have in common.

Neveu thinks he should get to her car and leave for the U.S. Embassy. He wanders through the building, and as he ponders the message, he realizes that there is something that speaks to him.

He needs to go back to the painting.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Silas ponders his duty.

Now, he looks around to see if he is alone. He feels like there is someone on the balcony, but, he shakes off that feeling. No one is there. He is alone in the room.

He directs his attention to the Rose Line. A brass polished strip of metal in the stone wall. It points to an Egyptian obelisk. [I'm going to have to go to Wikipedia again for the information on what I'm reading. Sigh. I'm going to owe them $2.75 again... would you be a dear and pay them for me?]

Apparently, these two objects are fairly famous, like an ancient sundial, from a temple that had stood on this site long, long ago. The symbol is used to point directions, north, south, east and west. It is also found on all maps.

Meanwhile, back at the airport, the plane carrying Aringarosa is landing. He has high expectations on how the evening will progress.

Chapter Twenty-Three

So, now, Langdon has reached Neveu, who is confused as to why he has not left the building.

He has been pondering the P.S. portion of the message, and Sophie is convinced that it means Princess Sophie like her grandfather told her, years ago. Well, this is partially true, but actually, it has to do with the Priory of Sion. Some secret group that Leonardo Da Vinci and others were involved in.

You see, it was her birthday, when she was small, and she was looking in her grandfathers stuff for a gift, and spotted this necklace with a P.S. on it, and then, her grandfather came into the room.

He was angry with her for snooping in his stuff. Her birthday was put on hold, but, later at bedtime, she found an envelope on her bed, and she spent a bit of time following the clues, which, led her back to the same room, and there was a nice, shiny bicycle for her.

But, back to the necklace. It had P.S. and a fleur-de-lis on it. The mark of the secret society. He lied to her and told her that it was her secret name. So, all these thoughts came rushing back to her tonight, as she ponders Sauniere's message.

Langdon is back because the initials P.S. and the Fleur-de-lis spark a memory of information that he knows about, and the Mona Lisa painting has that look in her eyes, like she knows something. Of course, the fleur-de-lis or flower of lisa, Mona Lisa.

It's becoming clearer.

Meanwhile, a confused truck driver is pulled over and an angry police captain is tossing a bar of soap in the river.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Silas is by the obelisk, reciting some ancient clue in his head.

The keystone is hidden beneath the Rose Line. At the base of the Sulpice obelisk. This was information given to him by his victims.

He knelt on the floor and started tapping and listening. Tap. Tap. Thump.

There's a hollow under the tile. The tap tone changed. His victims had told the truth.

Meanwhile, up in the balcony Sister Sandrine is having inner dialogue as well. The time has come. This intruder is after what she has been guarding all these years The secret.


Chapter Twenty-Five

The phone rings at the U.S. Embassy, Paris. The night operator answers.

The caller explains that his name is Langdon and that he has been informed that he has a message waiting for him. He also has a three digit code to release the message.

The operator says, "No. We have no such message. We took out the message system years ago. Now are phone messages are handwritten on paper."

He hangs up.

Fache is dumbfounded.

Then, it occurs to him that Langdon used his phone to make the call. Paper trail.

He redials the number.

He hears the voice on the answering machine. He has reached the voice mail of Sophie Neveu.

"Please enter the password."

4. 5. 4.

Now, he is angry.

Chapter Twenty-Six

The Mona Lisa is a special painting.

Langdon used to teach convicts in a special class about Da Vinci.

If you know Leonardo Da Vinci at all, you are aware that he was not into women. His painting is intentionally painted with errors.

The background isn't quite right. It's painted with both male and female characteristics. According to this chapter, the painting is based on some ancient rules about facial sides. This was altered by making the background of the painting crooked, by messing up the horizon line.

All to represent the painting as being both male and female. Based on two God's, Amon and L'isa.

Amon L'isa. Or, as anagrams go, Mona Lisa.

So, now, Langdon and Neveu are using a black light on the painting, which now lights up six words scrawled across Mona's face.

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Fache calls Sauniere's office to talk to Lieutenant Collet. Fache tells him about the bar of soap. Evidence that is now in the river.

The two of them discuss that Agent Neveu interfered on their sting.

But, where are Langdon and Neveu? They can only assume that the two are still in the Louvre. So, now Fache wants them found and held at gunpoint until he can get there.

Fache sends the truck driver on his way, then ordered half of his men to go guard the outside of the U.S. embassy should Langdon happen to show up there.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

As Langdon looks at the words written on Mona's face, he tells Neveu that these words prove that Sauniere was a member of the Priory.

But, of course, there are forces on the way.

Agent Neveu suddenly notices someone is coming. She tells Langdon to hide and rushes to a spot herself, leaving Langdon in the dark.

He cannot see, but, it's too late. The guard has caught up with him and tells him to lie down. Face down.

Like another one of Da Vinci's drawings, the Vitruvian Man.

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Meanwhile, at the church, Silas was trying to break open the tile that enclosed the hidden compartment that held the next clue.

It was a stone with a Bible inscription. Lucky for Silas, he spotted a Bible a few feet away and turned to the suggested verse.

Up in the balcony, the Sister was watching Silas, and then, decided she needed to alert some people whose phone numbers were noted in an envelope.

Silas, on the other hand, was confused by the message he was reading:

" Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further."

(Is this another scrambled clue?)

Chapter Thirty

As the guard held Langdon facedown in the spread eagle position, Sophie had figured out her grandfather's next clue. The chain and key was wedged behind a painting. The same one that she had gotten in trouble for when she was a kid.

It was hers now, as her grandfather had promised. And, it unlocks something, somewhere.

She told the guard she would put her knee through the painting if he did not release Langdon.

Then, she gave instructions to the guard, and she and Langdon headed down the stairs, two at a time.

Chapter Thirty-One

Sister Sandrine dialed the first phone number. Then, in succession, the next four.

Silas appeared. He told her, "They are all dead."

He asked her where the keystone was. She claimed she didn't know.

Then, he hit her with with a candle stand. As she fell, her last thoughts were that the truth she'd been protecting, was lost forever.

Chapter Thirty-Two

Okay, so Sophie and Langdon have reached the Louvre parking lot. The alarm has sounded, and they can hear police sirens in the distance.

They had some conversation about her car being the smallest car ever, and they got in and prepared to leave.

She thought about taking a shortcut through some hedge, but Langdon told her no, since there was another security feature hidden in the hedge. A large hole that was bigger than her car.

She turned and left the parking lot and headed down the street. By now, the police were in pursuit. She was driving like a maniac, and then realized they were not being followed at all.

As she drove, she headed to the U. S. Embassy, and told Langdon she was going to show him the object left in the painting by her grandfather.

Of course, as she drove she was thinking of her grandfather. About a moment, some years back, when she came to visit him and there was some strange ritual happening in an unknown room behind the wall, down some stairs. She had left, leaving a note, and the key she used to unlock the door.

Now, driving to the U. S. Embassy, Langdon tells her to stop. The embassy is surrounded by police. She stops, turns around and goes in a different direction.

Unfortunately, now the police are following them.

Chapter Thirty-Three

As Sophie sped away, Langdon wished he had stayed at the Louvre. Sophie removed the key from her pocket and handed it to Langdon. His first thoughts were that it looked like a mini version of a gravesite spike. But, she told him it had a laser-cut barcode. Her grandfather had told her it opened a box.

But, now, they needed a plan.

Sophie drove to the train depot, talked a cab driver into leaving without them, and told Langdon they were getting two tickets out of Paris.

He liked this idea even less.

Chapter Thirty-Four

Bishop Aringarosa was picked up from the airport by an unimpressive Fiat sedan. He recalled the early days of big luxury cars as he rode, he wondered why they had sent for him.

It was an absolute mystery to him where the car was taking him, but in comparison to last year's trip, he hoped this one would be better. Like a photo shoot with the Pope, or some sort of Open House.

But, he doubted it.

No, he was going to the Pope's summer home. This home was equipped with two powerful telescopes, and he was met at the parking lot by Father Mangano.

Once again, Aringarosa was turned off to all of it, and to himself, criticized it all.

However, the news he got inside made him clench his fists once back inside the Fiat. He was a little nervous. Still no news that Silas had succeeded.

He reassured himself that everything would work out, and started meditating.

Chapter Thirty-Five

Sophie had Langdon buy the tickets with his credit card. He knew that this would lead to them being captured at their destination, but he decided against arguing.

They walked towards the exit. The cab was waiting for them. Sophie and Langdon got in, and she tore up the train tickets. The police lights passed them, headed in the opposite direction. They ducked down a little and the sirens faded into the distance.

Now to plan B.

Meanwhile, Langdon was examining the key, decided it had an odor. Rubbing alcohol. He thought that was odd, and then, he asked Sophie for her blacklight.

There was writing on the back of the key. An address. Sophie told the cab driver to head to it. But, meanwhile she needed to talk to Langdon about that secret ritual she had witnessed ten years ago.

So, Sophie tells Langdon, "tell me everything you know about the Priory of Sion."

Chapter Thirty-Six

Once again, Bezu Fache is upset.

There is news. They have located Agent Neveu's car. At the train depot. Their tickets are noted, but Fache has decided it's another bar of soap.

He puts out an A.P.B. He flagged both Langdon and Neveu as fugitives. He figured he would have them in custody before dawn.

Chapter Thirty-Seven

As the cab driver makes his way through a dark, tree filled park, with people from all walks of life looking to share themselves for a sum, Sophie asks Langdon to explain the Priory of Sion to her.

The brotherhood had been around a long time. They protected some information that only the rich and powerful were aware of.

Some of them were sent a letter announcing the brotherhood of wrongdoings punishable by death. It happened long ago on the thirteenth, a Friday.

But, some survived, and the secret they were sworn to protect, was again hidden somewhere.

Apparently, the Holy Grail.

Chapter Thirty-Eight

Sophie thought he was kidding. No, way! The Holy Grail? The cup that was used for the last supper, Holy Grail?

Langdon started to explain that the cup is only half of the story. Coupled with the documents recovered by the brotherhood of Knights from the Temple they had stayed in and excavated in the ruins.

You see, Langdon was writing a book about this very subject, and, he was not the first person, historically speaking, to believe. None of these historian's writings could compete with history, especially when endorsed by yet another bestseller, The Bible.

Now, suddenly, Langdon's memories are interrupted by Sophie grabbing Langdon's gun and yelling at the cab driver. The cab driver had picked up his microphone as an announcement was coming over his radio about the A.P.B. on Langdon and Neveu.

Sophie told the driver to get out of the car and made Langdon take the wheel.

Unfortunately, he isn't familiar with a stick shift.

As we say, "if you can't find them, grind them" as the car lurched forward.

Chapter Thirty-Nine

Ah, poor Silas. He is not having a good day, at all!

There is no honor among thieves, apparently, and Silas has learned the hard way. The brothers had lied, and Silas has just killed a nun. Yes. She is laying in her bed, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out foul play.

There is that broken tile, as well.

Silas has messed things up. Now, there is only one way to get forgiveness. He removed his robe and reached for the Discipline once again.

Chapter Forty

Langdon tried to herd the beast down the road through the trees, only stalling out twice.

Meanwhile, the dispatcher kept asking the absent cab driver to respond. Langdon stopped the cab and told Sophie to drive. They still needed to find the address listed on the key.

Over the years, there had been many conspiracy theories about where the location of the Grail actually might be. Sophie started picturing the ritual she had witnessed.

Now, the cab pulled to a stop in front of the Depository Bank of Zurich. They were holding the key to a Swiss bank deposit box.

Chapter Forty-One

Bishop Aringarosa stepped from the Fiat. The mountain air was cold and sent a chill down his spine. He was outside a castle. He had been there five months ago. Tonight, the same priest met him at the door.

He could see lights in the library through the windows.

The priest escorted him upstairs. In the library, there were four walls of books up to the ceiling. It was a majestic room with a beautiful marble floor with basalt trim.

There was a briefcase full of Vatican bonds for Aringarosa. He needed to sign a form and then he was again, headed back to the Fiat.

They asked him where he was headed from there, and he turned and told them "Paris."

Chapter Forty-Two

The bank was set up for anonymous transactions.The key unlocked the doors and they pulled the cab in. Twice they had to insert their key to unlock electronic gates.

Sophie parked the cab. The door on the building had no sign in it, but just a keyhole. They entered. The door closed behind them. The building was, in effect, a vault.

There was a man inside, behind a counter. Sophie shows him the key. He tells her that her elevator is at the end of the hall. She asks which floor and he says that the key knows.

Apparently, the guard recognized them as being the fugitives. However, as the authorities were alerted, quietly, they were escorted to the safety deposit box, there was some discussion about inherited keys, and a brief tutorial of accessing their box.

He explained that the computer will retrieve the box and bring it to the room. They are told that they can stay in the room as long as they wish.

She asked for a clarification about whether the computer needed a name or account number entered. He said that she needed a number.

Meanwhile, Fache was telling his men to skip the train and head over to the bank. Right away!

Chapter Forty-Three

Andre Vernet, president of the bank, lives in an apartment above the bank. It is very nice there, but he dreams of owning an apartment by the river where he could have some regular companions, instead of the rich people he was stuck with.

He dreams of retiring with good wine in his cellar and going to flea markets and antique shops.

Tonight, he had been awoke and needed to attend to Langdon and Sophie. He was used to this routine. However, tonight was different. Gold key clients, and fugitives at large.

He was shocked to see Sophie. He claimed that he was a good friend of her grandfather. Then he asked if they had murdered Sauniere, since that was why the police were coming.

The box needed a 10 digit numeric code, exactly the numbers Sauniere had written on the floor.

Chapter Forty-Four

Well. Isn't this fun, and exciting! What an unexpected turn of events.

Before you press enter, please verify the accuracy of your account number. If the number is incorrect, the computer will shut down.

The numbers on the sheet of paper seemed incorrect to Sophie. She reasoned that there was a numeric sequence that the numbers became when sorted. She typed in the new, adjusted number. She hit enter.

It wasn't immediately obvious that she had succeeded, until the conveyor belt started to move.

A plastic crate with latches appeared. There was a box inside. The box had an inlay carved into the top. A five petal rose. The Priory's symbol for the Holy Grail. Perhaps the box contains the chalice.

The box gurgled as she moved it. When they opened the box, it was definitely not the Cup of Christ.

Chapter Forty-Five

Andre came into the room and the announced that the police were blocking the street. He also saw that they had succeeded in getting their safety deposit box. This fact changed his attitude.

He told them that he needed to get them out of the bank undetected.

He got a driver's uniform, truck keys and had Sophie and Langdon get in the back of the truck. As he started through the bank gates exit, the police stopped him. They wanted him to open the back of the truck, but he made up some story about how drivers had no keys for anything but the ignition.

The police noticed his expensive watch and doubted his story, but Andre told him he bought it for $20 and would sell it for $40. The cop said, "no thanks. Have a safe trip!"

Now, Andre thought to himself as he eased the truck onto the road now where to?

Chapter Forty-Six

Silas is laying down. On his stomach. His slash wounds clotting. He is still wearing the knife belt on his thigh. Blood is dripping from his thigh.

Failure. Failure. Failure. Failure.

Five months ago, the Bishop had told him some bad news. But, Silas had done what he was told to do by The Teacher, and felt failure. Now, a phone call to the Teacher to admit the truth. I have failed. All is lost.

No. [responds the Teacher All is going to be okay. Jacques Sauniere has transferred the information before he died. We will be in touch.

Chapter Forty-Seven

Langdon and Sophie are in the back of the armored truck. Langdon is fighting two things. He's claustrophobic and his legs are falling asleep. As he sat there, he dug the rosewood box out of his jacket. They both looked at it, and they decided to open it.

Inside was a decorative looking object. One with wheels with letters on the rings. Langdon recalled having a toy like it when a boy. This one sounded like it was full of liquid, as some light sloshing was heard as he held it.

Sophie looked at it and recalled that her grandfather used to build these objects as a hobby. The actual object was invented by Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci had many inventions that he never built, and it was Sauniere's hobby to try to bring these objects to life. Da Vinci was into codes and crypts.

This object was no different. Sophie said that she had received one such object from her grandfather when she was young. You need a password to open it, and if you screw it up, the liquid inside would destroy the document. Nothing super toxic, just vinegar, but it was enough to mush up the papyrus inside.

A five digit password, but with twelve million possible combinations.

The rose, this special species of rose, had only five petals. Five petals that were arranged in a five star manner, like a pentagon.

Langdon all of a sudden started pondering the meanings of all of this. All of a sudden, he said, "I think I know what all of this means."

Chapter Forty-Eight

Langdon could hardly believe what he was thinking, but as he explained to Sophie, too many of the things he knows about are coinciding with the proofs that are being revealed as they speak.

His supposition included thinking that Sauniere was part of a secret society. Sophie agreed, since that was the real reason that she and her grandfather had not spoken in ten years. Remember, she had witnessed a secret meeting.

Langdon had been invited to meet with Sauniere, but he had not made it. Langdon himself was quite knowledgeable about the Priory.

So, as they pondered all these things, the truck stopped, and the door opened and Vernet was standing there with a pistol pointed at them, and told them to get out of the vehicle.

Chapter Forty-Nine

Andre Vernet was standing there with a pistol.

He demanded that they hand over the box. Sophie argued with him that it was her personal property now and they would not hand it over. He fired a shot and then asked again for the box.

Langdon carried the box to the back of the truck and set it down, but spied the spent shell within reach. He pushed the bullet casing into the opening by the door. Vernet tried to close the door, but it was jammed. Suddenly, the door of the truck smashed into his face. There was some shouting and scurrying.

As he lay there on the gravel, he felt the gravel and smoke from the tailpipe hit him in the face. Sure enough, the truck was leaving him behind, and they had the box.

Chapter Fifty

Bishop Aringarosa is sitting in the back seat of the Fiat and tries to see if he has had any phone calls. The driver tells him that there isn't any signal up here.

Well. That's great. The Teacher has probably tried to call and he didn't answer. Worse than that, he probably thought he was on the run. With the money.

There was no voicemail. But, of course not. Why would the Teacher leave a paper trail. Aringarosa did not even have the Teacher's phone number. [Well, unless he would check his recent call log on his phone... of course, maybe this is old enough that there wasn't any Smart phone information yet...]

Chapter Fifty-One

So, the bumper of the armored truck was dragging, causing sparks. The headlights had been knocked loose.

Vernet had informed them that they, Langdon and Sophie, were wanted for four murders that evening. There was only one person they could ask about the Grail now.

And, he is a real knight. He lives in an estate called Chateau Villette.

Chapter Fifty-Two

Ah, Chateau Villette. It is a 185 acres of history. Designed in 1668 for a Count, is one of Paris's most significant landmarks.

So. Langdon brought the armored car to a stop near the gate. Since his colleague was somewhat of an eccentric, the microphone for the gate wasn't on his side of the vehicle.

Sophie thought it best for Langdon to do the talking, so Langdon leaned over to the passenger window. Awkward. He could now smell Sophie's perfume. Hmmm. When in Paris, ooh lala?

At any rate, the microphone speaker started ringing. Some operator answered. Who is calling? Langdon started to explain that he was a friend and needed Sir Leigh Teabings help in a matter."

The operator told him he would have to come back another time. Sir needed his beauty sleep.

Langdon said the magic words, "tell him I have uncovered new information about the Holy Grail."

There was a long pause.

Then a new voice. It was Sir Leigh himself.

He said he would let them in after a few questions:

One question about tea.

One question about milk or sugar.

One final question about sculling.

Langdon answered all three questions with a a grain of salt. Apparently his friend is a bit of a character.

"You may come in."

Chapter Fifty-Three

Vernet has a situation.

Now he had to explain how the armored truck had left the building. So, he calls the night manager with his phone.

The trucks are equipped with a tracking device, however, the police are notified when the homing device is activated.

Blink. Blink. Blink. Transponder active.

Chapter Fifty-Four

Langdon and Sophie now begin driving the armored truck up the driveway. Whew! They feel safer now.

As they drive up the driveway, Chateau Villette is on their right. The windows were mostly dark, but as they got closer, more lights came on. Langdon parked in a dark spot by some overhanging evergreens.

Langdon wraps the box in his coat and holds it like a baby. He tells Sophie that her experience with Sir Leigh is about to begin, and warms her about the man's strange sense of humor. Sophie doubts anything will feel any stranger than it has already been.

The butler meets them at the door and offers to take Langdon's coat. Apparently the bunched up tweed coat wasn't making him very happy. He lets them into a drawing room and tells them to wait there.

Sophie wonders which chair they should sit on, but Langdon slides the box under the divan, puts his coat on, and sits on the divan over the box. Sophie takes a seat next to him.

As they wait for Sir Leigh to come into the room, Sophie thought about how much her grandfather would have liked this room. The room was filled with the works of painters that Sauniere was fond of. There were a couple gargoyles that reminded her of the gargoyle rainspouts on a church she had been with her grandfather.

Finally, Sir Leigh is in the room. Langdon introduced Sophie to him. He reminded her of Elton John. He took her hand and breathed on her fingers. The butler arrived with tea.

Now, down to business. Langdon wishes Sir Leigh to explain the Holy Grail thing to Sophie, and then the strange, double entendre explanation begins.

Chapter Fifty-Five

Sir Leigh starts by explaining a bit about Jesus, the emperor at the time declared Christianity the official truth.

But, the final meeting, according to Da Vinci, was the Last Supper, where Jesus took bread, blessed it and passed it around the table, telling the men to take it, eat it and remember Jesus. He took the cup, blessed it, took a drink, then passed it around telling the men to take it, drink from it and remember Jesus who shed his body and blood for them, and to remember those facts every time they took a drink or ate the bread.

Da Vinci painted the painting with all individual glasses and no Holy Grail.

So, the Holy Grail wasn't a thing, but a person.

Chapter Fifty-Six

That remark took Sophie by surprise. "A person?"

Langdon nodded. A woman. According to Symbology, that is. The symbols we know of for men and women, the circles with the arrow and the cross, weren't the original symbols.

He started drawing on a piece of paper to clarify his point. It was a simple icon pointing up. This was the symbol for the male. A simple phallus. It's known as the blade. Military uniforms use them to denote rank. The more blades, the higher the rank.

The female icon, is the opposite. The icon points down. It is called the chalice.

According to Langdon, the Grail was the symbol of early womanhood , actually the shape of a woman's uterus. It is a metaphor. The power of a woman to create and produce life. Apparently a threat to the predominately male Church.

Sophie interrupts this explanation to protest. She said she was beginning to think the Holy Grail was a real person. She is, offered Langdon.

Teabing stood up, and said, "Let's go down the hall and look at Da Vinci's painting of her."

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the butler was silently watching the news about the two people he had just served tea to.

Chapter Fifty-Seven

Leutenant Collet was standing outside the bank, creating a roadblock. None of the stories made sense. The bankers claimed that Langdon and Neveu were turned away from the bank. Fache was supposed to issue a search warrant. His phone rang. Forget about the bank, we got a tip.

Collet headed towards the address the caller gave him. He was hoping to make himself famous. He radioed the other officers. Silent approach. He didn't want Langdon to know they were coming.

Meanwhile, Silas had just gotten to the Chateau. Bringing his loaded gun this time, he scaled the fence.

And now he is making the trek towards the building.

Chapter Fifty-Eight

Teabling's study was an organized mess. Sophie was still musing about the Grail being a woman. She wanted to see proof.

Chapter Fifty-Eight

According to the Last Supper Picture, Da Vinci painted a woman sitting next to Jesus, and there is some blurb about the woman being Mary Magdalene.

Why is this significant? Well. If those two were in fact married, as the picture suggests, then two Royal bloodlines would be together. The house of David and the House of Benjamin.

And, if they had kids...

Chapter Fifty-Nine

The receptionist answered the phone in the lobby at the Opus Dei headquarters on Lexington Avenue in New York City.

The bishop asked if he had received any messages. The answer was yes. Someone had called, and left their number to call back.

A Paris number. Urgent. Contact a.s.a.p.

The operator wondered why the reception was so horrible. Crackly.

Aringarosa had many thoughts. His imagination going wild, he dialed the number fully expecting to hear the Teacher's voice answer.

It was not the teacher. The number belonged to the police department. He was shocked. The voice asked him his name. He hesitated about giving it to her.

One moment, please.

A man's voice came into the line. "Bishop, we need to talk."

Chapter Sixty

So, now Langdon explains to Sophie that the Christian Church declares itself to be the only way to the entrance to heaven, although, it is well known that, according to John 14:6 Jesus says, "I am the Truth. No body gets to the Father, except through me."

The claim at this point, is that Mary Magdalene and Jesus had a child, and that child ..

Well. Nothing is proven. It's all very one-sided.

And, there are documents written by Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Found by the Knights. Plus, a sarcophagus, (pay Wikipedia for me on the way out...)

The tomb of Mary Magdalene, found by the Knights during their stay in the Temple, included said documents. Descendents of the pair that survived into modern times.

Her grandfathers words now echoing in her ears, Princess, I must tell you the truth about your family. Royal blood. Princess Sophie.

The butlers voice came over the loudspeaker.

"Sir Leigh, could we have a word together, privately?"

"For Pete's sake, can this not wait?"

Apparently, not.

Chapter Sixty-One

As Sir Leigh hobbled down to the kitchen, Sophie turned to Langdon in confusion.

How am I of Royal blood?She tried to recall the names of people in her family. It was painful, remembering her mom and dad, and her grandma and her little brother. All she had left was her grandfather. That was gone, too. All gone.

Langdon wanted to hug her, but he refrained.

He pointed out that the arts were full of symbolism. Passing on stories. The Last Supper, a perfect example. Metaphors.

Da Vinci was not the only artist that tried to include symbolism in his art. There were many others. Disney, himself, continued the tales. Langdon had noted that..

Sir Leigh was back. Not happy. He tells Langdon he better explain himself.

Chapter Sixty-Two

Langdon tells Sir Leigh he is being framed.

There is a moment of people telling people to leave, people protesting. Sophie volunteers information that they have brought info about the keystone.

This changes things, for a bit. Meanwhile, Silas is eavesdropping. If he doesn't hear where the keystone is, he will make his presence known and force the issue.

In the study, Langdon explains that one of the murdered men is Sophie's grandfather. Sir Leigh argues that there were other Priory members. This, was - after all - a closely guarded secret.

Well, maybe so, but Langdon and Sophie are in possession of the keystone, to which they still cannot open, hence their being here asking for Sir Leigh's help.

So. The documents are under the divan. Silas is tiptoeing down the hall.

What could happen next?

Chapter Sixty-Three

Leutenant Collet stood alone, again, at the end if Leigh Teabing's driveway and surmised the situation.

It was dark. Isolated. Lots of trees. Perfect for a surprise raid. His phone rang. It was Fache. He demanded to know why he wasn't included in the location information for Langdon. He wasn't happy to find out they had already arrived at the destination.

He told them to hold their horses and not proceed until Fache got there. Collet argued. Fache told him that he ordered him to wait. End of story. Then, Fache hung up.

What the h...? Thoughts started rolling through Collet's head. First, perhaps Fache wanted all the credit. No. Maybe there were second thoughts about Langdon's part in all of this. Some of the details seemed to be a paradox. Sophie Neveu's involvement with Robert Langdon, a secret boyfriend, perhaps?

How embarrassing! Perhaps, best to wait.

Meanwhile, one of Collet's men came running up. They had found a car. A Fiat. A rental. Still warm. Collet assumed it was driven there by Langdon. But then, the agent handed Collet a pair of night vision binoculars and told him to look at the trees by the top of the driveway. It was the armored truck. OMG. That's the same one Collet had stopped with the roadblock. Remember, the driver with the Rolex? The one who claimed he only had ignition keys...

Someone lied. What the? Who the?

Now, in a small chartered plane flying over the Tyrrhenian Sea, Bishop Aringarosa hoped he did not throw up! Nervously twisting a ring on his finger, he tried to calm down. Everything is SNAFU. He prayed that Fache would be able to set things right.

Chapter Sixty-Four

Teabing sat on the divan admiring the wooden box now on his lap. He savored the moment. Sophie urged him to open it. He smiled and ran his palm across the lid, feeling the carved rose.

Thoughts of some tile in a Spanish monastery came to mind. The ceiling tiles were falling off to reveal sacred text written under them by the monks.

Langdon heard a noise in the hallway. It was almost too dark to see, but he thought he saw a shadow. Probably the butler. Thoughts were running through his head, as well. He pondered how the words 'beneath the Rose" kept running through his mind. The box had an inlaid rose. Was there something underneath it? A Razer blade was too thick. There was a small hole on the underside of the lid. He found a paperclip and stuck it in the hole. The wooden rose fell to the floor. Now, the hole where the rose was, had engraved letters in a language he did not know. Semetic? Then, all of a sudden, something hit him on the head. As he fell down, he saw an albino standing there with a gun.

Then, he passed out.

Chapter Sixty-Five

Sophie found herself being held at gunpoint. By an albino. The man was wearing a robe with a rope tie. Sophie did not recognize him, but suddenly agreed with Teabing that the Church was somehow to blame for tonight's behavior.

Silas told Teabing, that he wanted what Teabing was holding. Teabing told him that it wasn't open. My Teacher will be able to open it. Teabing asked who that might be, perhaps he could pay him to go away.

Teabing told Silas that he was bleeding, pointing at Silas's ankle, where a rivelet of blood had run down his leg, and he was limping. Silas noted the same about Teabing, and demanded he stand up slowly and give him the keystone.

Teabing told Silas to take it from him because it was quite heavy. Then, one thing led to another. Silas dropped his gun. Teabing dropped the keystone. Seemingly off balance, he started to tip over. Silas lunged for the stone, and Teabing whopped him a good one on his leg with the cilice. The pistol discharged. A woman's foot kicked Silas under his jaw.

Langdon came to. There was a lot of noise. A gunshot. Teabing was yelling at his butler, get some duct tape.

Langdon passed out again. He woke up on the divan. Sophie was holding an ice pack to his head. There was a large, albino monk on the floor in front of him. Bound and gagged. Covered in blood.

Sophie asked Robert about the rose inlay he had removed from the box. He told her that it covered some engraving on the box.

All of a sudden there were blue lights flashing and sirens coming up the driveway..

Teabing said, we had better come up with a decision. And quickly.

Chapter Sixty-Six

Collet and his agents did not wait for Fache. Hearing the gunshot, they decided to enter.

There were voices upstairs. When the reached upstairs, it was quiet. Undisturbed. There was an intercom panel on the wall. With buttons, all labeled.

Did they hear a car starting? Maybe. They saw a button labeled barn. They all headed outside. To the barn. The barn had a few cars parked in it. One stall was empty. Its car was gone. One of the sets of car keys was missing off its labeled hook.

The back door was open, and Collet was fairly confident that they could catch up to any of the sports cars that were listed by the hooks, except the missing key was not for a sports car at all.

Chapter Sixty-Seven

The Range Rover was the vehicle selected. Four-wheel drive. Black. Remy was driving. With no headlights. Across a field. Down hill.

Langdon was glad that he was not driving. His head still hurts, a bit. Sophie asked how his head was feeling. "Better, thanks." He was lying. He was riding in the front, passenger seat.

Teabing and Sophie were sitting next to each other, and finally, Silas was lying in the luggage area, trussed up like a holiday turkey, his mouth was duct taped shut, and his wrists and ankles were bound as well.

Teabing teased Langdon, saying, "So glad you popped in tonight."

Langdon apologized.

Teabing assured him that it was okay, that he had been waiting his whole life for this adventure, and it was here, now, and he liked it.

Teabing reminded Remy, no brakes, don't want them to see us in the distance and know where we are.

Sophie asked where they would end up. Teabing said there was a highway on the other side, provided they made it there in one piece. After that, they were heading to an airstrip where he had an airplane ready and waiting for them to fly to London.

Teabing was suspicious of Silas, and, removing the duct tape from his mouth, began interrogating. His thoughts were that this albino was somehow responsible for the events that had transpired, and was probably worth a pretty penny to someone. Fache, perhaps? Vernet?

At any rate, he reasoned, Silas was not working alone, and whoever had sent him was probably feeling quite nervous by now.

Why does Teabing own a plane? Because it's so he can go do his doctoring every evening in England.

But tonight, he is planning on staying in England upon his arrival, never to return to France.

Silas sounded like he was choking. Teabing really didn't care. He ripped the tape off his mouth. Silas was relieved to have air, since his nostrils were starting to plug up from the dusty car.

Silas was asked, "whom do you work for?"

There was some arguing back and forth between Silas and Teabing. Silas was praying for a miracle.

Meanwhile, Langdon had an epiphany. He asked Sophie for her phone. She was apprehensive and told him to be careful in case Fache was tracing their call.

He wanted to call the States. She told him the phone wouldn't work unless he reversed the charges.

He started to dial the phone. He had a question to ask. He was hoping for an answer.

Chapter Sixty-Eight

The phone rang in New York. Jonas Faukman answered the phone. He was not happy about such a late call.

"Will you accept the charges for a collect call from Robert Langdon?"

"Uh, sure. Ok."


"Robert? Why am I getting charged for a call from you?"

Langdon apologized and went straight to the point. He needed to know if the editor had shared his manuscript about Mary Magdalene with anyone.

Did you send my manuscript to anyone? Like to Sauniere?

Yes. About a month ago.

Did he like it?

Don't know. He never responded.

Langdon told him that the news explained a lot, not to hold his breath waiting for Sauniere to reply, said "thanks." And, hung up.

Faukman just shook his head. His opinion was that Langdon was crazy.

Teabing started laughing. So you wrote a manuscript about a secret society and your editor sent a copy to that secret society?

Oh, that's rich.

So, Teabing asked him if he had mentioned the keystone in his manuscript?

He had.

Sophie said, well that explains, "P.S. Find Robert Langdon. So, Fache thinks you lied about corresponding with Sauniere. If the editor sent him a copy of your manuscript, it would look like Langdon hand-delivered it."

Finally at the airport.a pilot is waiting. He warns Teabing that he cannot take extra passengers. Just Teabing and Remy.

Teabing tells him, "this loaded gun and some cash says you can. All of us."

Chapter Sixty-Nine

The plane is a Hawker 731, withTwin Garrett TFE-731 engines. Zoom. Here we go, into the wide blue yonder.

Sophie thought to herself, I'm fleeing the country. Up until now, she thought she could justify her actions with the Ministry of Defense. Well, this screwed that up, royally.

Teabing had Remy guard Silas with the gun, and prepared to speak to all of them. It was like a birds and the bees talk moment.

This quest is about keeping the secret of the Grail alive. Sophie agreed, and was still pondering her family involvement.

There were four people who died tonight protecting this keystone from the Church. You have been handed the torch, with a flame that cannot be allowed to go out.

In all of this, Silas remained silent. Sophie spoke first. The Grail has found me. Let's move on.

Chapter Seventy

Back at Chateau Villette, Leutenant watched the fire going out, and was sad.

Fache had arrived and was on the phone, yelling.

Where was the Range Rover? And Langdon?

Thank God there was a bullet hole in the floor that proved his "we heard a gunshot and moved in" excuse.

There were agents everywhere. The Audi was rented with a fake ID and false credit card numbers. Fingerprints in the car matched none in the database. Andre Vernet called, wanting to change his story.

Vernet claimed that Langdon and Neveu stole something from the vault. At gunpoint. Escaped in an armored truck. Especially when Collet was the person who knew there was an additional driver of the armored truck.

Another batch of what the..? A ton of maybes went through Collet's mind. Even at that rate, Collet was not convinced that Sophie was involved in anything that was so extreme.

Fache learned that Teabing had just left with a private jet. This flight was illegal.

Fache went to go investigate and told Collet that he was now in charge and to not mess anything else up.

Chapter Seventy-One

As the plane headed for England, Langdon began to reexamine the lettering in the inlaid part of the box.

He looked at it. Was puzzled.something about it seemed familiar. He didn't quite recognize the language it was written in. He thought Semitic, but that would include nekkudot. This had none of that. Teabing thought something more ancient.

Sophie questioned the word nekkudot. Teabing looked at it. Well. He didn't know, either. Langdon was upset.

Sophie wanted to see the writing. After all, her grandpa made it. She asked to see it. She knew immediately what language it was written in.

It was a language her grandfather had taught her, when she was six years old. She knew it well.

Langdon realized that the reason it looked familiar was because at one time, Langdon had attended an event where someone had bid $30.8 million for one of Da Vinci's written works. It was written in the same language as this.

Someone at the event offered him a hand mirror and reflected the letters. It was written backwards. In English.

The box's wood was sanded thing enough that the letters were the right way when they held it up to the light.

Remy wished he could hear the conversations, but the engine noise drowned them out. The monk lay at his feet, quiet. Probably praying.

Chapter Seventy-Two

Note from Char. It just occurred to me that I could go look in a mirror to read it myself. Be right back. Well. That wasn't productive at all. It was already reversed for me.

"An ancient word of wisdom frees this scroll

And helps us keep her scatter'd family whole

A headstone praised by Templars is the key

And atbash will reveal truth to thee

The verse is written in iambic pentameter. Teabing and Langdon were analyzing what it could mean. The poem referenced the Grail, the Knights Templar, and the scattered family of Mary Magdalene.

"The password needs to be some ancient word of wisdom", offered Sophie.

Abracadabra? Teabing teased.

Langdon pondered. Five letters? The thought was staggering. The possibilities were endless. Wait. Atbash? This was one of the oldest codes known to man.

Sophie. It was the famous Hebrew encoding system where the alphabet was reversed.

Sophie, having grown up solving her grandfather's riddles was feeling a little uneasy. She was now fearful of what was inside the cryptex.

Chapter Seventy-Three

Bourget Airfield night shift air traffic controller had been partially asleep looking at a blank radar screen when Fache stormed in and yelled:

"Teabing's jet. Where did it go?"

The controller was threatened with being arrested, so he answered that he did not know. Teabing usually made a daily trip to his doctor, so that was one possibility.

"Did he have others with?"

The controller admitted that he did not know because people drive directly to their hangars to load.

Fache asked his men for a transport. He wanted the Kent local police to surround the plane when it landed.

Fache was on his way.

Chapter Seventy-Four

Langdon noticed that Sophie was quiet. She replied that she was stumped by the poem. Langdon felt the same.

Teabing was in the back of the plane, so Langdon decided to talk to Sophie about the reason Sophie had not talked to her grandfather in ten years.

He didn't know how to ask, but he said, "You witnessed a Hieros Gamos, didn't you?

Sophie was shocked. "How did you know?"

Well, Langdon had simply put two and two together. Sophie had witnessed an event that made her very upset.

And, not knowing what she was witnessing was a spiritual event, it caused a rift between herself and her grandfather.

Sophie felt a new regret. Ten years she had held this against grandpa. She never opened his following and subsequent letters. All unopened. Sophie started to tell Langdon the details of that evening. How watching her grandpa on an altar in front of all those men and woman, made her so upset she left sobbing.

Chapter Seventy-Five

The chartered, turboprop airplane was passing over Monaco when Aringarosa hung up after a second phone call from Fache.

He felt sick, but too tired to throw up. Fache's call made no sense. What is going on? Everything was still SNAFU. What had he gotten Silas into. For that matter, what had Aringarosa gotten himself involved in?

Aringarosa told the pilot he needed to change his destination. Sir, this is not a taxicab. That he would pay extra. Cash. Immediately.

The pilot was shocked he had that kind of money, but, yes, he had gotten that briefcase... Full of bonds. The pilot refused. Cash. The pilot looked at the bishops ring. Asked if the diamonds were genuine.

Aringarosa sadly slid the ring off his finger and placed it on the instrument panel.

This house of cards was tipping over.

Chapter Seventy-Six

Sophie was upset from talking about Hieros Gamos. Langdon was completely blown away by the fact that she had witnessed a ritual.

"He raised me like a daughter, " Sophie said.

She had shunned her grandfather and now was now sorry she had put him through it.

Teabing showed up with several cans of coke and crackers. It isn't much, but it's something to chew on.

The words written were bouncing around in Langdon's brain. Plus, secret rituals, broken codes. A headstone praised by the Templar's.

Langdon felt enlightenment. "I think I know."

Teabing looked hopeful. "Where?"

Langdon "No. What, it is. Baphomet must be what the poem is referring to."

Sophie protested, "But, we need five letters. Baphomet is eight letters."

Teabing grinned at her. Broadly. "Yes, but we need to use the Atbash Cipher."

Chapter Seventy-Seven

Langdon was impressed. Teabing had just written down the twenty-two letter Hebrew alphabet. From memory.

In Hebrew, the vowels are not written.

B a P V o M e Th

Now, said Teabing, we just need to apply the Atbash Cipher to it.

Sophie, from her Cryptology training, performed a fold-over.

Teabing was impressed. So was Langdon.

They then did the Atbash Cipher in the letters they had come up with.


Sophie was overcome with emotion. She suddenly missed her grandfather immensely. He had encrypted the keystone with the letters of his granddaughter's name.

But Sophia has six letters.

Not the ancient spelling. S-O-F-I-A

Chapter Seventy-Eight

Sophie started turning the dials of the cryptex. Turning the dials to the right letters.

Okay. They were in place. Her two coaches offering caution and encouragement. Carefully. Remember the vinegar. Gentle.

Okay. Grip and pull. Steady.

There would be one of two outcomes. If the dials were correct, it would open, so she could teach the papyrus inside.

If not, the glass vial holding the vinegar would break, spilling on the papyrus, wrecking everything.

She started to pull. Nothing. She pulled a bit harder. The end popped off. There was a scroll inside. But. Odd. It was vellum. The object wasn't a vial of vinegar, either.

The object inside was another cryptex. Smaller. Black onyx.

Another poem. Teabing knows precisely where they need to look next

However, six Kent police cars are racing towards the airport.

Chapter Seventy--Nine

Leutenant Collet went into Teabing's fridge and got himself a Perrier.

A babysitter must keep up his strength.

None of the details of the case were helpful. The case was a total disaster. The PTS examiner was dusting for fingerprints.There were some objects in a baggie. Sealed evidence bags. There was a photo in the bag of an archway. There was writing on the back comparing the doorway to a crotch.

There was a photograph of an old document. A list of grand masters of the Priory of Sion.

The phone rings. It's Vernet, calling for Fache. Collet takes the call. The voice sounds vaguely familiar. The caller asks for Collet's name. Then, says he has another call coming in and hangs up.

Collet had given Vernet his name when he stopped him with the roadblock. So, that's why he wanted to get off the phone. He thought the voice sounded familiar. The armored car driver with the fake Rolex

Collet called Interpol and requested information on the Depository Bank of Zurich and its president, Andre Vernet.

Chapter Eighty

The pilot told everyone in Teabing's airplane that they needed to put their seatbelts on. Landing in five minutes. It felt like home to Teabing.

He was happy that the keystone had been found.

There is a safe on the plane with traveling papers.

Teabing will leave Remy with Silas, and that is who the police will find. Sir Leigh is just enough crazy to get this plan to work.

The pilot calls back to them and says the control tower has some story about a gas leak. Teabing hobbled up to the cockpit to talk to his pilot about plan B.

He wondered how much plan B would cost him.

Chapter Eighty-One

The Hawker is on final approach.

Simon Edwards, was in the control tower. He had been called in to oversee the arrest of Sir Teabing. He was used to looking the other way and accepting bribes from Teabing.

The pilot had been given a false story, and seemed to be landing. The plane was supposed to go to the terminal, but was actually heading instead to the hangar.

It disappeared into the hangar and did a series of taxiing. Teabing got off the plane. The police and Edwards tried to stop Teabing and wanted to search the jet.

Teabing told them that they needed a search warrant to board, but that Edwards could look. If he wanted.

Anyways, the inspector boarded the plane and discovered it was empty.

Teabing told him that they could expect a call from Teabing's lawyer.

They got into the limousine and prepared to leave. Everyone was in the limousine.

Teabing said, "so, let's talk about this Knight's tomb."

Chapter Eighty-Two

They were headed for the crypt on Fleet Street. They reviewed the clues in the poem from the cryptex.

Teabing asked if they had it figured out yet, since he obviously has figured it out.

Well, sort of figured it out. He had an inkling. But, they had extra time. Due to Teabing's plane stunt, nobody knew where Langdon and Sophie had ended up. Sophie reminded Langdon that she was glad her grandfather had gotten the two of them together.

She wanted to know what he thought they should do with the Grail documents once they find them. Did he need them for his book?

He had some sort of mock argument about a bunch of nothing, and then asked what her question was. She said she couldn't recall.

Langdon said, "that works everytime."

Chapter Eighty-Three

Langdon's watch read seven-thirty when the three of them started walking through the Temple Church. The building was a circle. It was Saturday, Teabing assumed there would be no service at the present time.

The door was locked. Someone was vacuuming. Teabing knocked. With his crutch. The door opened. The man turned off his vacuum and answered the door. It opens at 9:30 a.m.

Teabing lied and told the man that this was the church's most famous benefactor. Plus, they were there to sprinkle ashes. Teabing informed him that the ashes in her pocket was the reason the church was open at all, and that their being here had been job security to the vacuumed.

Show him the ashes. Sophie pulled out the cryptex and showed it to him. So, now, Teabing told him to let them in or they would tell his boss about how he had treated them.

Well. Proceed then.

Langdon thought he deserved some sort of award for his performance.

Well. They were in, and there were the statues of the knights. Ten total.

They were there!

Chapter Eighty-Four

Remy parked the limousine in an alley. The limo had a wet bar and Remy drank two glasses of vodka.

He flicked open a wine opener and walked over to Silas. Silas assumed he was about to be killed. As the knife slashed downwards, Silas felt pain in his shoulder blades.

Silas felt pain and warmth everywhere. Remy told him to drink some vodka. He said it would help get the blood moving back through Silas body.

Remy was freeing him. He called Silas by name. Silas was startled. Remy confided that he also worked for the Teacher. Now Remy and Silas had a job to complete together, with a gun.

Meanwhile, back at the airport, Fache was interogating the pilot. He asked him questions about the passengers. Now, he wanted the pilot to open the safe in the plane.

Fache's phone rang. It was Aringarosa. He was trying to land at a different airport, but Fache told him to come to this airport instead.

Fache promised to have a car waiting for him.

Chapter Eighty-Five

They were looking for the knight without the Orb.

This room reminded Sophie of the ritual she had witnessed. She assumed the same had been done in this Temple.

They were looking for a missing orb on a knight, but one of the tombs was missing both. The orb and the knight.

There was a voice. It was the vacuumer. You people seem to be sightseeing, not spreading ashes.

There was a bit of argument. A door opened. The altar boy told them that the Father was there now. The boy went to the annex and a man was there in a tuxedo. He heard a noise behind him and there was a hand over his mouth.

The tuxedoed man told him to leave the building, and warned him not to call the police.

Chapter Eighty-Six

Silas came up behind Sophie and grabbed her.

He groped inside her sweater searching for the keystone. But, Langdon has it. Silas wants it. Langdon wants his friends safe. He threatens to smash the vial of Silas doesn't let Sophie and Teabing leave safely.

This event was backfiring. The cryptex was Remy's ticket to a better life. Not to mention, they were in the wrong place.

Sophie asked Remy who he was working for. Remy told her she would be surprised.

Chapter Eighty-Seven

The fireplace at Chateau Villette was not burning, but Collet stood in front of it as he read faxes he had received from Interpol regarding Andre Vernet.

Model citizen. No police record. Graduated cum laude. Security designer. Likes art, wine and classical music. No criminal here.

Remy, on the other hand, had a tiny record. A few instances of small crimes.

An agent comes into the living room. "We found something unexpected in the barn. Come see.

There was a ladder leading to the hayloft. The ladder was laying on the floor, but it looked like it had been used recently so I raised it up to take a look up there."

Collet climbed up the ladder. There was a computer workstation set up. Plus, a workbench with everything needed to work on electronics.

Surveillance equipment. Audio recording equipment, sunlight rechargeable. There was also a shelf with audio cassettes all labeled with dates and numbers.

The agent walked over to the computer and launched a program... "It is the strangest thing ..."

Chapter Eighty-Eight

Langdon was exhausted.

He and Sophie found a payphone and called the police, even though Remy had warned them not to. They had no choice, and nothing to lose. The best way to help Leigh was to involve the police.

Langdon was sorry he had involved Leigh in all of this. But, technically Leigh was safe as long as he was needed by Remy to solve the next references.

What would happen to him once things were found, was another story

Now, it was twofold. Sophie needed to slow Remy down and Langdon needed to locate the tomb first.

She was on the phone and the dispatcher told her they'd get a detective on the line for her.

"Agent Neveu? Where are you?" barked the voice of none other than Bezu Fache.

Before she could answer, he told her that she and Langdon needed to come in. That he had been wrong in blaming Langdon.

Sophie said, "the man you want is Remy Legaludec. He just kidnapped Teabing and" Fache interrupted her.

"You cannot discuss this subject on the phone. You need to come in. That is an order!!"

Sophie hung up the phone, and she and Langdon boarded the train.

Chapter Eighty-Nine

The inside of Teabing's jet was a mess. Apparently there was something locked in the safe and they opened it by force.

Fache helped himself to a drink and examined the cryptex. It was empty. He pondered the dials that spelled SOFIA. He thought about the phone call with Sophie. He also thought about the computer info from Chateau Villette.

Ring. Ring. It was the switchboard. There was a phone call from Vernet. "Put it through."

Vernet was on the line talking about his experience with Langdon and Sophie. He wanted the wooden box back. Claimed they stole it from the bank.

Fache, basically told Vernet not to worry about it, that he make sure it was fine.

Chapter Ninety

All those tapes in the loft were from someone eavesdropping at various locations.

Collet was told to listen to one of the taped conversations. It was himself. There was a listening device in Sauniere's office. It was in the hollow knight on the desk.

Chapter Ninety-One

Silas was riding shotgun, Remy driving. He sat alone while Remy tied and gagged Teabing in the back. There was a convenient rope in the trunk.

He had reused the duct tape used to bind Silas. Then, he closed the partition so the couldn't see or hear Teabing.

The Teacher called Silas. He asked a few questions about their well-being and asked them to deliver the keystone. Silas was told he couldn't come. Silas feels the burn.

The police are looking for the limo. The Teacher ordered Silas to stay at Opus Dei. But, now, hand the phone to Remy.

Teacher instructed Remy to drop Silas off. The Teacher hung up the phone.

Chapter Ninety-Two

Langdon and Sophie arrived at King's College. They went into the reference library, and the librarian greeted Langdon by name

She said that they could not use the materials unless petitioned or by appointment. They were neither. All Langdon could offer her was Sir Leigh Teabing's name in hopes it would gain entry.

She heard the name and talked about him briefly, chuckling about the Grail.

Sophie asked her to help them.

They were looking for the location of a tomb, of a knight. All they had was the poem. She started typing a few search words into her workstation.

As searches went, it came up with subjects that weren't relevant. She kept scrolling down the search results. She was suspicious of why they needed the information.

They told her that they really did not have enough time to explain, so she narrowed down her search request. She hit enter, and now they needed to wait for the computer to process the request.

"How long will it take?" asked Sophie.

"Fifteen minutes." she answered. "Tea? 'Leigh' always loves my tea."

Chapter Ninety-Three

Opus Dei is a brick building in London. Silas has never been there, but he feels like he will be safe there.

His gun, wiped down and dropped into a sewer grate, is gone. He was still a little sore from being bound, but Silas had been through worse. He thought about how Teabing was doing. He had asked Remy what he was planning to do with him, and Remy just shrugged and said that was up to the Teacher.

It was raining and his robe was wet and hurting his cuts.

The door was unlocked. A doorbell rang as he stepped in.

A man came to the door and welcomed him in. Sent him upstairs to a room so he could eat and relax.

The Opus Dei phone was ringing. They were looking for an albino monk. "Yes, he is here. Is something wrong?

The officer replied, "Don't mention this to anyone. We are coming to pick him up."

Chapter Ninety-Four

St. James Park was once stocked with deer for hunting for Henry VIII. Now, it's a public park.

The Teacher was there to meet Remy. He was sipping Cognac from a flask. He had taken a drink before he got into the car.

He offered the flask to Remy. Remy drank a couple swigs.

The Teacher told Remy they were toasting their success and that he did not reveal himself to anyone. Remy promised he would keep the secret "to the grave."

The Teacher took a small revolver out of the glovebox and put it in his pocket.

Teacher told Remy that he had promised him freedom, but, Remy had not been careful. The poison in the Cognac was beginning to work on Remy.

Nobody saw the Teacher get out of the car. He had no remorse. He felt completely justified. Amazing how things had fallen into place. The police were hot on the trail, but was connected to Remy. They could not hang this on the Teacher.

Now, to find Langdon and Neveu. Onward to the tomb.

Aringarosa was met by an officer. The officer planned to bring him to Scotland Yard. The police scanner squawked the address of Opus Dei and Aringarosa told the driver to take him there, immediately.

Chapter Ninety-Five

Five minutes to go. Langdon was reading the search results. None of the hits were the right one. They were running out of time!

Instead of tea, Langdon and Sophie had asked about coffee, so she was getting that instead of tea.

The computer screen had a new window pop up. Landon explained to Sophie the significance of some of the hits. The knights tomb they were looking for appeared on the screen.

It was Sir Isaac Newton, and it wasn't a Pope, it was Alexander Pope, A. Pope.

Chapter Ninety-Six

Silas awoke and felt uneasy, like someone had followed him to the Opus Dei. He walked to the window, looking out, he saw a police car through a hedge, and now, he heard the sound of a footstep in the hall, and then, the door latch moved.

Silas, being of the "run, cops" mentality, jumped across the room and hid behind the door as it opened. There were two police who came busting into the room. Silas smashed the door into one and left the room, throwing his body down the stairs.

He is naked. He's running through the building, being followed. Workers in the kitchen are terrified. There's the exit.

He made it out the building but there were more officers. And more officers. Someone's gun was loose and Silas grabbed it and started firing. One. Two. Three officers shot.

Then, there was another person coming out of the shadows. Silas fired at this person, too, and then, saw that it was Bishop Aringarosa.

Silas screamed as the Bishop fell down.

Chapter Ninety-Seven

Westminster Abbey has three thousand people in it. Dead people. Entombed or enshrined. The building looks like a cathedral, but is not.

But, enough of all of that, Langdon was on a mission. He was looking for Sir Isaac's tomb.

It's a quiet place, well insulated from the outside noises. They needed to find a docent, a person who knew where everybody was, but they decided to start looking. Remember, there are 3,000 dead people there. So, they decided it was a bad idea and looked for someone to tell them where to look.

100 yards away, the Teacher was already at the tomb. The Teacher was pondering how he was going to find the orb he needed, and then, he was interrupted by three people. Langdon, Sophie and a docent. He had the cryptex in his pocket. He also was carrying a gun. He needed to trick Langdon and Sophie into figuring out the riddle.

Chapter Ninety-Eight

There were orbs everywhere. Langdon and Sophie were stumped. Sophie started to read the books that were under the statues elbows.

There was some talk of gravity, and the end of days, and then, some discussion about the Priory.

Sophie saw something, and let out a gasp. Langdon saw a pencil and picked it up, but then noticed a ransom message about Teabing scrawled on the lid.

Leigh was alive. Thank goodness, but they had to act quickly. They also realized that the Teacher did not have the information that he needed.

The note said to go out to some location. Langdon and Sophie decided to go an alternate way, and most of the exits were locked, except one door that they went through, but there was a man standing there, with a gun.

It was Teabing.

Chapter Ninety-Nine

Teabing started to speak, while still pointing the gun at them.

He needed to explain the chain of events that had brought them to this spot, tonight.

He told them that he did not intend to hurt them. But, there was something that needed to be said. That he was protecting the Grail from being betrayed. He said there was a terrible truth being concealed.

Sophie's grandfather had tried to tell her what had happened to her family. She had been told they died in a car accident. Actually, they were murdered. Sauniere and his granddaughter were the only ones left.

Teabing insisted that the three of them work together to find this Grail. They needed to open the cryptex and discover the truth.

There was some argument between the three of them.Teabing was responsible for the police coming to get Silas. He also posed as the Teacher. Sophie decided she was against it.

He now asked Langdon if the two of them would figure it out together, or not.

Chapter One Hundred

Bishop Aringarosa felt the burn of his gunshot wound. But, he was alive. Silas was carrying him down the sidewalk in search of a hospital.

Silas told Aringarosa that he was very sorry about the shot. Aringarosa told him that he and Silas had been set up and betrayed. That meeting at Castle Gandolfo was a big disappointment. Here, Aringarosa expected to get praised for a job well done, instead he was informed that there was too much attention drawn to the political from controversial practices. Apparently, the new staff was too liberal.

They had told him that he was fired. No longer approved. Some more arguing about how much Aringarosa had helped not hindered. But, apparently, he was kept around just because they liked his gifts to them.

Silas made it to the church with Aringarosa, but the Bishop was unconscious and had lost a lot of blood. He came to briefly, and called Silas "my child." Silas told him that he would seek revenge, and Aringarosa said no, he must learn to forgive.

He closed his eyes again, and told Silas to pray.

Chapter One Hundred and One

Robert Langdon took the cryptex from Teabing and walked away.

He needed time to think and for some words to sink in. You see, Sauniere was afraid that Langdon had figured something out. Silas was ordered by Teabing to kill Sauniere. Sauniere left a message with Sophie that she was in danger. He had too much going on to get together with Langdon.

In the next few seconds, Sophie told Teabing that Langdon would not help him. Langdon told Teabing that he thought he knew the password to the cryptex. Sophie was shocked. Teabing was thrilled.

But, letting Sophie go free was the ransom. Teabing wasn't happy. Sophie was far from thrilled. Langdon kept up with the talking. Langdon was begging Sophie. Sophie was recoiling. Teabing was watching it all go down.

Langdon threatened to smash the cryptex, and got laughed at. Called on his lie. Sophie started to tell Teabing that he could shoot her and be done with her. Langdon yelled at Teabing not to do it.

So, Langdon started to set the cryptex down.

All of a sudden, he knew. He threw the cryptex into the air, and Teabing rushed to catch it, the glass vial breaking, vinegar all over.

He pulled the cryptex apart, hoping to save the papyrus from destruction, but it was too late. The cryptex was empty. The keyword was A P P L E.

Langdon had the papyrus in his pocket.

All of a sudden, Fache came in, looking for Teabing, and put him in handcuffs. Sophie asked how they knew to find them there. Teabing showed his ID when he arrived. They called Fache. Fache arrived.

Teabing yelled that he needed to know what the papyrus said.

Langdon told him that only the worthy would find it. Teabing's own words.

Chapter One Hundred and Two

Silas limped to a hollow spot at Kensington Gardens. He was bleeding from a gunshot wound.

He started to pray. He prayed for Aringarosa. Don't let him die. It was starting to get foggy. Silas felt like the wisps were going to take him away. In his minds ear, he heard the voice of Manuel Aringarosa telling him, "Our Lord is a good and merciful God."

At that point, Silas's pain began to fade and he knew the Bishop was correct.

Chapter One Hundred and Three

Bezu Fache felt exhausted.

He had just finished interrogating Teabing, who proclaimed that he was innocent. Fache figured he'd plead insanity, and would win. The witness for Teabing was dead. Remy was dead, from the cognac.

Teabing had delivered trojan horses to his influential friends around and about. They contained surveilence microphones.

Now, back at the hospital, Bishop Aringarosa was recovering. He was bummed out however that he received the news that Silas's body had been found in the park. Fache had called to question Aringarosa about the nun that was found murdered.

The bishop was horrified to find that Silas had been completely out of control. Since this had all occurred, he had to confess everything to Fache. He watched the news about Teabing being arrested.

Collet was being questioned about the false accusations of Langdon and Neveu. He said that it was all part of a bigger plan to ferret out the real criminals.

Bishop Aringarosa told Fache to take the briefcase of money and give it to the families that had lost members. Fache asked Aringarosa why he had bribed the pilot to change his course. Aringarosa answered that he was desperate.

Fache reached in his pocket and gave Aringarosa his ring back.

The Bishop put it on his finger and told Fache, "thank you."

He asked Fache, "Where do we go from here?"

Fache replied, "I'm going home, to bed."

The Bishop smiled and said, "A little faith can do wonders."

Chapter One Hundred and Four

Rosslyn Chapel was the next spot that Langdon and Sophie parked their rental car.

It was believed that the Grail was here, in a vault, but that people were forbidden to dig here or disturb any soil.

Sophie stopped when they were looking around and realized that she had been there before, with her grandfather. As she looked around, she noticed that there was code there, Code that she had learned as a very small girl.

Langdon was standing with the docent, and the docent asked where he had gotten the cryptex, since his grandmother had one exactly like it, but a jewelry box.

Meanwhile, Sophie had walked out a door and was outside. The docent was still chatting with Langdon about the box. They exchange a few words about the docents grandmother, and it turned out that his parents had died in a car accident, the same day as his grandfather, and his sister.

Sophie had wandered down the the field house, and through the door, saw a woman inside. Crying. Clutching a photo. Of Sophie's grandfather.

The woman turned, and saw Sophie. Her face froze, then there was uncertainty, then disbelief, then hope, then, joy.

She came out the door and she began to hug Sophie. It was her grandmother. Then, the docent appeared and also said, "Sophie?"

She nodded. The two of them embraced.

Yesterday, Sophie had felt so alone, and today, she was surrounded by family.

Char is Crying Now

Isn't this sweet?

Chapter One Hundred and Five

It was night.

Langdon was drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying the sounds of a family reunited. He was exhausted. He was outside, standing on the porch by himself.

Sophie's grandmother came out with him. When she had heard of her husband's murder, she feared for Sophie's safety. She was quite relieved to see her standing there in the doorway, and she told Langdon that she could not thank him enough.

She told him the story of Sophie's parents. Both of whom had come from the same family. They were cousins, both direct descendants from Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Their families had both changed their names and the Priory was protecting them. When the car accident occurred, the Priory feared that the secret had been discovered.

Jacques and Marie occasionally saw each other, but it was kept fairly hush hush.

Marie asked for the object in Langdon's hand. First, he thought she wanted his empty cup from his coffee, but she wanted to see the cryptex and the papyrus. She said that she would return it to the bank for safe keeping, which would make Vernet very happy.

He protested slightly, saying that the Grail would be lost forever if it was kept hidden. She looked at Langdon and asked him if he was going to publish his manuscript, or not. He looked at her. He needed to ask the question.

Where is the Grail?

She asked him what the symbols he was looking for looked like. He thought she was playing with him, but he told her anyways his description of the symbols. One arrow pointing down, and one arrow pointing up.

She drew two triangles. One pointing up, and one pointing down. Then, she pointed to a symbol on the floor. He was confused. "That's the Star of David."

Then, it dawned on him. They were together. The two, looked like a six pointed star.

Then, Sophie found the two of them, and she said that they had disappeared. Sophie's grandmother kissed Sophie's forehead and said that she was just going to turn in, "Good night, princess. Don't keep Mr. Langdon out too late."

Sophie turned to Langdon and told him that this day didn't have the ending that she was expecting. He agreed. She asked if he'd stay there for a few days with them, and he said he had to get back to Paris.

Sophie took his hand and they went for a walk. They walked out to a bluff and looked out over Scotland. They were both exhausted. Langdon looked at Sophie and her eyes were closed. He was falling asleep, himself.

She opened her eyes and looked at him and said, "Hi." He was suddenly sad to think she wasn't going to be with him in Paris. He told her that she probably would be asleep when he left. His voice faltered. She reached out and touched his face.

She gave him a kiss on the cheek and asked him when she would see him again. Langdon, all of a sudden, felt a lot of emotion. "When? Well actually, I will be lecturing next month at a conference in Florence. I will be there a week without anything to do."

She asked him if that was an invitation.

He told her that the room he was getting was pretty nice and she'd like it.

She teased him that he presumed a lot. He stammered and tried to make the conversation right. She interrupted him and told him that she would love to meet him in Florence. But on one condition. "No museums, no tombs, no churches, no art, no relics"

He said, "In Florence? For a week? There's nothing else to do."

Then, Sophie leaned forward and kissed him again. This time on the lips. Then, their bodies started to press together.

Langdon finally spoke, "Right, it's a date."

A Note from the Author

I started to read this book on December 5, 2020, and I just read the last words on January 8, 2021.

The initial questions I asked myself was how long did I think it would take to read the book, and then, would it be worthwhile.

Well. I really liked the book. I don't know if I will read the other books in this series, but I have seen the movie, now, and I like the book better. The movie left out some things, and changed some things to adapt to the screen.


Char Milbrett (author) from Minnesota on December 05, 2020:

Thank you, Unmesh Chandra Bhatt, for your comment!

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on December 05, 2020:

Interesting account.

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