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Reading Newspaper As A Habit

Human being is a much habituated species. It is not free from habits. If any human being continues to perform one thing in a repeated manner, then he/she becomes habituated to that particular task. There is hardly any human being who is free from this mentality. Thus both good and bad habits are formed. So, one should try to develop good habits in this manner. One such good habit is reading newspaper. As said, when a thing is done repeatedly it forms a habit and by reading newspaper every day, some readers develop a habit of newspaper reading.

Reading newspaper

Reading newspaper with the morning tea helps you to start your day in a fresh mind.

Reading newspaper with the morning tea helps you to start your day in a fresh mind.

Every civil community has newspapers. A newspaper is usually an everyday publication. It contains news, opinions, advertisements, notice and information of all kinds. It also publishes all matters of general interest. It is a very useful mass medium. It keeps people aware about the current events of the world. It publishes views about national and international issues and molds public opinion. Commodity prices, share market reports, racecourse events, sports news, news about films, fashions and entertainments are some of its regular features. Newspaper has also columns for children and women and even for the students' preparation for examination. In fact, a newspaper is an encyclopedia, a storehouse of knowledge and information at the cheapest price. Thus a newspaper bears interest of every section of people and is an attraction for every kind of readers. All kind of people can read newspaper and can find news on the sector that matches his/her interest. So developing the habit of reading newspaper can indeed be beneficial in the longer term.

Attract All Classes of People:

A man, who is habituated to read the newspaper, begins to think of it even before he leaves his bed in the morning. If he is a merchant, he gets into tension until he comes to know about the latest prices of things in national and international markets. A statesman becomes restless until he is posted with the latest news and views about the national and international political issues. A sportsman remains wistful about sports-news around the world. A professional man waits longing for the latest knowledge and research relating to his own field. A professor or a member of the intellectual community feels out of tune with the world until he has gone through the day's newspaper. Even children and women who have the habit of reading a newspaper eagerly look forward to get it in order to quench their thirst for what they are interested in. Thus the newspaper becomes an object of top-most importance to a person who has the habit of reading it, irrespective of the class and station of life to which he belongs. When it becomes a habit, the reader must have his newspaper with his morning cup of tea. Otherwise, he becomes upset and finds fault with the tea, or the servant or this or that. Some people rush to the public library or to the crossing of a thorough fare to have a glance at the morning news. There are others among those accustomed to newspaper reading whose food remain undigested and whose temper gets frayed if they do not get to read the day's newspaper. Such is the impact of reading newspaper as a habit.

The reading of newspaper as a habit is highly rewarding. It makes us alert, knowledgeable, well-versed and well-informed about the affairs of the world. It enables us to be in the swim of life in the country and beyond. But we should take care that the habit of reading newspaper does not develop into an obsession with us. We should also take care so that this habit does not make us surrender ourselves to all the views propagated by a paper and that we accept only those which commend themselves to our individual judgment.

Take the Positives and Leave the Negatives:

Nothing is perfect in this world. Same is the case applicable in case of reading newspapers. Not every newspaper is good and equally informative. Also the information quality is not standard in case of each and every one. It is of foremost importance. Because if you are fond of any conspiracy newspaper and believe in all the information provided by them and do not testify any of those, then there is every possibility that you can be influenced by any wrong information of theirs and act accordingly. You will reject the other newspapers even if there is true information in them. Thus you can be void from the actual information which can destroy the actual purpose of reading newspaper. So try to be open-minded and build the habit of reading the same information from different sources (there are many online newspapers nowadays). Then you will be able to get the real picture and fulfill your thirst of knowledge.

So try to be informative all the time and that too in a constructive manner. This will be helpful for your fulfillment of thirst of knowledge and keep you informative about your surroundings. What more do you need from newspaper?


Aishwarya on August 19, 2017:

A good essay

Emily on January 19, 2016:

There is saying “human is the slave of habit”. We see the practical application of this saying in our lives. So developing good habits is very important and reading newspaper regularly is one of them. In today’s busy hectic scheduled life, you hardly get any time for gaining knowledge about the society and the outer world. By reading newspaper regularly, you can do this easily. You will need not to do anything extra but still you will be able to keep yourself updated.

With being updated you can develop your life drastically. Yeah, it’s true. As there are almost all kinds of news in the newspapers, you can take out the positives that are necessary for your life. If you are a father, you can find useful information for your children. Also you can find good family tips. All these can significantly develop your life. Isn’t it a great thing from just reading newspaper?

Ashley on January 17, 2016:

Indeed reading newspaper regularly is a good habit. By doing so you can keep yourself updated on a constant basis. Also you can have a thorough idea about what is going on around yourself and throughout the world. This will help you to think about how you can contribute towards the society. Every society has some goods and some bad. There is hardly any field in a society where there is no co-existence of good and bad. As a good citizen your duty is to take the positives and leave the negatives. As your daily life starts with newspaper reading, you can start thinking about which things you will take and which ones you will leave.

Keeping yourself updated also helps you to participate in different social platforms as you are pretty much knowledgeable about the society and the world. Doing so in a constructive manner will not only benefit you but also people of your surroundings.

gnanasree on March 20, 2015:

it is very useful but very hard to do it.newspaper reading is so difficult and sometimes even boring too

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Deepanshu Prasad on December 18, 2014:

It helped me a lot.

shruti bist on December 17, 2014:

By reading this I should start reading newspaper

Its a very great thinking

priyanka mohanty on October 28, 2014:

by reading this i am able to written in my exam

yash on June 11, 2012:

it seems i should start reading newspapers

D on February 18, 2012:

Because there is no way a woman could be a working professional......

Tushya on November 06, 2011:

this is an intresting essay.......

My work became easier after reading this................


elija_god from Abuja, Nigeria on August 29, 2011:

Are you as small as i can see on the screen

thank God for you oh......

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