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Fun Activities Related to "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

I'm a homeschooler to my daughter and I am always eager to do fun and engaging activities with her. Writer/Illustrator/Poet/Engineer.

What makes it a good read?

I read Eric Carle's well-known The Very Hungry Caterpillar to my daughter, and we immediately fell head over heels for it!

The book is amazing and takes you on a ride of immense learning and insight. Along with spotlighting the lifecycle of a butterfly, it highlights some great topics for children (counting, picture identification, and days of the week) in a gripping way.

On Tuesday he ate through two pears, but he was still hungry.

Activities for the Hungry Caterpillar

The above stated lines are a part of the book.

The book describes a spiffing yet enthralling journey of a hungry caterpillar who eats through many foods and remains hungry until he turns itself into a beautiful and glowing butterfly, spreading deep-coloured wings into the air!

Withal, the book also elucidates days of the week by narrating what type of food was eaten on which day by the caterpillar along with its quantity. Hence, sets out a fascinating journey of counting and maths for small kids.

I planned out few fun and thought-provoking activities to go with the book, so after completing the read aloud, we did those with excitement.

Activity of life cycle of a butterfly through picture matching

I printed out the life cycle of a butterfly resource from an educational website (@totschooling) and asked my daughter to match and stick the pictures to its appropriate place.

Well, she was wonderful!

Along with that, I gave her a concept about life cycle of a butterfly and she listened with enthusiasm.

Learning activity of life cycle of a butterfly through picture matching.

Learning activity of life cycle of a butterfly through picture matching.

Healthy/Unhealthy Food Sorting

So, the caterpillar eats through various kinds of foods throughout his jaunt and the activity of unhealthy/healthy food sorting instantly popped up in my mind. It is essential to let your kids know about food items that deteriorate health.

I printed out another resource from Totschooling and asked my daughter to stick the food items into their respective columns (healthy/unhealthy), along with giving her an idea about healthy foods and why we should avoid unhealthy foods.


Some more fun-filled activities i.e Food matching and Story sequence cards

Besides learning about life cycle of a butterfly and unhealthy/healthy foods, we also did a cute, little activity of food matching, that we downloaded from Totschooling. My daughter matched the food items, the caterpillar ate through his journey.

This activity is great to introduce picture identification in small kids.

Along with that, we did our story revision by downloading story sequence cards from the same website and we had fun recalling the story and evoking everything beautiful from the book.

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