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Re-Posting My Poems: An Informational Poem

Might as well call this poem a temporary one

just to inform about their sudden multitude

but even this re-posting is quite some fun

fitting well into my chronic great mood.

I ain't used to writing anything not evergreen

as a matter of fact it will be promptly deleted

just explaining why so many are being seen

but their number is far from being completed.

Also I don't like announcing much on the Feed

and this gives me chance to practice my rhyme

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though it's all coming easy without such a need

and not doing it often, I don't mind for this time.

Satirist in me rushes to say: "They don't care"

they must be imitating me, for I never really do

and it's one of those rare qualities that we share

but some always want to know, if only one or two.

For those rare few I'm writing

let the rest read what they please

it's that company of few that I find exciting

and I'm not desperate for their number to increase.

© 2023 Val Karas

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