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Random Law Enforcement Abbreviations

Rushali is a Tourism and Hospitality Management graduate. Takes interest in criminal psychology.



AWOL is the abbreviation of absence without leave. This means exactly what it says. It is basically the grown up version of skipping a class.


APB stands for all points bulletin. It is a broadcast bulletin sent out to officers that they are after a suspect or a vehicle.

BOLO means be on the look out meaning the same as an APB.


Improvised Explosive Devices are commonly used as road side bombs. they are differently constructed from the usual military methods. In the simplest terms it could be refrerred to as a homemade bomb that is made through an illegal DYI.


Investigating Officer or IO is the police officer in charge of investigating a case. They are in charge of organized Crime (OC), criminal groups, youth and street violence etc. The roles vary between different countries or departments.


Automatic fingerprint identification system is the biometric database used to identify, store and analyze fingerprints. It was originally used by FBI (Federal bureau of Investigation) and was later adapted in different countries.

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Leave without pay is a temporary absence from duty for up to 12 weeks upon request by the employee. Used in general and not just in law enforcement.


Time of death as written refers to the time of death of a discovered corpse.


Breaking and entering is a crime related to illegal trespassing adn burglary.


Modus Operandi is the methods of execution of something. In this context, modus operandi could refer to a particular method of execution utilized by a serial killer.


Driving under influence is the offense of being in control of a vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs which means that the the driver incapable of driving safely.

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