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Rainbows Our Delight

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There are two poems in this article, one is an acrostic poem. These poems are a response to Brenda Arledge’s 38th prompt, ‘Rainbow’. Rainbows are a beautiful expression of nature, and a promise in the Bible in the book of Genesis.

Brenda has continued to be active on Hubpages despite our inability to comment on the articles at this time. She reads, then explains the facts concerning our responses.

Sunlight along with atmospheric conditions cause the rainbows. When light enters a water droplet it slows down and bends as it changes from air to denser water. Light is then reflected off the inside of the droplet. It separates into components of wavelengths, which are colors. The rainbow is created as light exits the droplet.

Rainbow Acrostic Poem

Rain came down causing a flood

And it washed away humanity’s sin

In that day it caused so much mud

No more laughter like there had been

But never a promise like this before

Oh, but a promised rainbow did appear

Will God take joy in the world he restored

Genesis 9:13–17


Kacey Musgraves - Rainbow

Rainbows Make Us Happy

The joy of rainbows in the colors

Bring happy smiles to our face

It’s a happy sign for many lovers

Rainbows fill our beautiful space

Take a walk after the heavy rain

Scan the skies for that rainbow

Maybe you’ll see one again

Take a walk, but make it slow

You could be having a tough day

Errands to do but rain won’t stop

Windshield wipers slapping away

Suddenly sun shines over the top

A rainbow appears to your delight

A smile on your face all the day

You are cheerful until the night

Nature works in a glorious way

Colors Of The Rainbow - Leo Rojas

A rainbow is a very interesting prompt, and I am always thrilled to see a rainbow. I love the beauty of the rainbow, and knowing that it is God’s promise.

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