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Rain & Love

Mohi Ruman, a student who has just completed his higher Secondary education. I am a habitual writer. Hope I can satisfy u via writing.


Rain & Love

In a lovely rainy morn,

I was walking alone,

By the road of my village,

Then all on a sudden

A heavy pour of rain

Made me fully drench.

Oh, shit- my day has been

Come stuck in vain.

When I was thinking such a thing

Then my eyes caught a subjecting.

A fairy came in from the high,

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She was coming to my nigh.

I caught sight at her and reckoned,

As she was my millennial familiar.

Her browny eyes and sloppy hackle,

Her loving look and modest glance,

Made me a bard and scald.

Now my day has become nectareous

Sweety and smiled. I still not

Move my look from her light.

I found all the best in her sight.

So excited,so talkative,yet silent.

Still, I couldn’t ask her name.

© 2021 Mohi Ruman

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